Trivia Quiz: Who Said That?

MacGyver MacGyver MacGyver

Can you identify who said each of the lines below, and name the MacGyver episode the quote is taken from? To check your answer, click and drag your mouse to highlight inside the box below each question.

"Thanks for wearing a shirt and tie. Looks great. Can't talk you into a haircut, can I?"

Pete Thornton in The Negotiator

"You're all right, for a camel smuggler."
To which MacGyver replied, "I returned that camel..."

Jill Ludlum in The Human Factor

"My mom used to make a great broiled chicken. One of my favorites. Funny, I'm starting to feel real sympathetic towards them chickens."

MacGyver in The Golden Triangle

"I don't like this, Mr. President. MacGyver's an environmentalist. You can't trust those people."

Major Sneed in Honest Abe

"Bazookas? You can explain bazookas?? You can not explain bazookas!!"

Jack Dalton in Partners

"I still remember how you taste."

Amy Austin in Flame's End

"Well, MacGyver, it appears that the military look is in. Of course, I have more accessories."

Murdoc in Obsessed

"But what else could I do? I mean, a guy just can't be...rude. I mean, how was I to know... how was I to know??"

MacGyver in Every Time She Smiles

"Oh, right... The wrong number really messes with my polarity."

Mary Ruth Giordano in The Battle of Tommy Giordano

"Help me find the Holy Grail."
To which MacGyver replied, "Indiana Jones already did that. I saw the movie."

Zoe Ryan in Legend of the Holy Rose

"You must be the screwball."

Andy Colson (Dana Elcar) in MacGyver, the pilot episode

"Well, I went to the ladies' room and climbed out the window."
To which MacGyver replied, "Of course you did. Why do I ask those questions??"

Penny Parker in Every Time She Smiles

"Do you remember what happened?"
To which MacGyver replied, "My jeep went over a cliff. I died... and went to Thanksgiving?"

Elizabeth Miller in The Outsiders

"Don't tell me you know how to make a bomb out of a stick of chewing gum."
To which MacGyver replied, "Why, ya got some?"

Barbara Spencer in MacGyver, the pilot episode

"She said she'd introduce us when we'd both grown up."
To which MacGyver replied, "She knew me pretty well."

Sam Malloy in The Stringer

"How, in God's name, do you know Arnold Palmer's birthday?!"
To which MacGyver replied, "Doesn't everyone?"

Jack Dalton in Lost Love

"The Czech is in the mail?"

MacGyver in For Love or Money

"You know, after all your luck, you owe the spirits a goat. But don't worry. I told them you're a vegetarian."

Mama Lorraine in Walking Dead

"And where are my shoelaces?!"

"Dexter Fillmore" in Deep Cover

"So, wanna go bowling?"

Pete Thornton in Blind Faith

"You know what I think? I think you're crazy!"
To which MacGyver replied, "Give me a few hours. You'll know for sure."

Alexander Shannon in Legend of the Holy Rose

"Boy, don't you ever dust this place?"
To which MacGyver replied, "Twice a year, like clockwork."

Pete Thornton in Out in the Cold

"Isn't that wonderful? You must save so much ink signing checks."

Wilton Newberry in Harry's Will

"Those rebels are probably down there cleaning blackboards even as we speak!"

Jack Dalton in On a Wing and a Prayer

"How can you sleep?"
To which MacGyver replied, "Usually it's no problem."

Chris Rhodes in The Heist

"A phenomenal shot by a short kid! The fans go crazy!!"

MacGyver in MacGyver, the pilot episode

"You know, I would think, out of respect for an older man, and your superior, you would have the common decency to be a little bit winded!"

Pete Thornton in The Survivors

"Vortex Vacuums - the next generation in household care appliances."

Phil Sternweis in The Visitor

"So, you've tried this before, of course."
To which MacGyver replied, "Well, this situation doesn't come up a lot."

Murdoc in Halloween Knights

"Oh, I wish I were 30 years younger...!"

Faith Lacey in Faith, Hope, & Charity

"Lateral, cranial, impact enhancer."

MacGyver in Last Stand

"That smile. You have the nicest smile of anybody I've ever known."

Roxie Yates in Two Times Trouble

"I was a little slow coming out of the esophagus."

Penny Parker in Cleo Rocks

"Am I too late for Happy Hour?"

MacGyver in Thief of Budapest

"Very next dinner party I give - 'breast of lizard a la MacGyver.' It's delicious."

Kate Conolly in The Gauntlet

"Are you nuts? Or just simple minded??"
To which MacGyver replied, "Well, the expert opinion's still out on that."

Diana Rodgers in For Love or Money

"This man's idea of 'black tie' is a dirty shoelace."

Craig Bannister in The Enemy Within

"Mac, no! It'll kill you!"
To which MacGyver replied, "No way! I haven't paid my taxes yet."

Amy Austin in Flame's End

"So, faced with few employment prospects, well, I decided to Be All That I Can Be."

Murdoc in Obsessed

"Ice cream."

MacGyver in The Madonna

"You and me. It's like Butch and Sundance."

Yuri Demetri in Soft Touch

"Excuse me, can you tell me where I could find some eucalyptus leaves?"
The answer to which was "Australia."

MacGyver to the store clerk in Blow Out

"It's like life. You take what comes, and make the best of it. And you're pretty good at that."

Pete Thornton in The Stringer

"I was not privy to your grandfather's intentions, nor did I pry. Why? Because I am a professional."

Wilton Newberry in Harry's Will

"John Wayne would not have been afraid."

Victoria Tolmanova in The Enemy Within

"I told the manager that I was your girlfriend, and that I was, kind of, pregnant."

Penny Parker in Soft Touch

"Got any scotch tape?..... Kidding!"

MacGyver in Friends

"Either you've got a fear of commitment, or, you've got a fear of commitment."

Lulu in The Lost Amadeus

"Together again. Just like the Monkees!"

Jack Dalton in Jack of Lies

"The two of you could only be happy if you were on the road to somewhere else. She said that runs in the family too."

Sam Malloy in The Stringer

"You're the one who picked the Embassy lock with the lightbulb filament and ground up pencil lead. You're also the one who shorted an alarm system with a chewing gum wrapper and a half a lemon. Come on!"

Diana Rogers in For Love or Money

"How did you ever manage to ask him about his sister's feet?"

Nikki Carpenter in GX-1

"And he scores! Unbelievable, he's wide open! The future of amateur hockey in the United States! Ahhh....!"

MacGyver in Rock the Cradle

"Why are you taking your pants off??"

Jill Ludlum in The Human Factor

"Well, it's kinda complicated."
To which Mac replied, "Get in the car!"

Abe Sherman in Honest Abe

"Actually, I raised a little hell before I came to believe in heaven."

Brian Ashford (John de Lancie) in The Escape

"Oh, I've heard about you! You're the guy that does the whatchamacallits! You know - MacGyverisms!"

Joanne Remmings in Twice Stung

"Definitely Murdoc's handiwork. I could fix it if I only had some duct tape."

Murdoc in Strictly Business

"I used to date Wayne Gretzky. Come on, stop stalling. Once more for all the marbles."

Susan in Flame's End

"I've never been able to figure out how your mind works, but I know when it works."

Pete Thornton in Partners