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01.10 Episode 10 (#40191-010)
Airdate: December 22, 1985

While visiting his estranged grandfather in Colorado, MacGyver is tracked and hunted down by a contract killer.

Teleplay by: Mike Marvin, Stephen Kandel & James Schmerer
Story by: Mike Marvin
Directed by: Ernest Pintoff

Guest Starring: John Anderson as Harry Jackson, D'Mitch Davis as Axminster, William Frankfather as Barney, Robert Miano as Black, Huck Liggett as Farmboy

OPENING GAMBIT: "KITCHEN MAGIC" Mac rescues a lady general at a beachhouse, then nabs her kidnappers using common kitchen equipment. Written by Terry Nation / Directed by Lee H. Katzin

Nielsen Ratings: 13.2 rating / 21 share / 3rd (49th overall)

Reference: Axminster, Barney, Black, Colorado, Coney Island, Evermore, Harry Jackson, General Kenney, Middle East, Venice Beach


Picked a door lock with the awl
blade of a Swiss Army knife,
behind his back, without looking

Used a toaster oven and a bag
of ice as a trigger for precariously
balanced pots as a distraction

Used vegetable oil on the floor
to create a slippery surface
to delay pursuit

Used a hose as a trip wire

Used a chaise lounge as a restraint

Checked for intruders using a
special light to make footprints
visible on a treated doormat

Floated hollow reeds on a piece
of wood to simulate someone
breathing under water

Made a blow gun from a hollow
reed and a whittled dart dipped
in sap from a Urtica plant

Used the sharp edge of a stone as
an ax to chop the branch of a tree

Took out a jeep using a
stuffed vest as a decoy
and a falling branch

Made landmines from pinecones
and pine pitch lit by a match

Made a natural antibiotic by mixing
crushed pyrite (iron sulfide)
with clay

Created spontaneous combustion
by igniting floating grain dust

Sawed partially through a
wooden beam to cause the
support to collapse

Harry created a decoy by remotely
tugging on a curtain with a wire

Harry simulated the sound of
gunfire by throwing pine nuts
into a fire