The experimental X-303, the third in a series of human designs that incorporate key systems and technology of alien origin, was built as a countermeasure to the Goa'uld mothership. It was constructed in a top secret project at Area 51 over a period of approximately two years and was one of several such ships planned. The X-303 prototype was given the code name Prometheus, and when the craft became a part of Earth's fleet, it became officially known as the battle cruiser BC-303, the United States Air Force Vessel Prometheus. General Vidrine at the Pentagon was put in charge of BC-303 production, and the Air Force continued to manufacture the battle cruisers, BC-303 and its successor, BC-304.

Cross Reference: Area 51, BC-303, Prometheus, General Vidrine, X-301, X-302

Episode Reference: Prometheus, Unnatural Selection