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01.14 Episode 14 (#40191-013)
Airdate: February 5, 1986

MacGyver and an ex-Army buddy have just hours to defuse two sophisticated bombs aboard a cruise ship.

Written by: David Ketchum and Tony DiMarco
Directed by: Stan Jolley

Guest Starring: Ellen Bry as Carole Tanner, Steven Williams as Charlie Robinson, Dana Elcar as Peter Thornton, Michael Cavanaugh as Mike Donahue, Robin Pearson Rose as Susan, Burke Byrnes as Captain Howard, J. Michael Flynn as Carlyle, Jeff Abbott as Officer Atkins

Nielsen Ratings: 15.2 rating / 23 share / 2nd (36th overall)

Reference: Officer Atkins, Carlyle, Mike Donahue, Federal Building, Captain Howard, Pacific Ocean, Roberta, Charlie Robinson, Susan, Carole Tanner, Venice Beach, Victoria, Viking


Used a remote controlled robot to
make a 21st century breakfast

Repurposed a cargo net
into a rappelling line

Used a sharpening stone and cork to
open and seal a tube of neon gas

Used a tube of neon gas to withdraw
phosphorus powder from a vacuum

Neutralized acid using a pastry tube,
liquid oven cleaner, and low fat milk

Used psychology to determine which
fuse would disarm the bomb