Stay safe

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Stay safe

Post by thescifichic » Thu Mar 12, 2020 11:06 am

I wanted to wish everyone many well wishes and hope you are all holding up okay. My heartfelt thourghts to those whom have been or indirectly effected by this.

Did any other RDA fans out there wonder what MacGyver would do? Sorry seems a bit silly.

On another serious note hope RDA and his family are holding up ok. Been nice to see his recent posts, gives some sort of normalcy for me amongst all of the chaos.

Take care everyone

Trace xoxo

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Re: Stay safe

Post by Jerseycoconut » Sat Mar 14, 2020 3:29 pm

I thought this is a good subject to respond to at this time. Gives a hint of what we are thinking about! :o

Don't you think Mac would learn up on any of the facts of the matter so he would not be afraid?
After all, he was about being educated and using his wisdom for the good & well being of others.

I think, Mac would use his knowledge & common sense to work out any flexible solution to this problem, using reliable sources.

Dealing head to toe. . . .to keep himself healthy. . . clothing would be his first line of defense.
If he had a face mask( he'd use it properly to fit his face), & had to go out with out one, he'd use a scarf or even a towel. If there were no latex gloves, he'd use winter glove or work gloves. Of course he'd wash & dry them after each use.
If he had no sanitizer (all sold out), he'd make his own. . . . .2/3 parts alcohol, 1/3 aloe moisturizer, & a few drops essential oil for fragrance.
Keeping hands off face, not biting nails; washing hands before putting in contacts, preparing meals, eating; covering mouth when sneezing or coughing; all common habits for good sanitation & protection.
I think Mac would also see what is under the sink at home that could be used as substitutes for name brands decontamination cleaners. Reading labels, he'd figure out that solutions could be as near as using tap water with alcohol; or Lysol; or bleach; or Listerine mouthwash. . . .
And of course, it would matter to wash properly. Adequate time spent scrubbing with a nail brush (under nails) & warm water, soap, and proper drying with clean towels is desired.
If Mac had to go out to the store, I think he would call family & neighbors to see if he could get them anything so they would not have to go out, lessening their exposure. Shopping 'in case' would be like restocking his "go bag". Peanut butter, canned veggies, fruit, powered milk, Bisquick, vitamins, trail mix (dried fruit & nuts), bottled juices; items that would last without refrigeration. [Like going camping] Remember also, pet food, [our family] and daily medication required, water, & items that would help you get better if you got ill; gingerale, cough drops, crackers, apple sauce, something for nausea. . . .
And from head to toe. . night; take a shower ;) ,washing hair (think of your hair as a mop that has gathered all the days DNA!) After, put on a good moisturizer to replenish natural oils of the body that have been washed away. [Yep I'll help with that!]
And of course, before sleeping with sweet dreams, , , , to re-energize for the new day, Mac would center himself with a good book, music, funny movie, work on a project (perhaps what RDA is doing- going thru great old photos). Things that would promote 'positive thinking. Getting sleep early and rest his body, worry free.

Common sense & courtesy, will remind us were all human and get us thru this.......

I hope we can all be safe and get thru this interesting !!!! :P :P :P :P :P

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