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01.02 Episode 2 (#40191-003)
Airdate: October 6, 1985

MacGyver is mistaken for a narc when he tries to retrieve a canister filled with a deadly chemical from a plane that crashed near opium fields in Burma.

Written by: Dennis Foley
Directed by: Paul Stanley

Guest Starring: Joan Chen as Lin, George Kee Cheung as General Narai, Clyde Kusatsu as Anek, Keye Luke as Prasert, Benjamin Lum as Truang, Bryan Price as Chan, James Saito as Ming, Angus Duncan as General Hawkins

OPENING GAMBIT: "CRUSHER" In a junkyard, MacGyver uses a magnet to retrieve stolen documents, then escapes from a car about to be flattened. Written by Terry Nation / Directed by Donald Petrie

Nielsen Ratings: 12.2 rating / 19 share / 3rd (51st overall)

Reference: Anek, Burma, Chan, General Hawkins, Ho, Lin, Ming, Narai, Prasert, Truang


Used an electromagnet to steal
a briefcase and a gun

Used a crowbar to escape from
a crushed car through the trunk

Used a forklift to capture
thieves in their car

Created a chain reaction diversion
using a signal flare, airplane tire,
life jacket, and a life raft

Used a signal flare to
blow up a truck

Used a mirror and a whistle
to send a signal

Exploited a fear of snakes to
commandeer a jeep

Used a decoy to direct a jeep
into a pit

Used a road block to trigger
rifles to fire remotely at jeep tires

Used a log swung from a rope to
knock soldiers from their jeep

Used jeep exhaust and bamboo
filled with fire ash and rice
alcohol to create tear gas

Used a cable and a jeep winch
to bring down a helicopter