Colonel Alexi Vaselov was one of the most highly decorated officers in Russian military history. He had served for many years in the Russian Air Force, his many awards included the High Order of Russia, and his more than 20 years of flight experience included over 3000 flight hours on more than 35 types of aircraft and prototypes. Anxious for the opportunity to serve under General O'Neill, and hopeful of earning a spot on SG-1, Vaselov had personally requested a transfer to the SGC.

Vaselov had served in the Russian Air Force with Anatole Konstantinov, and shortly before arriving at the SGC he had visited his friend in the hospital where he unwittingly became host to the entity of Anubis as it transferred from Konstantinov's body. Retaining Anubis's essence exacts a physical toll on the host body, and shortly after arriving at the SGC, Vaselov exhibited symptoms including lesions over 40% of his body, a highly elevated white blood count, and memory loss. Despite medical treatment with antibiotics, his exposure had lasted for more than a week and had been too extensive to repair. His condition deteriorated, his entire immune system began to shut down, and he was not expected to live for more than one or two weeks.

As the entity of Anubis continued to take hosts among SGC personnel in an effort to escape through the stargate, Colonel Vaselov, realizing that his condition was terminal, sacrificed his life to save the base by offering his body to Anubis once more. Carter altered the dialing sequence at the last moment, and Vaselov, as the host to Anubis, was sent to KS7-535, a barren ice planet. He is presumed dead.

Portrayed by: Gavin Hood

Cross Reference: Anubis, Dr. Brightman, Lieutenant Evans, Major Kearney, Anatole Konstantinov, KS7-535, Malcolm McCaffrey, Russians

Episode Reference: Lockdown