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01.05 Episode 5 (#40191-007)
Airdate: November 3, 1985

In the Virgin Islands, MacGyver and a senator's daughter must recover $60 million in stolen diamonds earmarked for an African relief fund.

Teleplay by: James Schmerer
Story by: Larry Alexander and James Schmerer
Directed by: Alan Smithee

Guest Starring: Vernon Wells as Jack Catlin, Victoria Bass as Tiffany, John Carter as Senator Rhodes, Doran Clark as Chris Rhodes, Larry D. Mann as David/Daniel Sims, Gary Pagett as Croupier, Richard Jamison as Wilson, Christopher Kriesa as Player, Michael F. Kelly as Thomas, Frank Miller as Pilot, Jacqui Evans as Woman Gambler, Diane Diefendorf as Waitress, Lloyd Bremseth as Guard, Patrick Francis Flannery as Nelson

Nielsen Ratings: 14.3 rating / 20 share / 3rd (46th overall)

Reference: Jack Catlin, Nelson, Chris Rhodes, Senator Rhodes, Daniel Sims, Thomas, Tiffany, Virgin Islands, Wilson


Created a diversion using a
paper clip and thread
to unzip a woman's dress

Used powdered soap and a shoe
polisher to grind down dice

Hid loaded dice in a
Virgin Mary

Used an electrical cord to
secure a closed door

Shattered the tops of compressed
gas canisters to rocket-power
a beverage cart

Removed the magnet from a
phone for Chris to sabotage the
roulette wheel and slot machines

Removed the stone from a ring
for Chris to mark cards on
the sharp points

Caused a short circuit by rewiring
an electrical panel to an
alarm clock as a timer

Used a hanger, mirror, duct tape,
and string to temporarily
disable a security camera

Picked a lock (twice)

Used cigar ashes to make a
laser beam visible

Rerouted a laser beam using
fiber optics

Freed a pet bird as an excuse
to trigger an alarm and
summon security

Recreated musical tones on crystal
wine goblets to open a vault

Used part of a lamp to funnel
diamonds down a drainpipe
to a waiting car trunk

Rigged a small car to parachute
out of an airplane at
nearly 30,000 feet