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01.15 Episode 15 (#40191-015)
Airdate: February 12, 1986

MacGyver must protect a defector who can identify the killer of four DXS agents.

Written by: David Abramowitz
Directed by: Cliff Bole

Guest Starring: Victoria Fyodorova as Viktoria Tomanova, Lynn-Holly Johnson as Ingrid Bannister, Michael W. Goodwin as Craig Bannister, Dana Elcar as Peter Thornton, Beau Starr as Anton Lem, Douglas Dirkson as Reverend Mather, Arthur Malet as Ed the Pathologist, Richard Balin as Fritz, Adam Gregor as Jaeger, Gene Bori as German Captain

Nielsen Ratings: 14.9 rating / 22 share / 2nd (46th overall)

Reference: Craig Bannister, Ingrid Bannister, East Germany, Ed, Federal Building, Fritz, International Peace Through Science Symposium, Jaeger, Anton Lem, Reverend Mather, Robert, Viktoria Tomanova, Venice Beach, Wilshire Memorial Hospital


Escaped from German officers by
speaking dreadful German and
distracting the dogs with a dead bird

Repaired brakes by filling the brake
cylinder with power steering fluid,
while riding the hood at 140kph

Used an ultrasonic beam to shatter
eyeglasses and disable a shooter

Created nylon using adipic acid,
hexamethyline diamine, iron
particles, and a magnetic field

Used spinning wires, mirrors, and a
spiral ash tray to induce relaxation
and to assist in memory recall

Built a defibrillator with candlesticks,
electric cords, and rubber floor
matting for insulation