05.17 Episode 105
Airdate: April 5, 2002

An enormous asteroid is spotted on a collision course for Earth, threatening all life on the planet in a matter of days. A naquadah-enhanced nuclear warhead would be capable of deflecting it, and the damaged cargo ship left behind on Revanna is the only viable means of delivery. The ship is repaired, and SG-1 arrives at the asteroid just hours before it reaches the fail-safe position. However, the ship's approach is at too great a velocity, the thrusters are ineffective, and to those on Earth it appears the ship has crashed, as it barely manages to come to a stop within a deep crater.

As O'Neill and Teal'c set the bomb outside the ship, the asteroid enters a meteor shower against which the ship's damaged shields offer no protection. The hull is breached, and Carter and Daniel must seal themselves within the escape pods until repairs can be made. Carter's analysis of the asteroid's anomalies shows that its powerful gravity is due to a core made almost entirely of naquadah. The asteroid was sent by the Goa'uld as part of a scheme to destroy Earth by circumventing the Protected Planets Treaty. Furthermore, SG-1's bomb will cause a naquadah-enhanced reaction that will ignite Earth's atmosphere and boil the oceans.

O'Neill and Teal'c must now deactivate the bomb, however the keypad has been damaged, forcing a manual override. The asteroid reaches the fail-safe position, and SG-1 is out of time and options. In a final gamble, Carter expands the ship's hyperspace field to encompass the entire asteroid, taking it out of normal space long enough to ride it through the Earth, appearing on the other side. The gamble pays off, and the Earth is spared, but SG-1 has lost all power, and is left drifting in space, until they are approached by a Tok'ra cargo ship offering assistance and a way home.

Written by: Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie
Directed by: Andy Mikita

Guest Starring: Colin Cunningham as Major Davis, Gary Jones as Technician, Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser, David Bloom as Spellman, Greg Anderson as Webber, Michael Teigen as Telescope Guy, Kristen Williamson as Jalen

Reference: Asgard, Asgard High Council, Asteroid, Paul Davis, Freyr, Hall of Wisdom, Holographic Projection, Hyperspace, Jalen, K'tau, MALP, Naquadah, Protected Planets Treaty, Revanna, Ring Transporter, Spellman, Teltac, Tok'ra, Webber


Asgard High Council, K'tau