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01.11 Episode 11 (#40191-012)
Airdate: January 15, 1986

MacGyver escapes from foreign agents, but only after being injected with a hallucinogen that will kill him in six hours if he can't get the antidote.

Written by: James Schmerer
Directed by: Cliff Bole

Guest Starring: Tammy Lauren as Lisa Allen, Dana Elcar as Peter Thornton, Robert O'Reilly as Kurt Neilson, J.P. Bumstead as Barrett, Mike Mancini as Crisp, Tommy Lamey as Polk, J. Michael Flynn as Carlyle, Kimberley Pistone as Amy, Richard McGregor as Ron

Nielsen Ratings: 15.9 rating / 23 share / 2nd (34th overall)

Reference: Lisa Allen, Amy, Barrett, Carlyle, Crisp, DXS, Federal Building, Los Angeles, Kurt Neilson, Polk, Ron, San Pedro, Peter Thornton


Made a fishing lure from
a gum wrapper

Made a giant slingshot from
bed springs and a bed frame

Used a belt buckle as a screwdriver

Used a belt to carry water into an
electrical outlet as a distraction

Sharpened a knife on the
edge of a metal basin

Created an explosive decoy with
a radio, a car battery, a TV tube,
and jumper cables

Used a fire hose as misdirection
to create the impression
of an escape

Created a decoy by letting the
air out of a car tire with a nail

Knocked out the enemy by
kicking open a car door

Used a smoldering rope and a
smoke detector to create a decoy

Knocked down the enemy by
releasing suspended water bottles
onto plywood and barrels

Made a magnet by striking a
metal rod against a fire hydrant