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01.12 Episode 12 (#40191-011)
Airdate: January 22, 1986

MacGyver is caught in a mansion that's been booby-trapped electronically by an old nemesis.

Written by: Stephen Kandel
Directed by: Alexander Singer

Guest Starring: Wendy Schaal as Karen Blake, Christopher Neame as Quayle, Dana Elcar as Peter Thornton, Beulah Quo as Mrs. Chung, Erik Holland as Man #1, Tom Maier as Man #3, Carl Held as Man #2, Frank Holms as The German

OPENING GAMBIT: "FUNERAL IN BERLIN" Posing as a corpse, Mac escapes Berlin by a coffin-turned-jet-ski. Written by Jerry Ludwig / Directed by Cliff Bole

Nielsen Ratings: 17.7 rating / 26 share / 1st (27th overall)

Reference: Karen Blake, Cavitt-Tinglof Tower, Mrs. Chung, DXS Safe House, East Berlin, Quayle, Tribunal


Turned a coffin into a jet ski

Used a Swiss Army knife to test
if a metal gate was electrified

Used a suit of armor as a test
if it would trigger a trap

Used a metal bowl and an
electric juicer to make
a rotating antenna

Used kitchen gadgets to
heterodyne a radio frequency with
an electronic jammer causing static

Wired and taped together a series
of batteries as a power pack

Motorized a kitchen cart with a
rubber band and electric mixer
powered by a battery pack

Wired and taped together pieces of
armor for the cart as a diversion

Used the bottle opener blade
of a Swiss Army knife to
pry the hinges off a door

Used a motorized cart and
pieces of armor to redirect
the motion-activated guns

Made a smokescreen from
vinegar, baking soda, and
CO2 from a fire extinguisher

Made an early warning system
barricade with random pieces of
junk metal and ductwork

Used a Swiss Army knife to test
for electric current in the fuse box

Rewired the electrical panel and
fuse box to cut off the
master power source

Used a mirror as a periscope

Triggered a water tank
as a water cannon