MacGyver Virtual Season 10.5 - The Mortal Coil

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MacGyver Virtual Season 10.5 - The Mortal Coil

Post by Sanguine » Tue Nov 05, 2019 11:58 pm

Hello, everyone! This is only my 2nd post here on the RDA forum. This is the newest episode of the Mac VS. I hope you enjoy it! Sometime, I'll also post the bibliography for this episode so that you can get some more information on the super-cool science & history behind this episode. Feel free to e-mail/message me anytime you have a question or a comment! :D

Part One

Version: 3.1
GED d-@ s:+ a- C+++>$ U> P L>+ !E W++>+++$ !N !o K--? w+>+++$ !O !M+ !V? PS-(+)@ PE Y+ PGP t+++>$* !5 X+ R+>+++* tv+ b++++ DI+ D+ G>++ e+++>++++ h- r>+++ x-

As soon as MacGyver opened the e-mail, he knew exactly who had sent it. The e-mail address was different than the one that had been given to "Dexter Fillmore" all those years ago, but in spite of this, the prominent 1337speak in the body of the e-mail and the block of pseudo-code were more distinctive than a fingerprint. This e-mail had been sent by an old friend, not of MacGyver's, but of "Dexter's." Someone---a computer programmer named Michael Brighton---had come across MacGyver's alter ego while Mac was undercover helping the Phoenix Foundation track down a notorious ring of black-hat hackers. Since then, Brighton and MacGyver had kept sporadically in touch---with Brighton never finding out the truth about Mac's real identity.

Sometimes, Mac felt a twinge of guilt about keeping a secret like that from someone he genuinely liked, but he couldn't take the risk---especially considering that, someday, he might need another white-hat hacker on his side.

And thus, as MacGyver sat down at his computer screen, he fished a pair of Dexter glasses from the desk drawer and shoved them onto his nose. Just to remind himself to stay in character.

He wasn't sure if he loved or hated the challenge of deciphering an entire e-mail written in 1337speak and hacker slang, but by the end of the message, he was glad he did. With a grin, he typed back a reply:

I c4n'7 b31i3v3 W4rd3nc1yff3 i5 b3ing r355ur3c73d! 73514 r0xx0r!

Version: 3.1
G d@ s++:- a? C++$ U++++ P+@ L++++$ E@ W+ N+@ !o K--? w+++@ O++@ M V++@ PS+$ PE$@ Y++ PGP++$@ t++ 5@ X R? tv-$@ b+++>$ DI+ !D- G++ e+++++>$ h@? r-(-)@?>++ y+@

Then, he grabbed a handful of bean sprouts from the fridge, snagged the Jeep keys from the sailboat-shaped hook by the door, and headed out for another day of work at the Phoenix Foundation.

He needed to ask Pete Thornton for a favor.


"But Pete, it's Wardenclyffe!"

"You keep saying that like I should be excited," Pete replied with a shake of his head. "I have no idea what you're talking about, MacGyver! Or why you're so desperate to drop everything and go there."

"This is about Nikola Tesla!"

"Tesla? You mean the crazy inventor guy?"

"He wasn't crazy!"

"Isn't he the guy who swore he built an earthquake machine and a death ray? That sounds crazy to me, MacGyver!"

"Okay, okay, he was eccentric. But he was still a genius, Pete! He changed the world! Alternating current was a revolution!"

"Yeah, and so was the lightbulb, but Edison wasn't crazy."

"He electrocuted elephants and nearly went blind by zapping himself with X-rays. Besides, Edison was a businessman, not a scientist! Not like Tesla!"

"All right, all right. But what is this Warden project anyway?"

"Wardenclyffe was Tesla's laboratory, and one of his achievements. It's part of history! Right now, it's on the verge of being torn down as an eyesore---or just plain falling apart from all this time being abandoned. But the Wardenclyffe Historical Society raised the money to buy it, and they're looking for volunteers to help renovate it into a museum and science center. If this organization is planning to save it from being condemned and restore it---then I want in. Can't you spare me for at least a couple days?"

Pete sighed, deflated. "Well, all right, MacGyver. I guess a couple of days wouldn't hurt, if it's that important to you."

MacGyver smiled and clapped his old friend on the shoulder. "Thanks, Pete."

"Don't mention it. But now you owe me one!"

Mac grinned. "I won't have to mention it. You won't let me forget!"


Shortly after a quiet plane ride to Long Island, New York, MacGyver stepped out of his rental car and gazed up at the remnants of Nikola Tesla's once-great laboratory. In the midst of a field of half-cut grass, the laboratory was a rectangular brick building, the roof slanted in a way that made the facade appear to be a pentagon shape, with a small brick tower, perhaps an old chimney, poking up out of one side. A few other cars were scattered around, parked in the grass on either side of the gravel driveway that led up to what MacGyver presumed was the front door.

He took a deep breath, taking everything in, envisioning the great iron skeleton of Tesla's famed tower as it had once stood over the laboratory. How many childhood hours had he spent in the library reading about his favorite scientist's myriad of inventions? And what about that time that he'd tried (and succeeded, despite getting in massive trouble) to build his own Tesla coil for the school science fair?

Shaking his head, he stepped forward and opened the door.

What he saw broke his heart. White-gray paint peeled from the bricks, the concrete floor was dirty and stained, and in several locations the fluorescent lights attached to the rafters in the ceiling were flickering or not functional at all. Graffiti in all sizes and colors marred the walls. Now that he was inside, he noticed that many of the beautiful rounded-topped windows had been boarded up---smashed to pieces. Cardboard boxes, some opened and others taped shut, were scattered and stacked around the area.

He swallowed hard. How could this laboratory, a landmark in history that the man who invented the 20th century had himself once walked in, be so far gone? Like just another cleared-out warehouse, another instance of urban blight?

Luckily, there was now hope, and MacGyver was determined to help bring the lab---and the dream that stood behind it---back to life.

MacGyver ventured further inside. "Hello?" The empty space was eerily chill. "Anyone home? Hello?"

There was no answer. Mac shrugged; it was a big building, so the volunteers from the science museum probably just hadn't heard him. He slowly took a few more steps inside, calling louder, "Hello?"

This time, he heard someone yell back, faintly, "Someone there?"

"Yeah!" MacGyver called, moving toward the distant voice. The sound was muffled; they must have been calling from another room.

When he entered the next area of the empty building, he expected to see one of the restoration workers, but instead he saw…nothing. Puzzled, he glanced around the room. Could there be a door or an alcove that he had missed?

He hadn't missed anything that he could see, but there was a plastic folding table set up near the wall, laden with a variety of tools and a stack of papers that looked like floor plans and blueprints. Mac flipped through the designs idly, wondering where the other restoration workers would be. Most of the plans were written in one person's handwriting, probably the person who'd given them to the workers in the first place. But in several places, a different person had jotted down some notes, and in the bottom design, Mac's eyes fell upon one of the little scribbles: Tesla may have had tunnels. Search plan for later in renovation.

MacGyver blinked quickly. Secret tunnels beneath Nikola Tesla's laboratory? He'd never heard of that before, and as far as he knew, no one else had either. Was it possible that this could be true? Had the tunnels never been explored, untouched since Tesla himself had been
forced to abandon the lab in 1903?

MacGyver grinned, realizing that this was an incredible science mystery that desperately needed solving!

Just then, he heard the front door open with a creak of metal.

"Hello!" MacGyver called out, stepping back into the first room.

Startled, the man who'd just entered took a step back. "Oh! Sorry, I didn't know someone else was in here. We were all outside working on uncovering the base of the tower."

For a moment, Mac frowned. If all the other volunteers had been outside, then who had called for MacGyver earlier?

But he didn't have long to contemplate this, because the volunteer had just stepped over to shake his hand. "I'm John Taylor. I'm the leader of this project for the time being. You must be from the Phoenix Foundation, right? Sorry, I forgot your name."

"MacGyver," he said. "Nice to meet you. And thank you---all of you---for what you're doing to honor Tesla. This project means a lot to me."

"Me too," Taylor said with a smile, brushing brown hair away from his solid-colored eyes. "Tesla was one of my heroes as a kid. Without him, I'd never have become a science teacher. He changed everything---AC power, radio, X-rays… Everything."

"He was really an incredible thinker," MacGyver agreed. "So what have you been working on?"

John sighed and gestured around the spacious, rundown building. "What are we not working on? Clearing the grounds, uncovering the tower base, cleaning up the lab, scrubbing graffiti… Structurally, the building is sound, but the plumbing and electricity need updating and repairs. Not to mention the hazardous waste…"


John shook his head. "After Tesla was forced to shut his wireless transmitter down, the property was sold and used by a commercial photography company up until about ten years ago. All the waste had to be cleaned up by hazmat teams. It should be safe enough now, but…"

"But it's the principle of the thing," MacGyver finished.

"Exactly," John sighed. "But enough of my complaining. We're here to fix it, after all! So, what can you do?"

MacGyver just grinned. "Oh, a little bit of everything…"

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Re: MacGyver Virtual Season 10.5 - The Mortal Coil

Post by bftlovesRDA » Wed Nov 06, 2019 2:26 pm

Very interesting, Sanguine. Looking forward to more.

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Re: MacGyver Virtual Season 10.5 - The Mortal Coil

Post by tvero80 » Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:03 pm

Thank you, Sanguine ! :)

Veronica LAKings

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