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01.09 Episode 9 (#40191-009)
Airdate: December 8, 1985

MacGyver is hired to arrange a new life for a protected Federal witness, who's testifying against his mobster brother, and to help him visit his sick mother before she dies.

Teleplay by: David Abramowitz
Story by: Paul Savage & David Abramowitz
Directed by: Alexander Singer

Guest Starring: Richard Romanus as Joey Bennet, Robert Romanus as Frank Bennet, Carl Franklin as Andrew Wiley, Angela Clarke as Katarina Bennet, Michael Champion as Larson, Tom Ormeny as Bridges, Katherine Wallach as Carol, James Hess as Vincent Ivory, Stan Kamber as Max, John Mahon as Vendor, Mario Roberts as Tommy

Nielsen Ratings: 11.6 rating / 17 share / 3rd (60th overall)

Reference: Acme Auto Tow Rental, Frank Bennet, Joey Bennet, Katerina Bennet, Bridges, Carol, Coney Island, Vincent Ivory, Larson, Los Angeles, Max, St. Matthew's Hospital, Tommy, Venice Beach, Andrew Wiley


Used a paper clip to help
hotwire a car

Picked the lock of a car trunk
with a Swiss Army knife

Used a lug wrench to loosen
the lug nuts of car wheels
to delay pursuit

Used duct tape to attach pieces
of wood to form a channel

Used wood scraps and a buzz saw
to create a diversion for escape

Used the reverse setting of a
vacuum to blow a cloud of sawdust
as a diversion for escape

Released the latch on a ladder
to trigger falling boxes
as a diversion for escape

Used string to remotely
activate a switch

Cut the fluid hoses of a car
with a Swiss Army knife

Used dry ice, soda, and "fizzy
dealies" to imitate smoke and
trigger a building evacuation

Used a rented tow truck to
tow and abandon a disabled car
to delay pursuit

Picked a door lock with
a Swiss Army knife

Used a rod and string to make
a trip wire on the stairs

Blocked a door with an armoire

Used a telescope, rags, cleaning
fluid, camphor balls, & a match to
make a rocket-powered harpoon

Used a pulley on a wire cable to
create a zipline for escape