01.01 Episode 1
Airdate: July 27, 1997

It has been a year since the first mission to Abydos. Suddenly the evil Goa'uld Apophis emerges from the Earth Stargate, killing the guards and kidnapping a female soldier. Colonel Jack O'Neill is called out of retirement and confesses that the Abydos Stargate was not destroyed, and that Daniel Jackson is still alive and living on the planet. O'Neill leads a rescue mission through the gate to Abydos. There he is reunited with Daniel, who reveals an amazing discovery. An ancient cartouche is a map of many gates throughout the galaxy. The Stargate can go anywhere...

When the Goa'uld Apophis emerges from the Abydos Stargate and kidnaps Daniel's wife Sha're and her brother Skaara, Daniel returns to Earth to join SG-1 and assist in their rescue. Their mission takes them to Chulak where Sha're and Skaara have been selected as Goa'uld hosts. SG-1 is captured, but they are aided in their escape by Teal'c, the Jaffa warrior and First Prime of Apophis who turns his allegiance to Colonel O'Neill. In the ensuing battle, SG-1 is unable to free Sha're or Skaara in time, and they return to Earth determined to find Apophis once again.

Written by: Jonathan Glassner & Brad Wright
Directed by: Mario Azzopardi

Guest Starring: Jay Acovone as Major Charles Kawalsky, Vaitiare Bandera as Sha're, Robert Wisden as Major Samuels, Peter Williams as Apophis, Brent Stait as Major Louis Ferretti, Gary Jones as Technician, Alexis Cruz as Skaara, Rachel Hayward as Guard #3, Rick Ravanello as Guard #2, J.B. Bivens as Guard #1, Stephen Sumner as Goa'uld #1, Adam Harrington as Goa'uld #2, John Bear Curtis as Primitive, John Tierney as Monk, Colin Lawrence as Warren, Garvin Cross as Casey, Anthony Ashbee as Soldier, Eric Schneider as Dr. MacKenzie, Andrew McIlwaine as Medic, Santo Lombardo as Bolaa, Sean Amsing as Tobay, Monique Rusu as Dark Skinned Woman, Janette deVries as Female Serpent Guard

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