04.22 Episode 88
Airdate: February 23, 2001

Now in possession of Cronus's pyramid ship, SG-1 travels to Vorash where they plan to lend the Goa'uld vessel to their Tok'ra allies in order to help them relocate to a new and safer homeworld. Tanith, now revealed as a traitor and a spy, is to be removed from his host and left behind, but before he can be dealt with, he escapes to the planet's surface, and signals Apophis. With Apophis's fleet approaching Vorash, SG-1 must find an alternative plan to evacuate the Tok'ra via the stargate, and use their Goa'uld ship to destroy their enemy.

Carter and Jacob devise a plan in which the Tok'ra stargate will be connected to a black hole and jettisoned toward the sun in an attempt to cause a supernova and wipe out the entire solar system, taking Apophis's fleet with it. The gate is dialed and released, but before the plan can be completed, a Goa'uld fighter craft decloaks and attacks their ship, crippling them. O'Neill and Teal'c pursue the craft in a death glider, but they are shot down, and stranded on Vorash. In an ambush, Teal'c is wounded, perhaps fatally, and captured by Tanith.

Carter, Jacob, and Daniel race to complete their repairs, and succeed in restoring power to their ship and rescuing O'Neill from the planet's surface, just as the sun explodes. However, as SG-1 enters hyperdrive, they are caught in a shock wave that instantly sends their ship four million light years away. Even at maximum speed, it will take 125 years to return home. They are alone in an unknown region of space, until a second ship appears, also thrown far off course by the shock wave. It is Apophis.

Written by: Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie
Directed by: David Warry-Smith

Guest Starring: Carmen Argenziano as Jacob Carter/Selmak, Peter Wingfield as Tanith, Peter Williams as Apophis, Malik McCall as First Guard, Kenton Reid as Red Jaffa, Paul Norman as Apophis' Red Guard, Kirsten Williamson as Tok'ra #1, Anastasia Bandey as Tok'ra #2

Reference: Alkesh, Apophis, Black Hole, Jacob Carter, Communication Device, Ha'tak, Hebron, Jalen, P3W-451, Supernova, Tanith, Tok'ra, Tok'ra Tunnels, Vorash