Sam and Jack multimedia awards 2018

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Sam and Jack multimedia awards 2018

Post by bftlovesRDA » Wed May 09, 2018 12:59 am

This announcement is for those interested in Sam and Jack = so please ignore this otherwise.

To everyone interested in Sam and Jack = there are the Sam/Jack multimedia awards for 2018 that have started the process of the nominations for these awards.

Website with all the information: Click on 2018 season.

Important dates:

Nomination Period
May 1-May 31

Voter Registration Deadline
​May 31

Voting Period
June 10-June 25

Winners Revealed
July 1

We have some people from whose wonderful works have been already nominated for these awards.

Anyone can nominate an entry...just follow the directions.

It's most important that people register to vote by May 31 and then actually vote from June 10 to June 25.
Please do so since we do have nominees in the "running".

Thanks very much!

P.S. I did put this announcement over in the Stargate/Sam and Jack relationship section but felt it was important enough to post here in news and announcements also. Hope this is okay.

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