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How many lives does MacGyver need?

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2022 1:14 pm
by MacGyverGod
Have you ever wondered how many lives MacGyver really needs to survive his show?

According to Pete Mac has 9 lives and according to himself he already lived 8 of them and didn't want to waste the last one.

MacGyver has been shot up, locked up, blown up and all he's got to show it for are a few empty roles of ductape.

This is just something I've been thinking about when I was thinking about some video's I once saw in which Screen Junkies among others analised movies like Home Alone and Die Hard to determine how many lives a character need to survive their movies. Also plenty of videos of doctors reacting to movie injuries.

So I'm also wondering if there are any doctors nurses or specialists here, because I'm just real curious how many lives MacGyver really needs if he is to survive his show to real life standards.

Below is a list of his injuries.

In total MacGyver is shot 9 times (not counting Bushmasters because they were blanks):
To Be A Man: takes one in the hand and shoulder while flying a hang glider and crashing near a river.
D.O.A. MacGyver: grazed him sending him through a big window, landing in the sea with a big head wound leaving him with amnesia.
Back From The Dead: after the fight with Ralph, takes one in the left side and goes under water.
Cease Fire: takes one in the left side again and falls down a hill leaving him unconscious.
Serenity: though in a dream he gets shot by Murdoc, apparently in the chest, near his heart, he falls through the barricade and lands on the ground below. It turns out his knife was a life-saver.
Humanity: takes one in the shoulder.
Trail of Tears: takes one in the left side again. This is the third time he has been shot in the left side.
Good Knight MacGyver: again in a dream MacGyver takes a headshot.
The Stringer: bullet grazed him in the arm causing him to fall into the cargo hold and land on some crates breaking his arm.

In total MacGyver has been blown up 4 times.
The Negotiator: MacGyver is blown by Deborah leaving him temporary blind.
The Wasteland: MacGyver and Andrew Bartlett are blown up by a bomb while driving through a wasteland. MacGyver comes out fairly unharmed except for a slight bruise on his jaw but Mr. Bartlett has life threatening injuries.
Blind Faith: MacGyver is blown up after a gas can explodes in a dumpster. His hands and face are severely burned also his hair is scorched.
Strictly Business: MacGyver is blown up by Murdoc after he fires off a rocket. MacGyver is bleeding out of his ear and his entire right side is covered in blood and has amnesia.

In total MacGyver took 17 blows to the head or face leaving him unconscious. Not counting the regular punches as in Back From The Dead, Jerico Games or Trail of Tears.
The Golden Triangle: MacGyver is knocked out by a punch in the face from a thug. Truang hits Mac in the face with his bamboo stick leaving him unconscious and bleeding out or from his ear.
Ugly Duckling: Larkin hits Mac on the back of his head with his gun leaving him unconscious.
Slow Death: Webster hits Mac with his gun against his ear. Mac goes down but he's not unconscious.
The Wish Child: Mac takes two shots to the neck by an Asian guy leaving him unconscious.
Out in the Cold: MacGyver is caught in an avanlanche and takes a blow to the head.
The Secret of Parker House: Virgil hits Mac out cold, leaving a bruise on his face.
The Outsiders: MacGyver crashes the Jeep after one of the tires blew and jumps out. He hits his head leaving a big head wound and may have broken ribs.
The Battle of Tommy Giordano: MacGyver takes a hit against the nose and goes head first against a big roll-up door. Though he doesn't go unconscious.
The Ten Percent Solution: MacGyver is knocked to the verge of unconsciousness twice by a neo-nazi and Gray.
Two Times Troubles: MacGyver is hit in the head by Carla with a wrench and is momentarily unconscious.
The Lost Amadeus: MacGyver is hit on the head with a violin.
Humanity: Victor knocks out MacGyver with one punch.
Bitter Harvest: MacGyver is hit in the face with a shotgun leaving a bloody scratch over his eye, which he can't keep entirely open than he is sprayed with pesticides causing him to cough all the time
Good Knight MacGyver: MacGyver is hit by a flower pot falling on his head and he ends up unconscious on the sidewalk which caused another head wound.
Trail To Doomsday: MacGyver hits his head as his car blows up.

Other injuries.
The Widowmaker: MacGyver is cut in his arm by Murdoc.
Cleo Rocks: MacGyver is cut in his right hand by Murdoc.
Passages: MacGyver makes a great fall and ends on top of a car leaving him in a coma. He has a minor head wound and a bruise on his jaw. The bad guys later inject him with something in his I.V. causing him to go into cardiac arrest.
Faith Hope and Charity: MacGyver steps into a bear trap which may or may not have broken his ankle.
Trail To Doomsday: MacGyver jumps out of a window ending on trash cans hurting his shoulder and leaving him bleeding, plus stabbed in the leg.