05.09 Episode 97
Airdate: August 24, 2001

SG-1 is invited to Tollana to attend the funeral of Omoc, a respected member of the Curia. Following the service, Narim secretly passes a message to Carter, a holographic image which warns that Omoc had believed Earth to be in grave danger. It had always been the Tollan policy not to share technology, and when Chancellor Travell speaks off the record of a shift in Tollana's isolationist ways, and offers to provide Earth with an ion cannon, Narim becomes suspicious. His investigation suggests that Omoc may have been murdered to make way for the new shift in policy.

SG-1 begins to share Narim's suspicions when their request to expand the trade agreement to 38 ion cannons is accepted, and missing Curia records suggest a government conspiracy of massive proportions. Despite his fears of treason, Narim is convinced to assist in the investigation. He breaks into Travell's office, discovering disturbing secret records of a Goa'uld ship with advanced shields that had been impervious to the Tollan ion cannons. It had left the planet peacefully, but shortly afterward, the Curia began overseeing the production of weapons of mass destruction which use phase-shift technology, making them capable of passing through solid matter.

When SG-1 is apprehended, the reason for the Tollan deception becomes clear. Tanith arrives, now serving a powerful but unnamed Goa'uld whose advanced technology has made Tollana vulnerable for the first time. To prevent their destruction, the Tollans had agreed to build weapons for the Goa'uld, and Tanith's first demand is that a test weapon be sent through the stargate to penetrate Earth's iris. Risking the destruction of his planet, Narim destroys the facility of weapons, allowing SG-1 to escape, and making Tollana a target. The Goa'uld attack, and the Tollan defenses crumble, leaving the fate of Tollana unknown.

Written by: Ron Wilkerson
Directed by: William Gereghty

Guest Starring: Garwin Sanford as Narim, Marie Stillin as High Chancellor Travell, Peter Wingfield as Tanith, Gary Jones as Technician, Ryan Silverman as Tollan Guard

Reference: Alternate Dimension, Holographic Projection, Ion Cannon, Narim, Protected Planets Treaty, Tanith, Tollana, Tollan Phase-Shift Technology, Tollans, Travell, Trinium, UTD, Weapons Disabler