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01.01 Episode 1 (#40191-001)
Airdate: September 29, 1985

Richard Dean Anderson stars as MacGyver, a resourceful and daring modern-day hero. MacGyver is called in as a last resort to rescue two scientists trapped in a high security underground laboratory as leaking acid threatens the New Mexico water system.

Written by: Thackary Pallor
Directed by: Alan Smithee

Guest Starring: Michael Lerner as Ed Gantner, Dana Elcar as Andy Colson, Paul Stewart as Dr. Carl Steubens, Michael C. Gwynne as Dr. Charlie Burke, Michael Fairman as General Relkwin, Shavar Ross as Reggie, Darlanne Fluegel as Barbara Spencer, Olaf Pooley as Dr. Sidney Marlowe, Charles Lanyer as Major Dennis, Lawrence Casey as Colonel Keel, Al White as Sergeant, Charles Bouvier as Technician #1, Michael Johnson as Captain Taylor, Jerry de Wilde as Jerry, JoAnna Linn as Mary, Howard Schechter as Technician #2, Larry Watson as Technician #3

OPENING GAMBIT: MacGyver rescues a downed Air Force pilot from his Mongolian captors.

Nielsen Ratings: 10.9 rating / 17 share / 3rd (54th overall)

Reference: Charlie Burke, Andy Colson, Ed Gantner, Colonel Keel, KIVA Laboratories, Angus MacGyver, Sidney Marlowe, Mongolia, New Mexico, Reggie, Sendrex Corporation, Barbara Spencer, Carl Steubens, Jim Taylor


Disarmed a missile with a paper clip

Made a time-delay fuse to fire a
suspended rifle using a stick,
string, rubber band, & matchbook

Made a rocket thruster from a flare
gun and escaped with a parachute

Used a laser to light a cigarette

Disabled laser security using
cigarette smoke and a
prism from binoculars

Used a fire hose and water pressure
to move a collapsed girder

Used scrap wood
to test a door for heat

Used a ripped shirt as a mask
against toxic gases

Hot-wired the pump controls to
evacuate toxic gases

Stopped a sulfuric acid leak using
milk chocolate candy bars

Made a bomb with a cold capsule,
sodium metal, and water

Flashed the main power controls
to send a signal in Morse code