The UAV (Unmanned Airborne Vehicle) is a remote controlled airborne device which can assess planetary conditions when a manned or MALP mission would be unsuitable. It has a range of several miles, and can be set to fly an automatic search pattern or be controlled remotely from the SGC through an open wormhole. It can function as a means of off-world communication by relaying audio/visual transmissions bi-directionally through the stargate. With various modifications, it has been used for aerial reconnaissance using special sensors to detect topography, atmospheric conditions, and temperature, for search and rescue by sending visual images and targeting radio transmissions, as a guidance system to paint targets on a planet for missiles launched through the gate, and it can be equipped with missiles that can be fired by remote control.

Cross Reference: FRED, MALP, Missiles, Radio, UTD

Episode Reference: Enigma, One False Step, Deadman Switch, Crystal Skull, The First Ones, The Fifth Man, The Sentinel, Paradise Lost, Death Knell, Sacrifices, Babylon