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01.06 Episode 6 (#40191-005)
Airdate: November 10, 1985

In Brazil, MacGyver helps a plantation owner defend his land from an army of ants that threatens to destroy the jungle.

Written by: Stephen Kandel
Directed by: Donald Petrie

Guest Starring: David Ackroyd as Lucien Trumbo, Peter Jurasik as Dr. Charles Alden, Will Gotay as Luiz, Maurice Sherbanée as Santos, Melinda Peterson as Dr. Andrea Gates, Enzo Gagliardi as The Cook, Ranscombe Richmon as Guard, Simone Boisserée as Yana, Hal Jon Norman as Old Man, David Cadiente as Non-Com

OPENING GAMBIT: "WHITEWATER" In the Pyrenees, MacGyver rescues a prisoner, then makes a daring escape with her by raft. Written by Stephen Kandel / Directed by Lee H. Katzin

Nielsen Ratings: 15.6 rating / 22 share / 2nd (31st overall)

Reference: Charles Alden, Brazil, Andrea Gates, Luiz, Pyrenees, Santos, Soldier Ants, Lucien Trumbo


Stole a towel from a clothesline
using a Swiss Army knife and
thread as a fishing line

Super heated shower water over
a campfire as a distraction

Opened a locked door by using
a log as a lever to lift it
off its hinges

Soaked a rope in kerosene so that
it could be easily burned after
making an escape

Ran barbed wire across a river to
puncture and sink pursuing rafts

Made an electric arc welder from
a generator, jumper cables, and
two half dollars

Twisted a rope with a bamboo pole
to winch up a heavy canoe
and free a trapped woman

Built a flame thrower with a
garden hose, pipe, and chemically
thickened gasoline

Made nitromannite explosive from
nitrate fertilizer, plant
cellulose, and acid

Made a protective suit from
netting, a melted garden hose,
and duct tape