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Welcome to the timeline of the fifth season. We'll continue where we left off last time and have a look on what MacGyver has been doing between the fourth and fifth season. This includes an assignment where he meets Sofia Ross in Bulgaria, the preparations of the Timber Summit, the events of the Tienanmen Square massacre and MacGyver's reunion with Professor Atticus to go and find Solon's medallion and meet Kelly Carson. Somewhere in that time, MacGyver also goes to see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The day-descriptions are getting longer from here on out.

Between Monday May 15 1989 and Monday September 18 1989.
There's a gap of almost four months.

Black Corsage: unspecified date.
MacGyver travels to Bulgaria to rescue Sofia who had been arrested for trying to publish a book her father wrote on democracy. Her father died under mysterious circumstance. MacGyver was send to Bulgaria to break her out of prison and get her into Turkey to the United States. It is unknown where in Bulgaria they met. I take it, it was in Sofia. If he travelled to Sofia it would've been a flight of 13 hours and 21 minutes over a distance of 6617,6 miles (10650 km). He probably smuggled her into Istanbul but not sure how. Probably by car. By car it would've take 5 hours and 53 minutes over a distance of 348.76 miles (560,08 km). taking road E80. They return to the United States and have her relocated with a new life and identity. Her real name is unknown, she is known as Sofia Ross. During her time there she finds Frog caught in a fishnet and starts working for the Phoenix Foundation using a code name Dolphin and Double Red as code for emergencies. A picture is taken of MacGyver and Sofia in front of the houseboat.

Log Jam: unspecified date.
Phoenix Foundation starts working to put the Timber Summit together. It is unknown when it started by MacGyver states it's been months, probably during the summer with the support of Amy Chandler. This is probably around the same time Amy seperates from her husband Jack Chandler.

Children of Light/The Stringer: Saturday May 20 1989.
The Chinese government declare martial law and starts mobilizing the military for Tienanmen Square.

Legend of the Holy Rose: Wednesday May 24 1989.
MacGyver has time to go and see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Children of Light/The Stringer: Saturday May 27 1989.
The students at Tienanmen Square starts the creation of the Goddess of Democracy.

Jenny's Chance: June 1989.
Underwood, George Henderson's associate starts working on a gizmo that produces an ultrasonic sound to throw off horses on the racing tracks.

Children of Light/The Stringer: Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4 1989.
The Chinese military is mobilized to strike down the students protest on the Tiananmen Square by all means deemed necessary. Some understood this as by using deadly force. They started shooting at the students and destroyed the Goddess of Democracy. The inspiration of the students. This night Su Ling and many other students got killed like Jian and Li. Su Ling was about to give a speech at the huge pro-democracy rally that night. Mei Jan borrowed a friends video camera and attended the night with Yin Li and Su Min. Several students who weren't killed were send to Camp Zero to work as slaves in a forced labour prison camp. Camp Zero is a fictional prison camp.

Lost Treasure of Atlantis: July 1989.
MacGyver reunites with his old professor Atticus in archaeology from London to look for the treasure of Atlantis. They travel to Thera in Greece to find Solon's Sigma. A flight that would take from London to Thera (Santorini) 03 and 34 minutes over a distance of 1624.8 miles (2615 km). Presumably a short time before or after Atticus must've been in the caves near Exeter where he first saw Solon's riddle carved on altar by the Cult of Solon and copied it in his journal.

In Thera they meet Professor Simon Carson and his granddaughter Kelly who has a big crush on MacGyver. Professor Carson showing Kelly around the ruins and doesn't think highly of Atticus' theory on Solon being at Thera looking for the treasure and considers Atlantis a fairy tale. A picture of Atticus and Professor Carson is taken in Thera right in front of the Tower of Fear.

They explore the ruins of Thera where they find Solon's medallion. MacGyver takes a picture and examines the medallion that is being held in the middle of a window bar with a snake around. MacGyver replaces the medallion with the cap of his camera. Atticus wants to know what sort of trap it would set off. MacGyver pulls him aside just in time when a spear nearly gets him. They look at the spear as their way in is suddenly shut down and the chamber darkens. The room starts to flood with pebbles and small rocks. MacGyver and Atticus are buried alive. How they escape is unknown.

Legend of the Holy Rose: August 1989.
MacGyver goes to the baptism of Mike and Michele Borges' baby. During the baptism he hears the Latin phrase of Ambrose: 'And once there, exorcise thee thou unclean spirit.' In the same month narco-terrorism has been unleashed on American soil with the same degree of arrogance as the declaration of war made by the Medellín cocaine-cartel leaders against the Colombian government. Fonsico Echeverria, the first of the 12 extraditables to be placed in U.S. custody and one of the richest men in the world retaliates by kidnapping Alexander Shannon son of United States senator Tom Shannon.

Harry's Will: August 1989.
Harry Jackson writes his will to MacGyver.

Deep Cover: September 1989.
Gwen Carpenter starts working on the E.R.M.A. project and meets Nick Landis along the way on the beach who was jogging. It was however not without reason they met as Nick owed the drugcartel money.

Legend of the Holy Rose: Between Tuesday September 5 1989 and Thursday September 14 1989.
Alexander Shannon, son of United States senator Tom Shannon, is kidnapped by Echeverria's mercenaries. They want to use Alexander to trade him for Echeverria's life. Authorities refuse comment only to state that Echeverria will not be released under any circumstances, that's why MacGyver is send to Columbia to bring Alexander back. He flew from Los Angeles to Quibdo, the capital of Chocó. A flight that would take 06 hours and 51 minutes over a distance of 3306.3 (5321 km). From there on he is being brought by helicopter when he hid himself in the cargo. Alexander tries to escape by climbing of the mountain but makes a fall and breaks his leg. Alexander is being held prisoner by Pablo Escobar. MacGyver makes an airplane to save Alexander.

Around the same time Zoe Ryan is in Greece looking for Diana's Mirror. She finds it in an Ottoman ruin after 13 digs. It is unknown where exactly she was in Greece but if she travelled to Athens the flight would've taken 13 hours and 56 minutes over a distance of 6914 miles (11127 km). A wealthy treasure hunter, Erich Von Leer put up a grant but retracted the money after she found out they were playing games. He funded her expedition to Greece without her knowing. When she returns with her find Von Leer tries to fund her next expedition but without her having control. She finds out the scepter of the Triple Deity are located in London in the Abbey of St. Acerinus.

Between Friday September 15 1989 and Sunday September 17 1989.
MacGyver comes home around three o' clock in the morning and falls asleep on the chouch. When he wakes up his houseboat is drifting in the middle of the bay. Zoe Ryan appears to be 32 years old and is now a fully associate professor in archaeology. MacGyver is asked by Zoe Ryan to find the Holy Rose. Zoe has read about his rescue mission so a press conference of some sort must've taken place the day of Shannon's rescue. Zoe fills him in on her quest but the dean of her university shut down her whole project and she doesn't have a lot of money because she asked a few picky questions about their research. She hid the artefact in a souvenir pillow and wants to find the Temple of the Holy Rose where Ambrose hid all the artefacts of Diana and the Grail. She wants to prove that the human race used to get along with one another 5000 years ago. The Temple of the Holy Rose holds the Cauldron of Regeneration; the Holy Grail, that is related to the Goddess Diana. Diana's mirror, the scepter of the Triple Deity are necessary to find the location of the temple. That also explains why Von Leer wanted to fund her next expedition. MacGyver and Zoe arrive in London after a flight of 11 hours and 03 minutes over a distance of 5442,6 miles (8759 km). The Abbey of St. Acerinus is located in Chelsea. They go there by cab on a 3 hour and 45 minute drive over a distance of 222.33 miles (357,81 km) on the M1 road. The abbey has turned into an exhibition of torture of the Spanish Inquisition. In the abbey they find three scepters, the Mother of Creatures, Lunar Virgin and the Huntress in the building's baptismal by using Diana's Mirror as a key. Von Leer shows up taking Zoe hostage and leaving MacGyver tied under a lowering pendulum torture. MacGyver escapes and follows...

Monday September 18 1989.
Professor Wycliff to Von Leer's estate from Chelsea to Heathrow. A 29 minute drive over a distance of 13.9 miles (22,37 km) and from Heathrow to Weymouth which would take 2 hours and 12 minutes over a distance of 119 miles (191,51 km). Wycliff studies the scepters and believes Shima is wrong about the Elexir of Life. The cult of Shima believes in the elexir for the past two hundred years. The three scepters state: 'Journey beyond Kasarasburgus to the crossroads of Triacria.' Which seems to be a village or city somewhere in Europe. The second says: 'And once there, perform the Ritual of the Rose and it will be revealed.' After performing the Ritual of the Rose, Ambrose says: 'Than one should look beyond the open petal and seek the sacred stone, there to find the message of the goddess and the key to her temple.'

MacGyver and Zoe escape and figure out they have to go to Kasarasburgus known as Caesar's Camp or as Cherbourg 20 miles (32,18 km) south of the French Coast. They use a private airstrip two miles up the road to fly to Cherbourg. They find the ruin and the ring of rocks posing as a flower. The rocks were brought there from the southern coast of Britain. The ruin is particular and the ring of rocks too because no one was able to comprehend why they were brought there. The ring of rocks also contains another message of Ambrose. It's in Latin and the French have studied them for years. If they perform the Ritual of the Rose the Temple will be revealed. The middle rock in the ring hides the Rose. The legend says: 'The casket of gold holds the flower of the goddess.' On a rock in front of the cave they find the last message: 'Rest Diana's Mirror upon the sacred tree. When the garment of the great goddess covers the Holy Rose, the power of the trinity, will open the world and give birth to a new beginning.' The garment turns out to be the sun. The rock is a sacred tree symbolic to Diana's Grove found all over Europe. When you place all artefacts in the right order you'd have an optical pump or a laser. The Mirror catches the sun sending the light into the Holy Rose where it bounces of the gold heating up and sending a light through the three sceptres as a laser to the wall of the cave where they find the temple of the Holy Rose in miniature, red earth and the Holy Grail and more artefacts about peaceful and earth nurturing loving societies. MacGyver thinks the red earth in the grail holds the highest spirtual potential to human compassion. Von Leer appears and Shima betrays him claiming the red earth for himself and shoots Von Leer. MacGyver takes out Mammon who shot Shima. Shima dies and scatters the red earth to the winds. MacGyver and Zoe are confronted one more time by Von Leer until he gets hit by the laser again sending him back into the cave followed by an explosion. MacGyver and Zoe conclude Ambrose wanted the cave shut and that the red earth was 800 years of dust. They take the artefacts and the pictures with them and go home.

(Note: this two-parter aired on Monday September 18 1989 and Monday September 25 1989.)

Two Times Trouble: October 1989.
A fire breaks out in Roxy's apartment supposedly an electrical short circuit. This was probably a lie by Carla or it could've happened to her with realizing it, considering her mental state, thinking it happened to Roxy.

Black Corsage/The Coltons: Saturday September 1989.
MacGyver gets the old '46 Chevy of his grandpa Harry, washed and repainted. Sofia a Bulgarian scientist defector becomes hunted down by Deegan and March after they shoot Reynolds their third contactperson who owns a piece of a transparency notes that points out the location of the Black Corsage. Their fourth member Simms got killed in jail. There seems to be a lack of trust between the members of their gang so that's why the fourth member left transparent notes of the location of the Black Corsage in Expo Park. It is unknown how or where they found the Corsage. Before Reynolds died he manages to slip his piece of transparency note to Sofia without her knowing. She's on the run but MacGyver and Pete can't tell the police anything because of their secret witness relocation programme.

When MacGyver is looking for Sofia he runs into Frank Colton. Jesse Colton's brother. Jesse appears to still be in Hawaii after nine months. Frank took over some of his files of the bounty hunting business. It turns out Sofia's father was an official in Bulgaria who wrote a book supporting democracy. He died under mysterious circumstances. Sofia tried to publish the book which got her arrested. MacGyver went to Bulgaria and smuggled her into Turkey and got her in the witness relocation programme.

Frank Colton followed Deegan and March into Expo Park after he found out they got passed a computerised security system that was better than Fort Knox. Simms hid it in Expo Park but got arrested and killed in jail. Frank found out Simms left pieces of a map to the others that leads into Expo Park. Sofia was in Expo Park looking for her dog Frog and was at the wrong place at the wrong time. They were supposed to find Sofia at Flo's diner but she runs when she sees Deegan and hides in a fish cannery. There they are caught by Deegan and March left behind on a conveyor belt and are about to be cut up like fishbait. They escape and find Deegan and March and Sofia back in Expo Park where they find the Black Corsage hidden in plain sight. They take out Deegan and March but Sofia has to be relocated again.

Sunday October 1 1989.
Sofia has to be relocated again but can't take her dog Frog with her so Frank takes the dog home, despite his allergy.

A short while later Mama Colton meets Johnny Denmark who gets sworn in as a district attorney and gives a block party for it. There he also meets Frog the dog which he considers mean and ugly.

(Note: this episode originally aired on Monday October 2 1989.)

Cease Fire: Saturday October 7 1989.
MacGyver meets Lisa Woodman in Switzerland after he's being shot and blamed for an assassination attempt on the president of Samadia. This country has been at war with the Republic of Azmir for a long time. They were asked by a Mr. Walker of an unknown organisation to lead the talks in Switzerland. MacGyver has to get the Azmirs to agree to sign the peace proposal with one amendment by pulling back all troops. President Habad considers peace, his cabinet wants him out of the way. MacGyver manages to foil the attempt but gets shot . While they are looking for him he meets Lisa. Lisa goes to the boarding school where he hides out. Her parents are about to divorce. They are very wealthy and her father has an office in Zurich. She tells MacGyver everything about her and her parents and helps him out when he's almost caught. Afterwards she hears about another assassination attempt and runs with MacGyver to tell him about it. They would try to blow up a gondola car with a bomb when Pete, Mr. Walker and other delegates of Samadia are on it. MacGyver climbs the watch tower to get on the gondola and manages to get rid of the bomb. MacGyver flew to Switzerland on a flight that would last 11 hours and 58 minutes over a distance of 5908 miles (9509 km).

Sunday October 8 1989.
MacGyver meets Lisa again and says she used some of his peace talk plan to order a cease fire between her parents.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday October 9 1989.)

Second Chance: Friday October 13 1989.
Wanda Tran, Jesse Colton's girlfriend, passes away. MacGyver had found her but she appeared to be very ill for a long time when he brought her to the clinic.

Saturday October 14 1989.
MacGyver is helping the Phoenix Foundation clinic in Bangkok taking in deliveries involving medication and medical machines for kids. He got there on a flight of 16 hours and 34 minutes over a distance 8251 miles (13280 km). He reunites with Jesse Colton who came back from Hawaii. He left from L.A. obviously since he mentions he's been on the way for 17 hours. He came to Thailand to visit his long lost girlfriend Wanda Tran. She died the day before and left him a son. Jesse recalls he lost her when they pulled his unit of Vietnam and never stopped looking for her.

Thefts are being commited in the neighborhood and the stuff is to be sold on the black market. Jesse Colton performs his tricks with the kids in the hospital. MacGyver asks him if he ever wanted to go on stage. Jesse says once after he got thrown out of sixth floor window. It is unknown if he was just exaggerating or if this really happened during one of his bounty huntings.

They go to Wanda Tran's funeral. MacGyver tries to get Jesse and Willie together but he steals Jesse's wallet and ends up with the gang of thieves. He leads them to Foundation clinic where they steal all medical stock including a dialysis machine meant for a girl. MacGyver and Jesse finds out who was behind the theft and starts looking for the machine. After Jesse calls his old army buddy George, they find a lead to a bar where fights are being held. Trying to infiltrate they are discovered and starts a fight themselves. Jesse runs after them but is caught later on.

Sunday October 15 1989.
MacGyver finds Willy the next day and asks him where Frank Skinner's hideout is. There they get caught again. Locked up in the hideout MacGyver finds Jesse and the dialysis machine. They escape and take out the bad guys.

Monday October 16 1989.
The next day they place a headstone on Wanda Tran's grave. Jesse and Willie make their peace as they are about to leave to America. It is possible MacGyver stayed in Bangkok a little while longer to and came back on

Halloween Knights: Sunday October 29 1989.
MacGyver comes home from Bangkok. MacGyver meets Milt Bozer and reunites with Murdoc who needs his help this time. Murdoc's organisation Homicide International Trust has captured his sister Ashton after he refused a contract. Ashton never knew she had a brother. They decide to go after HIT in order to save Ashton and shut down HIT for good.

Monday November October 30 1989.
MacGyver drops Ashton off on the airfield where she is taken to safety with a Phoenix Foundation airplane. MacGyver finds a message of Murdoc with evidence but that he not turned himself in as they agreed. He promisses he would see him again as long as he keeps looking over his shoulder.

Two Times Trouble: November 1989.
Roxy had a car crash because her brakes went bad. This was probably a lie by Carla or maybe it happened to her without realizing it, considering her mental state thinking it happened the Roxy.

Children Of Light: Thursday November 2 1989.
MacGyver reunites with Su Ling his foster daughter who came to America after the Tiananmen Square Massacre by going to Macao, she slipped into Hong Kong and got a ticket there to America. She flew 14 hours and 36 minutes over a distance 7247.7 (11664 km). She is there to establish a new faxmachine network with other Chinese students. She also has a tape with her that shows what happened on the night of Sunday June 4 1989.

Friday November 3 1989.
It turns out her name is not Su Ling but Mei Jan. MacGyver has a picture however of Su Ling from their corresponding times. Su Ling died during the protests and Mei Jan used her visa to get into the country. Her government followed her to the States as they try to prevent the world from knowing what happened there.

Saturday November 4 1989.
The Chinese government threaten the family of Wing Lee, a fellow student who betrays her as she gets caught. He explains everything to MacGyver and Pete and MacGyver goes to the Chinese consulate to get her out.

Sunday November 5 1989.
Wing Lee receives a fax at Pete's office that his family is safe.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday November 6 1989.)

Black Rhino: Monday November 6 and Wednesday November 8 1989.
Billy doesn't show up at work anymore. Without telling anyone he comprised the Phoenix files of the endangered-species program to solve the case Frank and Jesse couldn't. He booked a flight through Phoenix' travel agency to chase a ruthless killer.

Pete finds out Billy booked a flight to Kambezi two days earlier and charged it to the Foundation. Pete discusses with MacGyver what Billy was up to. MacGyver finds out Billy Colton, Frank and Jesse's younger brother booked a flight to Kambezi to hunt down Ladysmith in order to get a big score of 50,000 dollars. He leaves for Kambezi which lies in the Hardap Region in Namibia. It's a flight of 19 hours and 20 minutes over a distance of 9659.2 miles (15545 km) to Windhoek and from there on with a car to Kambezi which would take 3 hours and 45 minutes over a distance of 201.67 miles (324,56 km).

Thursday November 9 1989.
MacGyver arrives in Kambezi and meets Kate Hubley who runs Nabo Ranch. Along with her he hopes to find Billy. Billy made the connection with stolen rhino horns and Ladysmith. Ladysmith wants to sell the horns for a lot of money along with the drugs that appears to be keratine. They arrange a meeting with Ladysmith pretending to be the buyers of the horns. Ladysmith doesn't seem to fold so Kate takes over. Ladysmith takes Kate with him while Billy and MacGyver go after them to rendezvous-point on the Victoria dam. Ladysmith gets killed in a fight where he wanted to kill MacGyver. They retrieve the rhino horns and burn them in front of the world press to enforce an import ban on the horns. The burning of the horns takes place at night.

(Note: This episode originally airs on Monday November 13 1989. Kambezi is a fictional country that is actually called Mariental. Whether we want to believe it or not, Billy is only 16 years old in this episode. Since Pete's aggravation about Billy skipping out again on a good steady job and MacGyver having to jump in, Billy must've been a typical teenager, overestimating himself and whatnot. But to pull a stunt like this: compromising Phoenix' files, booking a flight to Kambezi in Africa and charging it to the Phoenix Foundation in order to bring down a ruthless poacher without anyone getting the wiser... whew. Even though Mama Colton was considered not to be around at the making of this point since Pete points out that besides Frank and Jesse, MacGyver is his only family, I do not want to know what her wrath would've been if she was around, knowing that her youngest son, a minor, pulled a stunt like that. MacGyver was pretty upset when he saved Billy's life but a strict disciplinarian like Mama Colton? Grounded for life, I think.)

The Wall: Thursday November 9 1989.
The Berlin Wall comes down.

The Ten Percent Solution: Sunday November 19 1989.
MacGyver needs to help out Sam Bolinski whose painting was being sold at an auction and Pete tried to buy it. The painting turns out to be stolen during World War II. Sam Bolinski disrupts the auction claiming the painting is his. MacGyver notices a number tattooed on his arm and it turns out the man is a survivor from the concentration camps. The painting gets damaged and Sam is arrested.

Monday November 20 1989.
MacGyver gets Sam out of jail after being attacked by a man who tried to kill Sam. Sergeant Grey kills the man. When MacGyver and Sam talk to Laura Sands he claims to have the original documents that proves the painting is his. Sam asks if Sands is her real name but she says it's Sandberg. Her grandfather had it changed when he came to Ellis Island. When MacGyver and Sam are on the way to get the documents they get taken away by the sellers of the painting and are brought to their base near a silvermine. Laura is there too. The sellers turn out to be neo-Nazis who are trying to create a new Aryan nation in the United States. MacGyver, Sam and Laura are brought to the mine to be gassed. They escape and take out the Nazis.

Two Times Trouble: Thursday December 7 1989.
MacGyver arrives in Chicago on Thursday December 7 1989 after a flight of 03 hours and 47 minutes over a distance of 1741.1 miles (2802 km) to shoot a videoclip called Rock Against Drugs with Roxy a highschool friend. Roxy has a twin sister named Carla who had a crush on MacGyver.

Friday December 8 1989.
The filming of the clip is busy when odd things start to happen like a sabotaged elevator and a dead manager. Roxy suspects Carla.

Saturday December 9 1989.
MacGyver talks to Carla about what happened in the elevator and it turns out they had a fight over him and Roxy's success. But as MacGyver digs deeper he finds there's more to it than that.

Sunday December 10 1989.
Rogan, Roxy's managager dies and MacGyver talks to Dr. Farrell. It appears Roxy died earlier in the year after a climbing accident in which she sacrificed her life to save Carla. Even though Carla refuse to face reality, she tries to kill MacGyver whom she suspects of trying to kill Roxy. In the end he gets through to her.

Monday December 11 1989.
MacGyver brings her back to the hospital. In 1989 as a favour to Mac she decides to make a videoclip called Rock Against Drugs. They also meet with Sammy Caruso whom she tried to convice to play in her key along with his band. He tried to get Carla on-stage to play a set. He could never tell Roxy and Carla apart. Also at one point they went climbing on Lost Arrow, it is unknown if Mac actually participated in that climb but it is known he climbed with the girls, considering what happened in the elevator shaft.

The Madonna: Sunday December 24 1989.
It's Christmas Eve when a wooden Madonna from the local church is reported stolen. A mysterious homeless woman appears to stay at the Challengers Club and learns everyone the meaning of Christmas when the Club is about to have their 14th annual Christmas show. MacGyver's friend from back home Pat Lafferty reports the Madonna stolen and MacGyver sets out to help him. They reminded each other of their hockey days when they pushed each other into the boards. They follow a lead to Vincent Battaglia who is said to have carved the wooden Madonna, thinking he stole it, but he refuses any cooperation. Another possibility is Carol the homeless woman who arrived earlier at the Challengers Club. MacGyver tells Violet a story on how he wrapped presents in comic book pages as a kid. His mother didn't mind because it's the thought that counts. The Madonna remains unfound for the rest of the day as the Club prepares everything for the Christmas show. Only Breeze needed a push from Carol into helping. They find the necessary money to keep the Club open thanks to Carol.

Monday December 25 1989.
The Madonna is brought back by a little boy who got a new wagon for Christmas. He prayed to the Madonna he would get a new wagon and promised her a ride with it. When he got outside, he found her waiting for her.

(Note: this episode originally aired on Monday December 18 1989.)
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

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In order to get ahead, I'll post the second part of the fifth season as well. We leave the 80's behind us and go into the 90's. Again here are also many events that has their beginnings that will be adressed later in the show. I also found a couple of interesting possible relatives between characters. Read below if you want to find out who is possibly related to who.

Blind Faith: 1990.
At some point in this year Nelson Richardson gives Samantha Lora a dove pin in San Pablo as a souvenir. Probably because they find each other after her father Guillermo was assassinated and he promised her father he wouldn't let anything happen to her. Nelson wrote an editorial that ruffled some feathers, so they crushed his foot so bad, he didn't think he could walk again. He told the truth was send to prison and got every part of his body beaten that it became routine. Since it's mentioned Guillermo is assassinated a coup must've has taken place in San Pablo. Samantha gets exiled and gets into a whole new ball game. The people of San Pablo has been subject to a ruthless and repressive government afterwards.

There But For The Grace: 1990.
Somewhere in this year, Doc has his breakdown and loses everything. His job, his family, his insurance. While Doc goes to live under a bridge his daughter Allison sneak out every week to visit him against the wishes of her mother.

Gunz 'N Boyz: 1990.
Minton starts working at a vending machine company. He obviously still is working in beverages too as Stumpy is one of his customers.

Off The Wall: 1990.
Lobo moves out of the apartment building deciding he was independent enough to find his own level of poverty. His grandmother however still stays there for another year.

Jenny's Chance: January 1990.
Jenny's Chance runs and wins a race in Hacienda Downs.

Serenity: Monday January 8 1990.
MacGyver and Pete were having a rare argument. Pete agreed in MacGyver's place that he would take on a few assignments like Project Earthquake but lately everyone wants something of him, including Jack, Penny and Billy. MacGyver falls asleep and dreams he's in the old West as veteran soldier of the Civil War settling in Serenity, Montana. He buys land from Jack but Pete wants him off the land by hiring Murdoc. Murdoc kidnaps Penny after he shot Billy Colton to lure MacGyver into town to get rid of him. Eventually he shoots MacGyver who falls through the balcony of a hotel. Saved by the wooden Swiss Army Knife he got from the driver who brought him to Serenity he sees Murdoc leaving and falls asleep again, waking up in the present time. MacGyver and Pete talks things over and than they find the knife from the dream.

Live and Learn: Tuesday January 9 1990.
MacGyver is teaching about Archimedes. MacGyver and Pete are working on Project Uplift to motivate dropouts to finish school. Along with a free Mentor Program the project exists out of two people: a volunteer from the community and a teacher from the school. MacGyver takes on the assignment with George Fraley. A teacher who does not believe in the project. Together they take on Tony Milani, a kid on the verge of dropping out. First suspended of blowing up a science project, they unsuspend him for the project.

Wednesday January 10 1990.
Tony returns to school for the earthquake thest. When Tony finally agrees to take on the project, his father Nick got him a job instead.

Thursday January 11 1990.
Tony drops out but finds out that at the construction site where he works with his father accidents are bound to happen after he saw his superior Buck bribed the building inspector and reads a paper that proves it. His father does not take him seriously and Buck burns the paper. At night he goes back with MacGyver to reconstruct the paper in school. MacGyver figures out dat Tony's father is illiterate.

Friday January 12 1990.
When they reconstruct the paper, they're going to the construction site which has collapsed now and Nick got buried underneath concrete due to the bad quality of the materials. MacGyver saves him and shows the papers to Buck and Barney the building inspector. Nick admits he can't read and is ashamed for that.

Monday January 15 1990.
Nick tells MacGyver his father was released from the hospital and decided to take up reading classes.

Log Jam: Monday January 29 1990.
Amy Chandler an old friend of MacGyver receives a call from a man named Lopez say he got proof of illegal activity in the logging company where her husband works and that should check out Betsy.

Tuesday January 30 1990.
Lopez dies in mysterious circumstances.

Wednesday January 31 1990.
Amy cancels the planned Timber Summit, the Phoenix Foundation arranged.

Deep Cover: February 1990.
The DEA creates a submarine surveillance blockade in the Caribbean in the war on drugs. The drug cartels however stops them cold with sonar. They lose however six loads off the coast in Florida because the AWACS surveillances flight and half of the Navy fleets were crawling over them.

Thursday February 1 1990.
MacGyver flies to Oregon in the North-West to find out why the Timber Summit was cancelled. A flight that would take 02 hours 00 minutes sharp over a distance of 834,50 miles (1343 km). Amy asks if MacGyver wants to take in Lopez' place as the new chokerman to find out out what else she can uncover.

Friday February 2 1990.
MacGyver goes undercover in the worker's camp and finds out Betsy is a loading truck. Meanwhile Amy threatens Foxworth into sabotaging his equipment if it would make him stop cutting down the forrest.

Saturday February 3 1990.
An accident happens at the company and Amy gets blamed for it. Her husband Jack Chandler who hired MacGyver refuse to belief she would go that far and starts to side with MacGyver. Foxworth is trying hard to make it look like Amy did it and fires MacGyver and Jack from their duties. MacGyver hitches a ride with Betsy and finds out Foxworth is taking the logs to the Japanese Yakuza. Glass their contact has been threatening Foxworth and when he finds out Jack and Amy are around he's trying to kill them. MacGyver comes in between and fights with Glass and end up on the conveyor belt. MacGyver jumps off and Glass falls to his death. That night Jack and Amy reconcile and restarts the Timber Summit.

(Note: this episode airs Monday February 5 1990.)

The Treasure of Manco: Sunday February 4 1990.
MacGyver travels to Peru to attend the funeral of his archeology teacher. He was teaching at the San Marco's university in Lima and was killed while searching the mountains with his guide by guerrilla's. MacGyver must've flown straight from Oregon to Peru. A flight of 09 hours and 53 minutes over a distance of 4844,2 miles (7796 km).

Monday February 5 1990.
The funeral takes place and MacGyver meets Maria in the San Marco's university. Maria, his daughter believes in Manco's treasure too and asks MacGyver to help her find it. However he considers it a myth until Maria shows him the protector's headpiece which reveals to location of the treasure.

Tuesday February 6 1990.
They find Ramon in the camp who will take his father's place as a guide. During the night they are kidnapped and brought to Enrique who gets the blame for the death of Maria's father. Enrique lets them go.

Wednesday February 7 1990.
They leave for El lugar de la Visión Infinita de Manco or Manco's Place of Infinite Vision where they find the landmarks from the headpiece. The mountains in the distance pose as landmarks with two peaks posing as cats on the headpiece. The place is called Los Dos Pumas. One Inca ruin is known in the area as Sarra Yatha. When they are ambushed they get away but are later captured by Enrique's men. They think Enrique ambushed them but he proves them otherwise. After sorting out their differences they start looking for the treasure together. They find the steps to the Condor which is the entrance of the treasure's location. When they are caught by Capitàn Diaz MacGyver figures out what the whole place is they are. It turns out it was giant silo in which the Inca's hid their seeds in orde to replant their fields.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday February 12 1990.)

Jenny's Chance: Between Friday February 9 1990 and Thursday February 15 1990.
MacGyver and Jack had spent the past week in Mexico hunting cheap pottery from Tampico to Tijuana and almost got killed. From L.A. to Tampico it would be a flight of 03 hours and 17 minutes over a distance of 1483.2 miles (2387 km). They've seen every tourist trap from Tampico to Tijuana. In flight it would be 03 hours and 03 minutes over a distance of 1365,8 miles (2198 km). MacGyver dumped Jack's life savings over the Sierra Madre to save their lives.

Kyle Larson a friend of MacGyver and Jack Dalton ends up killed by George Henderson who has been forcing him to fix horseraces. His daughter Jenny notifies MacGyver and Jack about his death after she found a piece of technology in one of the stables that sends out an ultrasonic sound that upsets the horses. Jenny tells MacGyver and Jack everything about how her dad got mixed up with Henderson and how Henderson got a hold of everything on the farm and that he would become the owner. Kyle wanted to go to the police after he fixed races. He told Jenny this and started to cry. Henderson tried to buy a horse named Jenny's Chance.

On Kyle's funeral he presented Jenny the foreclosure papers, but she refused. The horse is deaf from an ear infection. It can't hear the ultrasonic sound that throw off the other horses so it wins all the time. Meanwhile Underwood tries to fix the sound device and Henderson tells him to hurry up since the next race is next Saturday and he would be taking over the farm the next day. He also has money to launder for Lucky Charlie. MacGyver, Jack, Pete and FBI agent Colin Yarborough set up a plan to sting Henderson. MacGyver wants proof he killed Kyle and Yarborough wants him for the money he had stolen from the FBI to launder for Charlie in Miami.

Friday February 16 1990.
They start their sting as Henderson became the new owner of Jenny's farm. Pete poses as Harry Boyle and pretends to wanting to buy a horse offering 200,000 dollars cash. His offer stands 24 hours. Pete/Harry later meets with MacGyver posing to be Dexter and Jenny discussing their own sound device. Jack poses as Lucky Charlie and threatens him to quickly launder his money. Henderson takes MacGyver hostage to make him talk on what Pete is up to so he makes them believe Boyle is a bookie and Henderson wants to see for himself on how they fix their betting. They claim to have a system to launder Lucky Charlie's money overnight but also the multiply it by having Jenny Larson ride on a fixed race. They come to a deal. At night they find out the real Lucky Charlie has escaped.

Saturday February 17 1990.
Henderson figures out Jack is a fraud as he met with the real Lucky Charlie. Henderson tries to pull of a switch with Boyle as the real Lucky Charlie wants to meet him. They agree to continue the original deal. The real Lucky Charlie allows them to count the money but when he claims he had seen the current horse race, he destroy the bar mirror revealing Jenny Larson. In the chaos Henderson shoots Jack and confesses why he killed Kyle. Jack appears not to be dead and the real Lucky Charlie is MacGyver and the marked money of Henderson belongs to the FBI.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday February 19 1990. This episode has a character with the same last name as Larson in The Challenge. Though the relation might be a stretch, maybe the Larson from the Challenge is Kyle Larson's brother and uncle of Jenny Larson. Great. A killer in the family. Then again, Betty Parker was nuts but that might explain Penny.)

The Lost Amadeus: Between Monday February 26 and Sunday March 4 1990.
Itzak Zimmer known as Izzy was in Salzburg doing a tour where he picked up the violin called the Lost Amadeus. He found at some flea market, picked it up for a song. Since he was there it was on a flight of 12 hours and 13 minutes over a distance of 6040,3 miles (9721 km).

Rush To Judgment: March 1990.
Lisa and Wyatt Robins are assaulted at a dangerous intersection in Greenwood Heights. Lisa gets killed and Wyatt takes a bullet in the arm. Not long after the case immediately goes to trial. Wyatt appears to be an Olympic Swimmer and a local sportscaster and pointed out Curtis Danby is the killer, but he did not know there was witness who saw everything. It turns out Wyatt was having an affaire with his wife's best friend Sandra Masters.

Passages: March 1990.
Pete starts the acquisition of the Sunboat to give it back to the Cairo museum as it was requested by the country to bring them back which made the demand on the black market fierce.

Deep Cover: Sunday March 4 1990.
MacGyver, Pete and co-worker Gwen Carpenter are testing out a new sonar called E.R.M.A. that is able to detect drug dealers in minisubs.

Monday March 5 1990.
The E.R.M.A. unit is stolen by Gwen's boyfriend Nick who wants to sell it to Colombian drug dealers and MacGyver goes undercover again as Dexter. Since there was a newspaper involving an article on Dexter on the same day, the paper must've been part of the plant and was delivered there before Dexter arrived in jail. MacGyver talks to a man named Joe Banniker who made it big a few years back intercepting modem transactions that was meant for the Consolidated Bank of Zurich. He used the money to a make big drug buy in Miami. He did three years in the federal pen in Tallahassee. Pete and DEA agent Dan Stringer are looking for clues at Gwen's place after they found it she's the security leak. MacGyver's cover is blown and they tried to drown him in a minsub. He escapes and tracks their boat down at the pier to retrieve the E.R.M.A. unit.

Tuesday March 6 1990 and Wednesday March 7 1990.
The charges against Gwen were dropped but the board the voted Gwen out of the Phoenix Foundation. E.R.M.A. made a first bust after that in the Carribean.

(Note: this episode originally aired on Monday February 26 1990. This episode contains two characters with same last names: Gwen Carpenter and Dan Stringer. Gwen might be related to Adam Carpenter, Nikki's husband and therefore she might be her sister-in-law. DEA agent Dan Stringer might be related to Earl Stringer, the firefighter MacGyver meets in the Prometheus Syndrome. Perhaps Dan and Earl are brothers.)

Off The Wall: Monday March 12 1990.
Inspector Pelham quits his job and the Building and Safety Department to take a job in private industry.

The Lost Amadeus: Saturday March 10 1990.
Izzy calls Lulu to bring the violin from the pawnshop next time she visits him.

Sunday March 11 1990.
MacGyver and Wilt Bozer are cycling through the town as MacGyver is run over after they part ways by Lulu, a woman driving her best friend's car. She drags MacGyver along boring him with conversations on Mozart and telling about her past of having a crush at the age of 5 on a kid with glasses and freckles named Dobie Fineman. She takes MacGyver to Izzy's home, he finds out, they're being forced by crooks to bring the Amadeus, a priceless violin owned by Mozart. The crooks know Izzy picked up the violin in Salzburg the week before. They arrange a swap. Izzy for the violin but Lulu switches the violin with another one. When they run out on the crooks they are caught by a security guard who asks for ID. Lulu wants to see MacGyver's first name. Even though he seems to know it, it remains unknown. They find out where the crooks hideout is and find Izzy. They tie up MacGyver and Izzy and takes Lulu back to the party where she switched the violin. With a lot of psycho babble Lulu distracts Tubbs and bites in his ankle when tries to get away. MacGyver catches the violin.

Monday March 19 1990.
MacGyver meets Lulu again who is taking driving lessons and kinda hooks up Wilt Bozer up to her when they are riding their bikes again as Wilt has improved compared to the week before following MacGyver's diet.

(Note: MacGyver says he is 39, while he actually is 38, even though the actor was already 40 at the time and if you look at his passport in Everytime She Smiles you could see his birthday is January 23 1951, though his resignation letter says March 23 and most events lead back to 1952. Also he does seem to know his first name.)

Hearts Of Steel: Saturday March 24 1990.
Lisa Woodman's friend is kidnapped by former steelmill workers who wants to take revenge on Lisa's father for closing the mill. They wanted three million dollars ransom in return. Lisa's father Eric Woodman calls MacGyver who brings the police with him. Lisa however was locked up in the mall and brought home by a guy who works at the mall. When the steelmill workers realise they've got the wrong girl they set up a meet. They release Lisa's friend Ingrid at the park and kidnap Lisa instead.

Sunday March 25 1990.
They have Lisa and they raise the ransom to five million dollars. MacGyver questions Ingrid and finds a piece of metal in her shoes. They figure out Lisa must've been kept at an old steelmill her father closed down a while ago and goes out to save her.

Rush To Judgment: Between Saturday March 31 1990 and Friday April 13 1990.
MacGyver sits as a sequestered juror in a racially tense trial. At an unspecified date Wyatt Robins and his wife Lisa Robins were attacked at an intersection in a violent area. Lisa got killed and Wyatt got shot in the arm. MacGyver sneaks out to investigate the crime scene himself and finds a new witness and the gun of the murder in a storm drain. He gets Pete to call Danby's lawyer to retrieve the gun.

Saturday April 14 1990.
Belinda Jones also known as the Bird Lady testifies, the judge demands to know where the gun came from. The judge was about to have Pete arrested when MacGyver confesses everything and goes to jail instead. After bail is met the judge says he don't approve of MacGyver working method but is glad it prevented an innocent man goes to jail. MacGyver receives the message that Belinda Jones is dead. MacGyver talks to Wyatt and figures out his lover is behind the killings and that she hired someone to kill Lisa and Belinda Jones. They're going after them and take out Groden and capture Sandra Masters.

Sunday April 15 1990.
Curtis Danby is released from prison. It is unknown if MacGyver's contempt hearing took place after he cleared Danby's name.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday April 16 1990.)

Hind-Sight: Wednesday April 18 1990.
Stephanie Zale aka Catherine Smith is arrested on a Phoenix Archeological Site.

Passages: Monday April 23 1990.
MacGyver and Pete are preparing to deliver to Sun Boat to the Cairo museum when Harry dies of a heart attack. They have been working on the transfer for a month now. During the transfer the Sun Boat is stolen. MacGyver pursues the thief but he manages to throw MacGyver from the parking garage of the museum. He crashes on a car and ends up in a coma. MacGyver sees Harry who died shortly before and follows him to a ship where he reunites with his parents. There his mother reminded him of the time he took his bicycle to the barn roof wearing a parachute on his back of her best bedsheets. Even though he wants to stay with his parents Harry convices him he can't stay by showing that Pete is in danger. MacGyver decides to go to much grief of his mother. Leaving seems as hard as getting on the boat. MacGyver and Harry are locked up in the engine room. In the engine room MacGyver apologizes to Harry for not spending more time with him after he moved to California. They break out and MacGyver is about to jump ship as Harry decides to stay behind. They say goodbye to each other and MacGyver pulls out of his coma. Pete wants to know who did this to him and MacGyver makes it clear by drawing the ka symbol Hakim was wearing. Pete has them arrested and deported back to Egypt as persona non grata and the Sun Boat back to the Cairo museum.

Monday April 30 1990.
MacGyver and Pete are talking outside the hospital what happened with Hakim and his men after the necessary arrangements where taken. It takes some time to have Hakim, his men and the Sun Boat send back to Egypt. Harry had his funeral by the time MacGyver and Pete are talking outside. So considering MacGyver's coma and death experience it makes sense at least a week has passed so he could recover slowly from his coma.

(Note: MacGyver confirms he hasn't seen his dad since he was ten. This confirms his birthdate as March 23 1952 since his dad died in 1962.)
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

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Welcome to the sixth season timeline. Since I just can't seem to be posting regularly, I decided to post everything else at once. So I'll posting the timelines of season 6, 7 and the movies. I just want it to be over with. Spoiler alert: The texts will actually just become larger and larger. This is due to a long hiatus after Squeeze Play I started on a scene by scene analysis. I did some heavy editing in the past and maybe it just needs more editing but I grew so weary of it after working on it for two years. Especially season 7 and the movies are a big chunk to read. But now I simply wants to be done with it. Season 6 is rather straight forward on the timeline, probably the most straight forward since season 2. But now we will see what the deal is with The Coltons episode, where it fits in best, also we will have a theory on what happened with the houseboat between seasons 6 and 7 and what happens afterwards in the movies. Enjoy on our final rides.

Between Monday April 30 1990 and Monday September 17 1990.
There's a time gap of about 4,5 months. Plenty of time for him to fully recover from his coma and to mourn over Harry and eventually starts taking on assignments again.

Harry's Will: unspecified date.
Earl Dent is released after six years in prison when he and his bikergang were ratted out by guy named Hinkley. He spend six years in a cell next to Cody who stole a diamond pendant from the owner of jewellery store that Harry kept safe. It is unknown but it might not be unlikely that Big Mama also was a member of the bikergang and was perhaps send to a women's prison. After she was released from the women's prison, she and Dent hooked up or even kept in touch to find the pendant Cody stole.

The Wall: September 1990.
Maria meets Weise who helped recruiting her for a new assignment. It turns out the company Weise worked for exploited East German families out of their money for safe passage across the border. The money was converted to gold and brought the United States for safe keeping.

Tough Boys: Thursday September 13 1990.
The Tough Boys blow up their 8th crack house.

Friday September 14 1990.
MacGyver reunites with Manny an old friend. How or when and where they met is unknown but they seem to go back years. At some point Manny left L.A. to move to Nebraska and bought a farm. He sold it and came back to L.A. because he considers himself a city cop. His wife Joan divorced and went into therapy. Manny has started up a club at the Challengers Club for kids to learn them how to defend themselves with a ex-marine called R.T. Hines. Hines and Manny served in Vietnam together as marines. Hines' initial approach makes MacGyver think he is training the Tough Boys to take out crack houses which has been going on for a while. Another crack house burns downs.

Saturday September 15 1990.
MacGyver has been doing some checking on R.T. Hines and notices Angel, one of the Tough Boys has been punched. R.T. Hines thinks MacGyver suspects him of that and warns him not to get in his way because if you play with fire, you end up burned.

Sunday September 16 1990.
After being trapped with a fake bomb, MacGyver confronts R.T. Hines who end up surprised by MacGyver's thinking as it turns out Manny is the Tough Boys connection. When they confront him he looks them up in his garage while he goes out to take a major drugdealer. The Tough Boys are lured into an ambush which kills Coco Hubbart and wounds the others. MacGyver and Hines break out of the garage and takes out the ones who set up the ambush and finds Manny to blow himself up with the drugdealer. MacGyver and Hines prevents Manny from blowing himself up.

Monday September 17 1990.
Hines is doing his class with MacGyver taking over, who thinks it's better the stretch before going into hard training.

Humanity: Monday September 24 1990.
MacGyver and Pete travel to Bucharest, Romania, a flight of 13 hours and 16 minutes over a distance of 6572,2 miles (10577 km), to examine the archives of Nicolae Ceausescu. They are ambushed by Major Krik and the K-Force who tries to keep Ceausescu's will alive and locks them up in the archives with a bomb set to go off after 2,5 minutes. MacGyver manages to open up the safe and throws the bomb in there. MacGyver attacks one of the soldiers but is shot in the shoulder. The soldier captures him and tries to bring him to the outpost of his unit. On the way there, the car they stole gets a flat tire. The soldier is about to kill MacGyver when he tries to convince him he's not a threat. The soldier is bitten by a viper and MacGyver takes off. Victor chases MacGyver down but he trips and hit his head on a rock. MacGyver tends to their wounds and the soldier introduces himself as Victor. They go deeper into the woods and form some sort of friendship. MacGyver is busy with a fishhook he took from the car and Victor has a flashback of his youth. Victor had a friend once, Nicolae, whom he spend time with on the barracks. Friendships were forbidden but they snuck out several times to go fishing at night. One night they were caught and had to fight to the death. Victor won at the age of 11 in a knife fight. On their way back to the car, MacGyver and Victor are caught by the K-Force. MacGyver is captured and Victor has to answer for his actions. Victor received the highest honor in Romania one and became a Praetorian Guard, a soldier of the K-Force. Krik has MacGyver released in order to get Pete. When they're going back to the outpost, Victor offers a way out but MacGyver offers his way instead. They take out two other guards and Victor and Krik shoot it out. Victor sacrifices himself to save MacGyver. The remaining K-Force is arrested but will be rehabilitated and MacGyver consoles with the idea, Victor discovered his humanity.

The Gun: Friday September 28 1990.
MacGyver and Pete are in the Challengers Club trying to make peoples aware on planet pollution. Breeze is on his way there but witnesses a car crash. A friend of his had just shot a cop with a gun that was used in an assassination twenty years earlier. When Mr. Zamora hears of this, he would like to add the gun to his order from Maddox Weapons because of the historical importance. In 1968 the gun was used by a man called Doman Yashir to assassinate Senator David R. Harrison. The son of the investigating police officer gave the gun to a drugdealer in exchange for drugs. When they got caught by the cops, the drugdealer kills one of the cops. The gun is missing after that and Breeze takes the blame for the murder. MacGyver gets Breeze out of his hideout to be arrested.

Saturday September 29 1990.
Breeze's bail has been met by a Mr. Maddox. MacGyver finds Breeze with Mr. Maddox who tries to bribe him in telling where the gun is. MacGyver gets him out of there and convinces Breeze in telling him who the killer is. Breeze tells about his youth with Rudy and going on camp together. Together they go looking for him. Laura Fowler finds out the gun has been used by her brother, Todd. Todd goes after it and follows Rudy, the drugdealer to a wrecking yard. A struggle happens and the gun goes off, killing Rudy. Breeze has followed Rudy in the yard and finds Todd, who takes off. He hits Breeze unconscious and escapes. Todd calls Maddox saying he wants to sell the gun for 50,000 dollars. Todd overhears MacGyver and Breeze talking to his sister and takes off. He sets up a meeting to sell the gun while MacGyver, Breeze and Laura are caught by Maddox' men. They are locked up in a cargo container when they are going to be killed at sea by Zamora. MacGyver blows the doors open in mid-air causing the drop the cargo on Zamora and Maddox.

Sunday September 30 1990.
The next day the Harrison gun is being destroyed.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday October 1 1990.)

Jerico Games: October 1990.
The preparations of the Jerico Games are being taken care of. MacGyver registers himself to help out through the Phoenix Foundation. Ellen sees his name and figure out the idea of using a double to kill her husband and framing MacGyver for it.

Off The Wall: Tuesday October 2 1990.
Dale Winslow retires from the Building and Safety Department.

The Wall: Wednesday October 3 1990.
The Stasi is dissolved.

Twenty Questions: Wednesday October 3 1990.
MacGyver's friend Lisa is involved in a burglary. She met friends of Holly who is in her senior year. She pretended to know the people of the house they broke into, got drunk and fell asleep. She doesn't know Holly's friends robbed the place and injured the maid. She called MacGyver to explain nothing happened. Lisa has been acting up lately and can't get along with her parents and drinks.

Thursday October 4 1990.
MacGyver found out she lied to him and what's to find out what's going on. She asks him if he never experimented and he tells her about his experiment with alcohol and how it ended his friendship with Freddy Mapes. MacGyver wants her to take a test called Twenty Questions. MacGyver tries to tell her parents about her problem but they take it as an insult and throw him out. Holly's boyfriend Brett works in the travel agency of his parents androbs the places of the people on holiday.

Friday October 5 1990.
When the maid dies of her injuries, they know Lisa can identify them. They try to get rid of Lisa by making it look like she would've killed herself in the house of their last robbery. MacGyver finds the place, takes out Brett and saves Lisa out of the car which is about to go over the cliff into the ocean any moment. Brett is captured and MacGyver and Lisa make things up.

(Note: this episode originally aired on Monday October 8 1990

The Wall: Wednesday October 17 1990.
MacGyver travels to East-Berlin to help locate Otto Romburg's granddaughter, Maria Romburg after the Berlin Wall came down. The flight took 11 hours and 45 minutes over a distance of 5798 miles (9331 km). MacGyver calls Otto from East Berlin telling he has a lead on his granddaughter.

Thursday October 18 1990.
Through an organization called the Citizen Freedom Committee he finds her in Leipzig but she refuses to come to the United States. MacGyver gives her time to think it over. When he goes back to his car, he notices someone is following him and takes pictures. MacGyver grabs him and asks why he took his picture. They get into a struggle but the man gets away. MacGyver finds a piece of technology and takes it with him.

Friday October 19 1990.
Maria meets MacGyver at his hotel telling him she changed her mind and wants to come with him to America.

Saturday October 20 1990.
On arrival, they are followed by the man who followed MacGyver in Leipzig and the man, Huber, who arranged the meeting with Maria. There they're waited by a third member who is keeping an eye on Romburg's toy shop. They discuss the fact that Otto has their gold worth of one million dollars that once belonged to the Stasi. MacGyver picks up Maria to arrange the necessary papers, when Weise barges in and hits Otto. MacGyver and Maria come back and see Weise hitting Otto. MacGyver pushes a table against Weise but is overpowered. Weise hits MacGyver with a chair and tries to run off but he finds Maria on top of the staircase. She hits him against his larynx and throws him down the stairs. She lied about what happened and they question Otto about what's going on.

Sunday October 21 1990.
MacGyver confronts Maria on what happened to Weise. Maria explains she has been working as Stasi-agent all over Europe and the United States. Huber and Kurt walks in and they are captured. They threaten to shoot arrows through Maria if Otto doesn't give them their gold back. Maria begs Otto to tell them the truth. Over the years he hid the gold in toy soldiers. When they go and look for it, MacGyver has disappeared. He takes out both men and saves Otto and Maria. Maria is considered an imposter due the computer's result showing that Maria is not the same person they're seeing. She explains she had surgery after she had an accident in London and broke her jaw.

Monday October 22 1990.
The next day she meets MacGyver at Phoenix telling she likes to see him more often.

Lesson In Evil: Saturday October 27 1990.
MacGyver has to testify against Dr. Zito for what happened in Deadly Dreams. His testimony and the one of Lt. Murphy depends if Zito is released or not. When his request to be released is denied he kills his orderlies and escapes. Zito intend to teach MacGyver a lesson in evil and sends out riddles that will give an equation that leads to a letter. The letters points out to his next victim. Zito kidnaps Pete and brings him to the asylum.

Sunday October 28 1990.
Zito leads MacGyver to his houseboat after hinting him that Pete is there. MacGyver releases Pete and Lt. Murphy is injured. Murphy is taken away to the hospital and MacGyver figures out what the numbers from the riddles mean. Zito's next victim is his shrink Dr. Skinner. Through his therapy sessions tapes, MacGyver figures out Zito's hideout in the asylum and goes after him. He finds Skinner who is about to be electrocuted. Zito lures MacGyver to him who has the key. In the clocktower MacGyver figures out Zito's riddle and sets off the trap that was meant for him. MacGyver falls underneath the bell but hold to the edge/ Zito steps on his fingers to make him plunge to his death. MacGyver jumps to the rope of the bell that hits Zito. He climbs up, ties Zito up and knocks him down. He rescues Dr. Skinner from electrocution.

Monday October 29 1990.
Lt. Murphy returns to the police station and Zito is being locked up again, yet he seems to be planning another escape after revealing a small metal object, good enough to pick locks.

Harry's Will: Saturday November 3 1990.
Harry's friend Cody is released from jail after years in prison and is followed by Dent and Big Mama. MacGyver returns to Minnesota to read Harry's will. Before he died Harry set up a big riddle for MacGyver to solve with the help of an old friend who believes Harry hid a priceless diamond in his Nomad. MacGyver inherits the Nomad, that is held in storage. He fixes the car, installs a new generator and meets Cody an old friend of Harry. Cody tells MacGyver about how he went to jail for a jewel heist and a pendant he was supposed to get. Harry kept it for him all those years. With the money of the pendant Cody wanted to open a restaurant. They follow another lead to Sister Robin's kitchen who owns a package meant for Cody, she is supposed to give him after they had a meal together. The package contains a pendant but it turns out it's not the real one. They bring the four notes together MacGyver, Mel and Sister Robin received and the one Harry hid in the Nomad. They see a hockey rink. They go to the hockey rink where they find the real pendant in the ice. They are followed by Dent and Big Mama, who threaten to shoot Sister Robin. After a fight on the ice, the pendant ends up at Biff Arnold's feet who is at the verge of a breakdown and surrenders. Dent and Big Mama go to jail. Dent goes to jail for at least three months probably being transferred to a jail in Los Angeles somewhere in that time period.

Sunday November 4 1990.
Cody was later asked to cook for Sister Robin in her kitchen who is losing her lease and to use the pendant to keep her in business.

(Note: this episode originally aired on Monday November 5 1990.)

MacGyver's Women: Sunday November 11 1990.
MacGyver and Maria Romburg are coming home discussing about commitment. Lt. Kate Murphy is waiting for him. Quick recovery after being blown of the stairs only two weeks earlier. Also Jennifer Reiner is there taking a shower. After an embarrassing scene they have dinner in which MacGyver takes the heat on how men are unable to commit. He retreats to his room and falls asleep dreaming he's in Serenity. Kate, Maria and Jennifer arrive there as mail-order brides for Milt and Wilt Bozer. They refuse and MacGyver takes them up the Last Chance Gulch. On their way there they are being followed by Kate's ex-husband who wants her back and have Maria and Jennifer work for him. It's up to MacGyver and the Bozers to save them.

Monday November 12 1990.
MacGyver wakes up the next morning. Maria says that she has an assignment in Rio and they will talk more about commitment when she comes back. She never does.

Bitter Harvest: Friday November 16 1990.
MacGyver's car breaks down in a little town called Kasabian Town. When he hears a workers strike is going on, he goes to take a look. The strike ends up in a fight and he jumps on one of the men who is beating the leader of the strike, a man named Tony Garcia. They are all arrested and brought to the sheriff's station. MacGyver, Tony and his brother-in-law Alex meet each other and starts talking about to use of illegal pesticides on the fields and on how it's affecting their daily life. On their way home MacGyver and Tony are ambushed by the men of Kasabian. They are driven off the road. They each go their own way. MacGyver runs into the field and hears two gunshots. He goes to see what happened to Tony but is struck down with a shotgun and sprayed with pesticides.

Saturday November 17 1990.
MacGyver wakes up and meets Carmen Garcia, Alex and Natalie, Tony's daughter. MacGyver and Alex go talk to the sheriff, who has no interest in the case. MacGyver and Alex walks through the fields themselves where they find a button and Tony's blood. They realise Tony is dead. Alex tells his sister and Carmen tells this to Nathalie. MacGyver is sitting outside and comforts Carmen and tells her everybody can do their part in making things better.

Sunday November 18 1990.
MacGyver sneaks aboard the workers bus and goes to work in the field but he is discovered and has to walk back to town. At the Garcia's place he analyses a twig that might indicate the use of illegal pesticides. Kasabian's son admits he has been spraying FIX without telling his father. He would take care of it and finds MacGyver and Alex in the warehouse. He ties them up in a tank where they would be poisoned. They escape and fight with Kasabian's son and his henchman. They take them out and the button places Kasabian's son Nick on the murder of Tony. They are arrested and Caspar Kasabian makes amends to change a few things.

Monday November 19 1990.
Tony is buried and MacGyver goes home waved out by the workers.

The Visitor: Between Monday November 26 1990 and Sunday December 2 1990.
MacGyver drove all the way to Nebraska to work at the hot water spring in Elm Creek. A ride that would last 21 hours and 14 minutes over a distance of 1357.78 miles (2185.2 km). When he's passing by a field, his car breaks down and he sees something what looks like the shape of flying saucer. MacGyver meets Phil Sternweis and wants to take a closer look. Nearing the bright lights he is struck in the head by a man in a suit. He regains consciousness and notices everything and everyone is gone. He takes a flashlight to inspect the nearest house. MacGyver meets Tommy Wiley who explains the inhabitants of the house just left one day. MacGyver asks if he could use the phone at his place to call a tow truck. After a cold welcome by Tommy's father, MacGyver calls for a tow truck.

Monday December 3 1990.
MacGyver meets the guy at the garage, who fixed his car and explains he installed the generator himself a month ago. MacGyver also sees Phil again who introduces himself as a vacuum salesman. MacGyver returns back to the landingsite trying to take soil samples but is caught by Tommy's father who scares him away. The sheriff of Elm Creek also appears and MacGyver is left off with a warning. MacGyver goes back to his car where Tommy is hiding. Tommy tells him his parents are about to sell everything to move away to another planet and that a couple has been persuading them to come along. They are set for leaving that night. MacGyver tells him no one is going to another planet and sends him home.

MacGyver follows a lead to the couple's trailer who call themselves the Rigels. The couple was home but don't trust him so he returns to the motel with their license plate. MacGyver gives the plate number to the sheriff who warns him to stay from the Wileys. He returns to the trailer to check it out and finds the stuff they use to fake a landing site with gas and electricity. After nearly being caught he can escape thanks to Phil Sternweis. MacGyver goes back to his motel and is arrested after John Wiley claims to have him seen on the Abbott's field. Phil Sternweis posts his bail. MacGyver is out again and tries to prove his theory to the Wileys. He is asked to leave when Tommy is missing. They think he has something to do with it. The Rigels arrive to show their true colors and say they have Tommy. The Wileys are locked up in their barn and the place is set on fire. MacGyver and Phil Sternweis create a diversion in faking their own flying saucer. MacGyver takes out Ray and Phil takes out Dawn. The Wileys escape as the door of their barn was opened and the fire was gone. Later that night they see an actual flying UFO taking off into space.

Squeeze Play: Between Saturday December 8 1990 and Saturday December 15 1990.
MacGyver was babysitting Frog for Mama Colton while they had a family reunion where Frank and Jesse got called away from for a big job bail case and Billy stayed behind because he liked grandmother's cooking better. MacGyver returns Frog as they caught one of the local kids stealing Frank's baseball cards. Ricky gave the box to a kid who trades them at Batter's Box where the Novis Reilly trading post is located. Novis Reilly is famous baseball player who is in deep debt with Bill Marsh. Bill Marsh is into counterfeiting baseball stuff and selling it. MacGyver meets Wendy, Reilly's daughter and they agree to hide a tracking device in a baseball which they sell to Marsh's henchmen. Marsh assigns Novis Reilly to steal the Reggie Jackson collection when they take his daughter. MacGyver follows him after finding out where their warehouse is. MacGyver and Reilly get into a fight with Marsh and his men. Marsh almost gets away when MacGyver throws Reilly the ball and hits the scoreboard making it crash on his car.

Sunday December 16 1990.
The next day, Ricky meets Reilly and asks for his autograph.

(Note: this episode originally aire on Monday December 17 1990.)
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

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Jerico Games: Saturday January 5 1991.
MacGyver meets his old friend Sergei at the ice rink, who introduces him to Nikolai Rostov and reunites with Ellen Steward a former high school love interest who had him assigned as a host to take in Nikolaï Rostov a Soviet athlete during the Jerico Games. They talk about their lives and their history. She makes him believe she's divorced. They share a few tender moments. Ralph Jerico appears and takes her away from MacGyver by force. Shocked that she lied he goes back home with Nikolai.

Ellen comes back in to apologize and shows that her husband is a violent man by revealing the bruises in her neck. Ellen was followed by Ralph's henchman, Reese. Reese hits MacGyver down in his own house and takes her to her husband. MacGyver tries to get her to make her press charges against Ralph but she denies everything. MacGyver goes home but sees himself on a live television broadcast. As he arrives at the sports arena, Ralph has been killed in front of Nikolai. MacGyver takes the blame and is arrested but escapes by hanging under a truck.

MacGyver sneaks into Ellen's office when he is caught by her and Reese. They lure Nikolai to them and lock them both up in the incinerator. They escape and MacGyver sends Nikolai to call to police while he takes out Reese. Ellen confronts MacGyver while holding a gun at a him. She accuses him of not being able to love her as she loved him. MacGyver tells her she needs help and she starts crying.

Sunday January 6 1991.
Nikolai and his team play and win their match.

Monday January 7 1991.
Nikolai asks if Ellen is going to jail. MacGyver says Ellen had already faced charges in court where the judge ordered a psychiatric hearing. Nikolai says that a part of the gold medal belongs to MacGyver. After Nikolai leaves MacGyver takes out his Eyrie Yearbook and reads what Ellen wrote to him: 'Everybody says we're the perfect couple, forever and ever. Ellen.'

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday January 7 1991. When MacGyver reads the yearbook it says 1968. That's the year Richard Dean Anderson probably graduated from high school since he was born in 1950. MacGyver is born in 1952. And it is said in the episode they haven't seen each other in twenty years. Which makes sense again in MacGyver's universe so that MacGyver actually graduated from high school in 1970 but that the book has it wrong. If not a lot more inconsistencies will show up.)

The Wasteland: Between Saturday January 19 1991 and Monday January 21 1991.
MacGyver is driving through the wasteland. He was supposed to meet Willis there who got himself into a bit of trouble in poisoneous mudbath. MacGyver saves him and the location is meant to build Bartlett city. Named after the man Andrew Bartlett. Tests have shown that the land he wants to build on is unsuitable. Mr. Bartlett doesn't wanna hear about it and let his kids Laura and Scott take care of MacGyver. They try to scare him off by angry construction workers. MacGyver goes to talk with Mr. Bartlett and they agree to have a look themselves. On their way to the wasteland the van blows up. MacGyver figures bad blood. The bomb was placed there by Scott, who couldn't take his father's critique any longer. Scott and Laura were planning to take over the family company by taking out their father but they need to see for themselves if they are dead or not, so they go look for them in the wasteland.

Mr. Bartlett is severely injured and MacGyver goes alone to the Phoenix tent. MacGyver makes a paraglider to fly Mr. Bartlett out of there. Scott and Laura found their father and shoots him. Laura tries to stop him but gets shot and dies. MacGyver flies over and kicks him. He turns and takes Mr. Bartlett with him to the hospital.

The following day or the day after that, Mr. Bartlett is giving a conference and tells he will cancel Bartlett City to make a trust in name of his daughter.

High Control/Blind Faith: Late January/Early February 1991.
Pete's eyesight is getting less due to glaucoma. He starts taking eyedrops though he never says anything to MacGyver about this.

Eye Of Osiris: Between Tuesday January 22 and Sunday February 3 1991.
MacGyver travels to the Taurus mountains in Turkey to find the Eye of Osiris. MacGyver's flight takes 11 hours and 25 minutes over a distance of 7156.3 miles. (11517 km). Beth Webb, Professors Axford's assistant, has a Syrian medallion holding the next clue to the Eye of Osiris. MacGyver brought a Greek artefact. Axford has the third piece. Ashfords digger's are excaviting Re to bring him up in the morning.

Monday February 3 1991.
Re is brought out of the temple below. Axford believes the temple was build by the same workers who build Alexander's tomb as a landmark. Re holds a mason's tool, the ancient Egyptian symbol of builders and craftsmen pointing to the west. Ancient cultures believed the land of the dead lay west. Hakim blows up the rig and steals the artefacts. Startled he drops the medallion in a sandbox, leaving a print. MacGyver finds out the rig was sabotaged and that the artefacts are stolen. MacGyver finds the print in the sandbox and makes a copy. He figures out which way in the west Re was pointing and scouts the place out. He returns with tektites, rocks fused by heat and finds out something powerful created the Eye. MacGyver explains tektites are created by a meteorite impact and uses it's impact location to find Alexander's tomb. They use Re's tool as the key to enter the tomb. They find a sarcophagus, a door and a statue of Anubis. They open the sarcophagus and an Egyptian security system goes off trapping them inside.

MacGyver pays tribute to Anubis and a door opens to Alexander's final resting place. They find a full size Tree of Life with the four elements of nature: earth, air, fire and water which they uses to open the sarcophagus revealing Alexander The Great, mummified, holding the Eye. Von Leer takes the Eye setting off another trap. MacGyver places the Eye high in the wall to find the way out. Von Leer takes the Eye again and gets crushed by a big rock. They run for it but get trapped under the rock. Under the rock they find the Tree of Life and the four elements, they can push in. They fall through the ceiling near the entrance of the cave and make it out of there. At the digsite MacGyver says he read an essay once about an archaeologist who wasn't interested in finding treasures or artefacts but in finding the truth. Professor Axford says he wrote that.

High Control: Wednesday February 6 1991.
Dent is released after three months in jail for his latest crimes.

Thursday February 7 1991.
MacGyver is tracking down a lead of biomedical material. MacGyver is caught by two men when leaving the truck. MacGyver enters a bar through the backdoor but gets tackled through it. A familiar face shows up. MacGyver fights with one guy and Dent grabs the other. Dent says people change but runs when he hears sirens.

Friday February 8 1991.
MacGyver goes to Phoenix to see what the biomedical liquid is and sees Pete's taking eye drops. The biomedical material will be used in biological warfare. MacGyver meets Dent outside and thanks him for helping out. Dent asks MacGyver to come to his new parole agent. Montana is less than interested in Dent's story. MacGyver insists she listens to him. Dent says he is responsible for himself. Montana assumes that if he doesn't find a job and place to live, he will hook up with the old gang. MacGyver agrees to take Dent in for a while and Montana gives him a job at the Chicken Habit. Dent starts at Chicken Habit but at night his old gang is waiting for him. They tell him they want revenge on a man named Hinkley who ratted them out seven years ago. Dent doesn't want to go back to jail. The gang rob the Chicken Habit.

Saturday February 9 1991.
Kluge and his gang tells Dent they robbed Chicken Habit and are going to frame him if he doesn't join in. Dent packs his things when MacGyver shows up asking if he knew about the robbery and why he missed his appointment with Montana. Dent replies that he knows who robbed the restaurant and that he's being framed. Dent knows where Hinkley is hiding. MacGyver talks to Montana about Dent and that he is wanting to go straight and wants to find him. He gets 24 hours.

MacGyver finds out about Kluge's whereabouts. Montana is following him to the Handle Bar. Montana attaches a tracking device to MacGyver's bike. MacGyver sabotages Kluge's bike to get into the gang. Kluge asks if he's into money. They're going to steal 200 pounds of pure crystal meth worth about half a million dollars. MacGyver agrees and meets Dent. At Hinkley's they meet one of his men. Kluge wants to kill the guy. MacGyver says it would be better to keep him alive so he can give the message to Hinkley. Kluge agrees but changes his mind saying he will tell him and kills the henchman. MacGyver's cover is blown when they find the tracking device. The gang becomes suspicious of him and Dent holds him on gunpoint. Montana comes out to arrest him. They tie them up in the meth lab. MacGyver breaks a beaker to cut his ropes and starts taking the group out one by one. Kluge tries to escape. MacGyver attaches a small gastank on Dent's trike and rams the van. Dent is sad for losing his trike. Hinkley gets busted and MacGyver takes care of a grant for the Department of Corrections, so they could hire Dent as a partner for Montana.

Sunday February 10 1991.
MacGyver and Montana tells Dent they've got news about his work. Dent likes to work at Chicken Habit. MacGyver doesn't want him to feel obligated to take the job as Montana's partner. Dent likes the idea and wants to try out a few ideas but Montana tells him he would become a grade 3 provisional employee. They start to bicker on the proposition with Dent looking forward to work with Montana, making her sick.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday February 11 1991.)

There But For The Grace: Monday February 11 1991.
MacGyver's friend and priest, Father Jim is mugged. MacGyver meets Jim's assistant Rachel who is becoming worried. They hear Jim was mugged and go to the hospital. Jim asks MacGyver to find Doc. MacGyver and Rachel meet Lt. Rhome who says it looked like a random robbery. The doctor comes out saying Jim passed away.

Thursday February 14 1991.
On Jim's funeral they meet Aaron Sandler who was just getting to know Jim. Rachel tells MacGyver who Doc is. She asks if they are going to find the killer since the police haven't found anything. MacGyver says they don't have any connections to the homeless community and those who do are scared to come forward.

Friday February 15 1991.
MacGyver infiltrates in the homeless community and finds Doc. MacGyver thinks Jim was in trouble and wants to go through his stuff. Doc introduces MacGyver to Danny. MacGyver tells Danny he knew Jim and asks if they could be friends. MacGyver goes looking for Doc who is talking to his daughter Allison. Doc starts looking for a pin he made for her but can't find it, aggrevating himself. Doc tells him his story on how he had a breakdown and lost everything; his job, his family, insurance, everything.

MacGyver returns to Danny with food. Danny freaks out when he sees a picture in the paper. MacGyver asks if the person who hurt Jim is on the picture. Danny points out the killer. In his own way he tells MacGyver what he has seen. MacGyver asks Doc if he knows the man on the picture. Doc knows him as Mooney. MacGyver wants Doc to start going through Jim's papers and goes after Mooney. MacGyver sees how Mooney is killed by another guy and chases him down the street but is caught by a security guard. The guy talks himself out of the situation. MacGyver is arrested.

Saturday February 16 1991.
MacGyver is released by Lt. Rhome and says he found an eyewitness to Jim's murder but need more evidence. MacGyver is seen by Sandler and his henchman. Sandler recognizes him from the funeral. MacGyver returns to Jim's office to know what Doc had find out. Doc found out Danny was a patient once at Fox Meadow Home. Doc called the doctor that used to run Fox Meadow and she told him the owner of the home was named Arthur J. Reuter who swindled everyone out of their money and Jim found out. MacGyver meets Rachel and Sandler in the hallway. Rachel tells Sandler who witnessed Jim's murder. Sandler says he'll deliver a truckload of clothes to the church in order to meet Danny.

MacGyver finds out Reuter is in fact Sandler. Danny shows up at the church. Sandler introduces himself as a close friend of Jim. MacGyver is caught by the henchman. MacGyver smashes a scaffolding in his face and staples the man to the ground. MacGyver hurries back to the church and sees Reuter taking Danny in a car. MacGyver follows them on a scooter. Reuter shows Danny one of his warehouses and wants to give him a souvenir. The knife that was used to kill Mooney. MacGyver tells Danny to back away. Reuter pulls a gun and goes after MacGyver. MacGyver ties a glove to a gas faucet and fills it up. By breaking a light bulb it explodes. Reuter is blown away.

Sunday February 17 1991.
MacGyver arranges that Danny can go to Sunningdale Manor and promises to visit him with Doc. Doc tells him he will never forget him and MacGyver blesses him. Rachel tells MacGyver he gave Danny and Doc a new chance at life. MacGyver can't help wondering about everyone who fall through the so-called safety net and refuses to accept it.

(Note: this episode originally air on Monday February 18 1991. I assume Jim was a college friend just like Father Patrick in the Madonna and they played hockey together.)

Halloween Knights/Strictly Business: March 1991.
It turns out Ashton, Murdoc's sister has been killed while skiing in Switzerland. She was the last of his family. The event has forced Murdoc to re-evalute his life to make a fresh start. He decides to come out of retirement and become a hitman again.

Honest Abe: March 1991.
Abe Sherman is fired from the CIA. Probably for the fact he helped President Peugot gain power in San Rochelle. He and the president go a long way back. Abe being fired was part of his mission.

Blind Faith: Between Monday February 25 1991 and Sunday March 3 1991.
A videotape with footage of 200 political prison being executed is stolen out of the presidential palace in San Pablo by Samantha Lora and Nelson Richardson. They flee the country. MacGyver and Pete are working to get Samantha back to San Pablo after the DXS refused help. A video drop off was supposed to take place at the trainstation but the courier got killed.

Monday March 4 1991.
MacGyver shows Pete the results on the description of the killers. Pete is having eye problems. DXS-agent Paul Stams walks in demanding to be kept informed. Pete says Samantha called him personally. Stams uses that information against Pete, who sets him straight. The drop off was supposed to be routine and he agreed to take care of her security. They're expecting her to bring her to a safe house until she can fly back to San Pablo. Stams offers his help and apology to Pete.

MacGyver and Pete pick up Samantha at the harbor. At the safehouse she contacts Richardson and awaits his call back. Pete offers her apple juice but bumps into the couch on his way to the kitchen. MacGyver asks what's going on after he sees Pete took orange juice instead. Pete explain why he called MacGyver and says he has glaucoma with advanced nerve damage. There is going to be a surgery but he could go blind. Richardson calls back and wants another pick up in half an hour. MacGyver agrees to go to the station wearing a dove pin.

MacGyver meets Richardson at the balcony. He hid the tape in a rail car that's under maintenance. They find out the car is gone and find it on another track when Richardson sees Cardoza and Ramos, the two killers. MacGyver uses a steam pipe as a diversion. MacGyver tells Richardson to give him 30 seconds, aim high and crank the valve while he goes for the tape. MacGyver goes in the passenger car looking for the tape. MacGyver finds the tape when Richardson fires again. MacGyver sees them shooting Richardson three times in the back. MacGyver runs away and takes the videotape to the broadcasting studios. Cardosa and Ramos followed MacGyver.

MacGyver calls Pete saying he brought the tape on time but that Richardson is dead. The line is cut and the lights go out. MacGyver goes back to safehouse and sees an open door. Pete is tied up and gagged. Pete says it was Stams and MacGyver knew he was followed to the trainstation but asks why he left Pete alive. Cardosa and Ramos walk in telling him Pete was bait and MacGyver took it.

MacGyver and Pete are brought to a hangar where Samantha is being held. Stams intends to kill all three of them by tying them up in front of a burning gas can. MacGyver and Pete walk up to the grinder to cut their ropes. MacGyver dumps the gas can in a dumpster when it explodes. MacGyver sees where Stams and his men are. Stams knows something is wrong and tries to get back in. MacGyver sees they're going to ram the door and gets the idea to electrocute them with a GPU tug. MacGyver stuns Stams and his men. Ramos tries to shoot them but MacGyver kicks the gun out of his hand. Samantha picks up the gun aiming at Ramos. Pete comes out asking if they did it as MacGyver says they did.

MacGyver is treated for his injuries and Samantha thanks him for what he has done. Samantha says goodbye to Pete. They agree that after his surgery he'll come and see her. She leaves on the plane. Pete asks what the doctor said and MacGyver replies he will heal. Pete suggests to go bowling together.

Faith, Hope & Charity: Tuesday February 26 1991.
Leo Burns has his will written in Santa Luisa, California.

Between Monday March 11 and Sunday March 17 1991.
MacGyver is tracking the grey wolf for the endangered species program, when he steps into a bear trap. MacGyver is found by Faith and Hope Lacey. They take him home where they meet Leo and get MacGyver out of the trap. From his room MacGyver sees Leo taking a briefcase to the shed. A car pulls up with Gorman, Abe and Bobby inside who are after Leo. Leo worked for the mob and skimmed money. They wrap him up in the hammock to make him talk. Leo dies of a heart attack. They look for his car keys while Bobby checks out his room. Bobby enters the house and MacGyver hears this. He sees Leo lying under the hammock. MacGyver goes to the big stairs but his crutch breaks and falls down the stairs.

Faith and Hope finds MacGyver on the ground. MacGyver says he saw Leo lying under the hammock face down. They say he's hallucinating and put him in the parlour. MacGyver wakes up later and sees that Leo's body is gone. Tracks are leading to the barn. Faith and Hope are burying Leo there. Hope says it was Leo's last wish to be buried at Lacey House, according to his will. MacGyver takes a look at the will but it appears to be torn in half. MacGyver wants them to call the police. Faith is caught by Gorman and his men. Gorman says they want Leo's money. MacGyver tells them he saw Leo go to the shed with a briefcase. Gorman believes him and ties them up.

MacGyver cuts through his ropes with a saw and thinks there must be a tunnel since their great-grandfather helped runaway slaves. MacGyver tells the ladies to saw through the support beams of the stairs but not all the way through. Gorman, Abe and Bobby find the briefcase in the shed with only one bill. MacGyver finds the entrance to the tunnel. Gorman and his men fall through the stairs. The tunnel leads to the kitchen. They close the trapdoor when Gorman pulls his gun. They barricade it by placing a cart over it. Hope tries to call the police but the lines are dead. They want to go for the car, but Faith realizes she left her keys in her coat. MacGyver thinks hotwiring should do it but sees Gorman and his men come out of the barn. They stand them off. Abe gets a mop of cayenne pepper in his face. Bobby finds his way in through the sewing room but gets his turn to fall down the stairs. Abe tells Gorman he couldn't get in. They drive the car through the wall of the kitchen. MacGyver sprays hot blueberry preserves through a reversed vacuum cleaner at Gorman. Hope knocks out Abe. Gorman gets a bowl on his head with the money falling out.

Monday March 18 1991.
Assuming a week did indeed pass, the ladies hope MacGyver is not mad at them for not telling about the money. They know the rules if nobody claim the money it returns to the finders. They decide with MacGyver's help and the Phoenix Foundation to use the money to save the grey wolf. A grey wolf appear looking at them as they leave.

(Note: Interesting that Leo goes all the way to California to have his will written while he lives in Minnesota. He should've gone to Mr. Newberry instead.)

Strictly Business: Sunday April 7 1991.
Murdoc comes out of retirement and prepares a dinner to thank MacGyver for rescuing his sister Ashton. It appears to be a trap as MacGyver gets cuffed to the chair. A small statue moves on the table holding a bow and arrow and aims at him. Murdoc prepares the camera, attaches a wire to the dart and poisons it. Murdoc puts a candle under the wire to burn through and the dart will be fired. MacGyver gives up saying he got him. Murdoc pushes a button that releases MacGyver who ducks away from the dart and says they're even now. MacGyver is now a target he intends not to miss.

Monday April 8 1991.
MacGyver calls Pete telling Murdoc is back and that he's going to lay low for a while. Pete offers him to go to the safe house on Overlook Mountain. Murdoc tapped their phone conversation and knows where he's going.

On his way to the safe house Murdoc fires off a rocket at MacGyver's car. MacGyver got out and totally inane ends up in a closed summer camp leaving a trail of fabric and blood behind. MacGyver meets a woman and her daughter who threaten him with a double-barrelled shotgun. He begs for help, can't remember his name and passes out. MacGyver dreams about the night before before he wakes up. The woman welcomes him back asking if he remembers anything. She says he doesn't have a wallet, no drivers license or a ID. MacGyver says he lost it in the accident. She says she'll call a doctor and introduces herself and her daughter as Suzanne Walker and Amy. Murdoc hears all this and cuts the phone wires. Murdoc goes to the cabin to shoot the lock off but hears Amy running back and entering through the coal chute. MacGyver wakes up from another bad dream. Murdoc switches identities by placing his photo in MacGyver's Phoenix ID-card. Amy suspects MacGyver being send by her father to take her away from her mother. Suzanne finds out the phone wires are cut and runs into Murdoc who pretends to be MacGyver.

Murdoc tells her to call the police but she says the wires have been cut. Amy tells her story to MacGyver. Murdoc wants Suzanne to get Amy away from MacGyver but wants the shotgun. Amy hears her coming and asks MacGyver not to tell she was there. Suzanne says she called the doctor and asks if he had seen Amy. He said he was sworn to secrecy. Suzanne apologizes for Amy. Amy meets Murdoc but doesn't trust him. Suzanne walks in and Murdoc suggests to go out to call the police but insists on leaving the keys with him. Amy sees Murdoc going in the cabin. Murdoc sets his camera up to document the exact moment MacGyver dies. Murdoc is about to kill MacGyver and Amy distracts him. MacGyver hits him with a chair and jumps through the door. Murdoc takes Suzanne hostage and tells MacGyver to go the abandoned mine where they will finish their business and not to keep him waiting.

MacGyver sends Amy to town to call the police and goes to the mine. Murdoc has set up a trap. Wires attached to explosives. Murdoc shows him he tied Suzanne under the elevator car. MacGyver finds a way to get through the wires and gets his memory back. MacGyver and Murdoc fight it out. MacGyver frees Suzanne and kicks Murdoc in the face. MacGyver pulls Suzanne away from the car that explodes. Murdoc is about to kill MacGyver with his knife but gets pulled in the elevator shaft. The elevator makes a loud bang when it hits the bottom. At night the county sheriff and his men are looking for Murdoc. The sheriff says they searched everywhere but didn't find Murdoc. MacGyver is convinced Murdoc is still alive.

(Note: Oddly enough Murdoc gave MacGyver enough evidence to shut down HIT for good. Unless there was nothing on the disk he gave him.)

Trail of Tears: Wednesday April 24 1991.
MacGyver and Willis are attending a lawsuit in Montana. The flight takes 02 hours and 13 minutes over a distance of 1509 km (937.65 miles). Powerlines are meant to go up in the woods near Bitter Flats. The lawyer of New Plains Electric, Samuels, claims Bitter Flats borders on Black Stream according to the map and treaty. Larry Whitecloud claimed it was part of the reservation and the electric magnetic fields harms the environment. N.P.E. contacted MacGyver and Willis. Their EMF's show no indication of harm to the environment. Only inconclusive studies show potential long-term effects on health. The jury find themselves in favor of N.P.E. Willis confronts Samuels on how he twisted their testimony around. Samuels said he only restated the facts. MacGyver tells Whitecloud they had been subpoenaed by N.P.E. to testify and want to set things right by providing Whitecloud the assistance of the resources of the Phoenix Foundation. Whitecloud is not interested. MacGyver notices a man has been listening. Whitecloud goes to the men's room to freshen up and meets an old Indian called Standing Wolf. Russell who had been listening on MacGyver and Willis, tells everything he heard to Mr. Johnson, head of N.P.E. Johnson explains if MacGyver finds something to stop the construction it might cost him hundreds of millions dollars so something has to happen before Friday when he has his publicity tour.

Thursday April 25 1991.
MacGyver meets Whitecloud in Bitter Flats wanting to see the place from himself. Whitecloud tells him it is a place of power and no high-tension lines can go up. Whitecloud says he had a vision and tells him not to go in the building that explodes. MacGyver and Whitecloud are being shot at by Russell and his assistant. Whitecloud tells who the shooter was and thinks they're after MacGyver. He tells MacGyver a friend of his has a cabin in the area where they can radio for help and explains the vision he had. Russell beats MacGyver and Whitecloud to the cabin. Russell pretends he received a note to come to the cabin and left him his rifle. Whitecloud and MacGyver arrive at the cabin. Whitecloud thinks Crow is out hunting but finds him behind the door, dead and the radio destroyed. MacGyver finds out Crow has been shot. Whitecloud opens a box, takes out wires and a detonator. MacGyver asks if Crow had a license for C-4. Whitecloud answers he did some construction blasting. MacGyver thinks Crow did some blasting for N.P.E. and it might be registered. Whitecloud says he left some C-4 at the construction site with his rifle. Whitecloud realises Russell killed Crow to frame him. MacGyver thinks they're afraid, he might be on to something and they want to use Whitecloud to get rid of him. Whitecloud asks why they weren't waiting for him then. Russell walks in saying he was waiting for fresh fingerprints and shoots MacGyver. Whitecloud pushes him aside and runs.

MacGyver escapes and hides in an old mine where he meets Standing Wolf. Standing Wolf show MacGyver what he showed Whitecloud. MacGyver recalls everything he saw but it wasn't about violence. Standing Wolf says Whitecloud probably meant to count coup and MacGyver's world could learn a lot from the Indians. He understands why MacGyver is there to help Whitecloud see the truth.

Friday April 26 1991.
MacGyver wakes up and notices the bandages on his wound and the cotter pin. He sees a box nearby that holds an original map of the state and finds out the stream is the answer. Whitecloud arms a bomb on top of a generator in N.P.E.'s power plant and meets MacGyver outside. MacGyver shows him the map that was drawn according to the treaty in 1894. Bitter Flats is part of the reservation and the stream is east of it not west. The map Willis faxed him was drawn up in 1911, the stream is shown running five miles west. MacGyver is convinced they can stop them legally and explains he saw Whitecloud's vision. Whitecloud wants Johnson to pay for Crow's murder and warns MacGyver to keep away from the power plant. MacGyver realises Whitecloud already set the explosives. At the power plant he is caught by Russell and his assistant. MacGyver warns them about the bomb in the building. They don't believe him and lock him in the pumphouse. Mr. Johnson arrives at the plant and is not pleased with the situation. A bus full of children arrives. MacGyver sees the bus and uses a T-bar in a steampipe to escape. In the plant he runs into Russell and locks him up in the exhaust room. MacGyver and Whitecloud meet up again at the generator. MacGyver tells him there are kids in the plant. Johnson and the kids arrive at the generator. Whitecloud aims for Johnson and tells the kids to leave. MacGyver tells Whitecloud the vision was not about violence. Whiteclouds yells that he's wrong but sees the dead Indian boy from his vision. Whitecloud tells him the bomb is on top of the generator. MacGyver crawls on top of the generator and uses the quill to disarm it. Whitecloud charges at Johnson to kill him but touches him with the bow and arrow counting coup.

Monday April 29 1991.
MacGyver and Whitecloud meet each other at the construction site. Whitecloud says he got out of jail the day before and that he was released without bail until the trial. MacGyver received the sattelite pictures confirming the location of Black Stream. Whitecloud researched the forgery of the other maps and it appears a company called Horton Mining was prospecting the area in 1904. They paid off a government official to redraw the map and merged with an electrical company (N.P.E) in the 1920's. Johnson found out and faces charges on Phil Crow's murder. MacGyver tells him that sometimes the system works the way it's suppose to and Whitecloud acknowledges that. They see Standing Wolf in the distance disappearing as a spirit.

Hind-Sight: Sunday May 5 1991.
MacGyver visits Pete who is about to go into his eye surgery. Pete admits he's scared of what's going to happen after his surgery. MacGyver asks if it's not more important on how he feels inside and on how lives his life. Pete agrees but always relied on himself and that he has to learn to be very dependent. MacGyver says they always have depended on each other. Before MacGyver leaves Pete gives him an envelope to drop off at the Foundation; his resignation letter. MacGyver returns later and notices flowers and a get well card, thinking Jack send it. MacGyver smells the card that has the scent of perfume and thinks it's woman with a score to settle. Pete asks if somebody wants to hurt him. MacGyver doesn't know but Pete says women don't think like that. MacGyver remembers Santina. They remember her as brainwashed and whose commander shot Pete. MacGyver and Jack flew in to get him out. Pete said last he heard of Santina is that she quit the revolution to become a teacher in a barrio. The nurse walks in for the EKG and gives them a message. The person who wrote it would like to pay him a visit. The nurse tells MacGyver to leave who says he'll get into it. A woman enters a cab to the hospital. MacGyver meets Willis who is going through all the female suspects in the files. Willis did a crosscheck on the handwriting sample and asks if it's really a woman they're looking for. MacGyver is sure unless it's Murdoc. MacGyver tells Willis to call the hospital and not to allow visitors. The woman arrives in the hospital and enters Pete's room. MacGyver arrives and Pete's nurse says she got the message but the only visitor is Pete's wife. MacGyver says he has been divorced for twenty years and tells her to call security. MacGyver walks in the room and sees Connie. MacGyver asks why she wrote all the anonymous notes. She said she wasn't sure Pete would see her. She heard Pete was alone in the hospital and wanted him to know she would be there for him. The nurse and a security guard walks in but MacGyver stops them saying everything is alright.

Monday May 6 1991.
Pete is brought out of his room to his surgery. MacGyver asks if he's alright and Pete says he's great and that MacGyver was right about what you feel inside that matters. With him and Connie in his corner it's the best feeling in the world. Connie says she'll walk him to the elevator and MacGyver says he'll be fine. Pete wants to know if anyone said anything about his resignation. MacGyver signals them to go ahead and says no one did. Pete reacts surprised and MacGyver says it's still sitting on his desk because everything regarding personnel has to go through his office. Pete tells MacGyver that is so like him and to wait till he gets back on his feet, he's coming to get him. MacGyver says he counts on that.
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

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Between Monday May 6 1991 and Monday September 16 1991.
There is another gap of nearly four months in which MacGyver keeps working at the Phoenix Foundation maybe even fills in for Pete after his eye surgery for a while.

The Hood/Obsessed/The Prometheus Syndrome/Deadly Silents/Off The Wall: Between May 1991 and September 1991.
Somewhere during this time the houseboat burns down in a mysterious fire. It's unknown if the fire was set or an accident. This is probably how MacGyver meets Earl Stringer and his team put out the fire. MacGyver was able to save quite a lot of his belongings. Considering what he was able to salvage from the fire the houseboat must've been too badly damaged, making it impossible to remain there. MacGyver rents his new loft and meets Antonio Lobo who was redecorating (spraying graffiti) the freeway overpass. MacGyver keeps him out jail and gives him a corner in his garage to use as an art studio. Melvin Krasney says he would try to get Robo into a corner of the garage when MacGyver moved in. Though nothing says Robo and Lobo are the same person even though they are both graffiti artists. Robo is black when Lobo is latino. Around this time MacGyver must be in therapy with Dr. Darnell with recent events of the houseboat burning down and the persuasion that Murdoc is still alive while taking care of Pete after his surgery. Also Cindy Finnegan starts working at the Phoenix Foundation as the new field operation manager. In August, Neil starts as a security guard for Two Star Studios.

The Coltons: Between Sunday September 1 1991 and Wednesday September 11 1991.
MacGyver is helping the Coltons to capture two counterfeiters. Frank and MacGyver are caught and tied up in a warehouse with a bomb. Jesse and Frog have been looking for them. Frog finds Frank and MacGyver in the warehouse. MacGyver tells Frank they need a bottle next to the bomb that contains sulphuric acid. Frank says they can't get to it. Frog barks outside and walks in through a window. MacGyver succeeds in Frog getting the bottle and bring it to him. MacGyver makes a fulcrum with a pencil case and a ruler to catapult the bottle in his hands and to use the acid to eat through the ropes. MacGyver and Frank run out of the building as the warehouse explodes. The same night in Chinatown three people got killed due to a power struggle run by a man named Chi. A girl named Medusa witnesses to the killing and becomes a target.

The next morning Mama Colton says MacGyver called, that he was not going to be able to come over since he was going to the mountains for a week to avoid the press about the counterfeiters case. Johnny Denmark, the district attorney they met at a party nearly two years ago asks them to find a girl that witnessed a gangland killing in Chinatown. They find out a little too late they are being used by Johnny Denmark.

A week later, MacGyver is back as the Coltons are placing their bounty hunting sign out. MacGyver brought Frog a ball to play with. Jesse explains he made a compromise with Frank to change their image. Taking down Denmark, also took down their paycheque. MacGyver says it looks all right and than Billy and Frank arrive. Frank is laughed at as he got rejected by his girlfriend. MacGyver is confused.

(Note: this episode originally on Monday October 14 1991. This episode was supposed to air on Monday May 20 1991 as a season 6 episode. Considering the time that has passed and ever since they got Frog, this episode must've been set in maybe early September 1991. Johnny Denmark says it would be two years ago the next month since they saw each other and they got Frog in October 1989. )

The Hood: Between Saturday September 7 and Sunday September 15 1991.
Kelly Dobb's play Red White and Blood premieres and continues the following weekend. She had two weekends only.

Honest Abe: Thursday September 12 1991.
MacGyver arrives in the Fillmore Business District and reunites with his old friend Philip Sherman from college for his godson's bar mitzvah. MacGyver drove for 01 hour and 08 minutes over a distance of 89.54 km (55.6 miles) if he took the CA-126 road. Jeffrey his godson, reached the age of 13 and is about his size. Jeffrey asks MacGyver to pick up Abe at the bus stop. Abe makes a rather confused impression. He asks MacGyver for a ride to the post office to pick up Jeffrey's bar mitzvah present. Abe sees LaManna standing at the post office and asks MacGyver to get the package. On his way out LaManna stops him saying he wants the flight bag. MacGyver doesn't know what he's talking about. Abe takes the wheel. MacGyver jumps in the car and they take off. MacGyver makes him stop the car and takes the keys. Abe says he works for the CIA and they're followed by security men of Harding Aeronautics. They want the chopper back he stole. Abe tells him the chopper is stealth, the latest piece of military hardware and he was declared persona non grata with the CIA. MacGyver doesn't care and promised he would take him to the bar mitzvah. Abe agrees and says the CIA should finish the mission without him.

Major Sneed is talking to Mr. Harding on the phone. Sneed tells Elliot and LaManna, Mr. Harding wants MacGyver and Abe dead. Abe changes his mind and wants to complete his mission to bring Marcel Peugot, the president of San Rochelle to justice. MacGyver and Abe ride to Sutter's Mine to find the helicopter. They fly the chopper up in the air. Abe tells MacGyver to put on their helmets. MacGyver reaches out for his and Abe activates sleeping gas, knocking MacGyver out and flies to San Rochelle.

Friday September 13 1991.
MacGyver wakes up the next morning. Abe explains the CIA put Peugot in power. The CIA wants to set things right. Harding Aeronautics had the chopper he needed but found out there were two choppers. A prototype contracted to the Defense Department and one to sell under the table to arms dealers. MacGyver tells him he should've reported Harding to the authorities. Abe says there are only two choppers and needed the one. Abe explains his plan to lure Peugot in a helicopter ride and gas him to sleep.

Immediately after they land they're arrested and brought to Peugot. Peugot asks why Abe is two days early with company and if there is anything he should know about. Abe show Peugot everything about the chopper. Peugot is sold and wants a price. MacGyver says he can't name a price before the president sees how the helicopter flies. Peugot agrees if he's allowed to drive. Abe starts the engine and Peugot notices the quietness. Sneed, Elliot and LaManna arrive. Peugot sees them and demands to be left out of the helicopter. They introduce themselves and say they work for Harding Aeronautic who build the chopper. Sneed tells Peugot Abe was booted out the CIA, six months earlier and got greedy. Peugot orders MacGyver and Abe out of the helicopter sentencing them to be hanged. MacGyver and Abe are locked up in a building. Elliot finds out Abe is still working for the CIA and that MacGyver works for the Phoenix Foundation and has to save them now. MacGyver starts working on a way out by using alcohol and a fuse. Elliot admits he works for the FBI and that they've been investigating Harding Aeronautics. LaManna is undercover too for the Office of Budget and Management. Elliot wants to grab Peugot and Sneed while LaManna creates a diversion. LaManna finds his own jug of alcohol and uses his tie as a fuse. Elliot appears and catches Sneeds a little by surprise. MacGyver's plan works and the door explodes. LaManna drops his cigarette on his tie. Elliot is distracted and Sneeds pulls his gun. MacGyver and Abe are caught again and brought to the gallows. Elliot explains they tried to rescue Abe and MacGyver. MacGyver wants a last request but Peugot refuses. MacGyver says he only wanted to shave. Peugot tells his sergeant to get a razor. MacGyver tells Abe to get ready to hold his breath. The soldier brings the razor. MacGyver asks for Peugot's mirror. MacGyver starts shaving and uses the mirror and the sunlight to reflect on the chopper and start up the knockout gas to knock everybody out. MacGyver and Abe run away from the knockout gas and have Peugot, Sneed, Elliot and LaManna in the helicopter on their way home.

Saturday September 14 1991.
Jeffrey and Philip are still waiting for MacGyver and Abe to come to the bar mitzvah. Philip tells him Abe is not coming. Jeffrey agrees to go in. Philip says they'll start the bar mitzvah when MacGyver and Abe arrives just in time. Jeffrey is happy to see they made it and asks what kept them, Abe starts a story on how they met fellow tuba salesmen and asks MacGyver for help. Both say it's kinda complicated.

(Note: this episode originally aired on Monday September 16 1991. Since San Rochelle is a fictitious country the map points out that county Isla de la Juventud must be San Rochelle near Sante Fe, Cuba. However with only a flight of 5 hours and 13 minutes it would be impossible for MacGyver to wake up the next day and still be in flight. Unless it takes longer with a helicopter than with a plane and it takes at least double that time. Than it should be at least 10 hours and 26 minutes. Now with the Airplane Manager calculator, if you take a helicopter, the flight would last at least 17 hours and 23 minutes. The distance should remain approximately the same. Since this was the lastest piece of military hardware at the time, I take it that Mac and Abe left maybe about an hour later when they met around 3:30 pm and flew at least 14 hours at 500 miles per hour in which Mac slept most of the time and woke up the next morning. So they would be arriving the next morning around breakfast time.)

The 'Hood: Between Saturday September 21 1991 and Monday September 23 1991.
MacGyver moves to a new neighborhood and meets Melvin Krasney, his landlord and Kelly Dobbs his neighbor from across the street. Kelly smoothly invites him over for dinner and goes to her manicure appointment. At her manicure appointment, she pretends to be her roommate Molly. After her appointment, she hears Lyle Knox, his brother Tyler and Bobbie Lee talking about killing somebody and runs away. Bobbie says it isn't much of a problem since he has got her card. MacGyver and Mel are unloading the truck. Mel says he rearranged the garage for them and Robo. Bobbie visits his cousin Will and gives him Molly's card. MacGyver and Mel are carrying the last boxes upstairs when the phone rings for Mel. Mel tells MacGyver Kelly is dead. They go to the morgue to identify the body but it's not Kelly. Kelly is on the run and finds out Molly is dead. Bobbie admits to Lyle he gave the contract to his cousin and points out Kelly was using Molly's name.

MacGyver and Mel are at Kelly's place. MacGyver looks at a poster of Red White and Blood. A play Kelly wrote and starred in. MacGyver wonders if she would be at the theatre but Mel doesn't think so since the place is closed. Mel introduces MacGyver to Mama Lorraine and explains she is a voodoo priestess. Mama Lorraine tells him she is a spiritual advisor. MacGyver and Mel asks if she could stay at Kelly's house while they go talk to police. Bobbie is watching them. Kelly is hiding and tells everything she heard to a meter maid and goes to Theatre One. Mel is argueing with sergeant Lee, on how they gave the press the mistaken-identity on Molly. MacGyver reminds them it's about Kelly and the officer agrees to look out for her. MacGyver suggests he will check out the theatre and Mel to check her hangouts. Sergeant Lee calls Mama Lorraine and tells her he found the meter maid Kelly talked to and said she was going to Theatre One. Mama Lorraine writes it down, thanks him and hangs up. Bobbie Lee slugs her down and takes the piece of paper.

MacGyver arrives at the theatre and enters through a side door. He notices movement behind a curtain. Kelly is pointing a gun at him. MacGyver calms her down saying it's him. She asks if he heard about Molly. He says people think it was her because of the car. She reminds him of the manicure appointment she took and gives him the names of the people that are planning the hit. Now she's afraid to go home because she knows they made a mistake. Bobbie walks in saying that's true and tells MacGyver to take place on a torture rack. MacGyver is gagged and strapped on the torture rack. Bobbie finds the rope that is holding the lights above MacGyver and lits a matchbook at the bottom of the rope. If the rope burns through the lights will fall on MacGyver. MacGyver uses a long pole and a skeleton's hand to release the lever that's holding him down. The rope burns through and the lights are coming down. Mel and Mama Lorraine come in. They find the remains of the matchbook. MacGyver uses candle wax to figure out where it came from.

MacGyver and Mama Lorraine are checking the place out where the matchbook came from. They walk up to the motel. While Will is shaving, Kelly tries to escape. MacGyver peeks through a window. Kelly walks to the door. Will asks if she's going somewhere and pulls his gun. MacGyver sees a maid pushing a cart. Mama Lorraine walks in the room pulling the cleaning cart in. Will stops her, asking what she's doing. She says her job, housekeeping and that according her list, he checked out. He says her list is wrong and don't want to be disturbed. She says to put the sign on the outside of the door then. He says she should do so as she's leaving and not to forget her cart. A pair of legs launches out of the cart, knocking Will out.

Victor Nesbitt checks in, in his hotel and Bobbie sees him. Nesbitt takes the elevator to his room. Bobbie is climbing a scaffolding, stops at the same floor and opens his case with a sniper rifle. MacGyver asks Will where Bobbie is and who he has to kill. Mama Lorraine says Mel will send the police over and goes voodoo on Will to make him talk. MacGyver goes to the hotel followed by Kelly. Bobbie is about to shoot her when MacGyver sees the red laser. Bobbie misses. MacGyver ties a fire hose around the scaffolding Bobbie is on. Nestbitt is coming out of his room. Bobbie tries to get a shot. MacGyver ties the other end up an elevator and tells Kelly to hit the topfloor bottom. The hose is tightened and the scaffolding topples over taking Bobbie with it. Nesbitt didn't seem to notice anything at all. Bobbie is arrested.

The following night, Kelly thinks Will shouldn't get out scot-free. Mel says the D.A. is working a reduced sentence if he rolls over on the Knox brothers and Bobbie Lee. They walk in the loft and MacGyver sees one of his walls is totally repainted in graffiti as a welcome sign by Robo. Mel introduces him to Robo, the guy he told him about. Robo explains his welcome sign is to be seen as a statement. Music and a whole lot of people come in led by Mama Lorraine. She says, they're having a feast to remember Molly, celebrate Kelly's homecoming safe and their new neighbor.

Obsessed: Saturday September 28 1991.
MacGyver is convinced Murdoc is not dead and dreams he is in his loft with an axe. Pete discusses MacGyver's file with his new field operations manager Cindy Finnegan. Pete explains MacGyver, Dr. Darnell is concerned he might be headed for a burnout. MacGyver says he's ok but Cindy says that isn't good enough. Pablo Delasora will arrive at the courthouse and he has to take care of his security. At the courthouse the entrance is full of journalists. MacGyver introduces Cindy to Bob Stryke and Stryke introduces them to Marietta Robles. Delasora arrives at the courthouse. MacGyver sees Murdoc in the crowd placing a dart in a phoney camera, aiming for Delasora and fires. MacGyver goes after him but tackles the wrong man. Cindy calls Pete to tell him what happened. MacGyver is describing Murdoc to one of the reporters but the reporter can't help him. Cindy says she has Pete on the line. MacGyver takes the phone and Pete tells him to forget Murdoc for both their sakes. Back home MacGyver is unpacking a telephone display. Murdoc activates a small beeping bomb and places it in a tube daring MacGyver to come and get him. MacGyver's phone rings, he turns the device on and answers the phone. Murdoc says he's is going to make him wish he never killed him. MacGyver checks his device and it shows the number Murdoc called him from.

Sunday September 29 1991.
MacGyver finds Murdoc's hideout. Marietta is his next target. MacGyver stops her from entering her car. MacGyver examines her car and finds the metal tube taped to the car. The pawn in the tube is a message from Murdoc telling he has been used. In the hotel where Delasora is staying, Murdoc is posing as a waiter. MacGyver calls the hotel to get Delasora out of there. Stryke tells Cindy to evacuate Delasora. She walks off when a room blows up right next to her. Pete's calling with the chairman. They lost one man: Jake Gibbs. MacGyver points out it's not like Murdoc to miss twice. Stryke walks in announcing Phoenix is off the case and they'll start up an old army base that will keep Delasora during the trial. Pete says the chairman is going to love it. Cindy says MacGyver is obsessed with Murdoc and asks Pete if he's going to let MacGyver continue to turn the Phoenix Foundation into a laughing stock. Pete says, he won't and fires MacGyver. Pete visits MacGyver and realises he was on to him about the firing. MacGyver says Cindy bought it. Pete tells him he had to do something to get her of their backs. Pete knows the whole thing reeks of Murdoc and wants MacGyver to pay an unannounced visit to the army base.

Monday September 30 1991.
MacGyver runs through a field and checks out the army base with binoculars. MacGyver knocks a guard out and changes his clothes. MacGyver walks to the launching area where they're preparing an old missile. MacGyver examines the rocket. The door of a building opens and Stryke comes out and calls him out to give an extra hand at the command centre. MacGyver ignores him. Stryke pulls his gun and tells him to turn around. MacGyver does so. In the command centre Delasora is holding Marietta. His troops are ready to attack the capital of El Santori. MacGyver is brought in. Delasora decides to make an example out of them and wants Murdoc to organise a firing squad. MacGyver tells Murdoc to think about all the times he tried to kill him but only failed. Murdoc will think of a more inventive way to kill MacGyver.

At to the launch site the rocket is set. MacGyver gets tied up under the rocket. Murdoc activates the launching system and says goodbye to MacGyver. Marietta is taken away. MacGyver sees a cart of compressed nitrogen. With his shoes he gets the cart closer to free himself. He puts cloths in the intake of the rocket and jumps away just in time when the rocket launches. Delasora, Murdoc, Stryke and Marietta are looking at the launched rocket. The rocket makes a weird sound as the cloths are sucked into the intake and explodes early. MacGyver drives a truck down the hill right into the firing squad and saves Marietta. Marietta tells MacGyver to go back and warn the capital. Stryke is getting cold feet and wants his money. Murdoc placed it already his car. Stryke opens the briefcase a small dart kills him. MacGyver and Marietta arrive back at the command centre but are awaited by Delasora and Murdoc. Delasora orders his soldier to disarm Murdoc and to shoot him. MacGyver uses spray cleaner in a lightbulb to take down Delasora and goes after Murdoc. Murdoc drives by in a red jeep. MacGyver jumps on the hood of the car. Murdoc breaks, sending MacGyver near the edge of a cliff. Murdoc slams his foot on the pedal to run him over. MacGyver jumps away in time. Murdoc drives into the cliff.

MacGyver is sleeping when Pete comes in to tell Delasora's troops has surrendered and his trial is going to start up again next week. Cindy sends her apologies. MacGyver says he could've told him that over the phone but thinks he has something important tell him. Pete says it's not that important. MacGyver says they didn't found Murdoc's body again. Pete says they didn't but it doesn't have to mean anything. The phone rings. MacGyver picks up and hears Murdoc's evil laughter. Murdoc hangs up. Pete asks if there are troubles on the line or something. MacGyver says so.
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

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The Prometheus Syndrome: Friday October 4 1991.
The city is plagued by a firebomber. MacGyver is reassembling one of his bombs.
At the fire department, Earl and Rachel are argueing over facts and connections when MacGyver walks in. MacGyver explains how the bombs works set with a battery and a timer. An on-and-off switch and the motion detector. MacGyver pours some flash powder in a small barrel and sets the timer on five seconds. The bomb goes off with a little poof and they try to figure out which flammables Prometheus uses. Prometheus calls them to tell to go the abandoned hotel where he set a bomb. MacGyver wants to go and have a look. Earl agrees and gets his camera. They only have about two minutes. MacGyver cuts off a piece of wire from the wall and unplugs the motion detector. MacGyver notices a handle grip and that there are two toggle switches instead of one. MacGyver takes a chance and moves the lower toggle switch. The bomb beeps and the ticking stops at three seconds. MacGyver says it was the only shot they had. The bomb beeps again and explodes. Earl is caught by the blast and dies.

Rachel will become the new boss and thinks the fires might have to do with the fact Prometheus was burned himself and wants to check it out. MacGyver shows Joe the picture Earl took before the explosion of the handle grip which and thinks it could be an antenna. Joe asks if he thinks Prometheus set the bomb off with a radio signal. MacGyver says he does but needed a clear sightline. Rachel calls for Joe. MacGyver goes to the next building and rings the manager's doorbell to look at the 3rd floor apartments. MacGyver walks up to the third floor and meets the manager. MacGyver opens a window and gets on the fire escape. MacGyver sees Rachel at the windows of the burned out floor as she sees him.

Monday October 7 1991.
Betty thanks MacGyver for coming to Earl's funeral and tells him what kept Earl busy about a café fire, few years ago and how he no longer got along with Rachel. MacGyver sees Rachel in her car on his way out and drives back to the fire department where he sees the manager walk out of the building. MacGyver walks in and Rachel is displeased to see him. MacGyver says the building manager wanted to see him. Rachel says the manager did and was told what MacGyver did after the fire. MacGyver asks her if it occured to her that Prometheus set the bomb off from the fire escape. She says she did and asks what he was doing with Betty. MacGyver wants to know what the manager said first. She tells him the manager remembers a guy that was hanging around at the time of a fire who used to live with a woman who rented the apartment: Victoria Arnold, but doesn't remember the name of the guy. MacGyver says Betty said Earl thought the common denominator was a woman and is under the impression the woman had to do something with a fire, a couple of years ago. Rachel recalls the café fire because her hands got burned there. Earl tried an unorthodox rescue attempt and she paid for it. She shows him her scarred hands. MacGyver asks if she wants to check out the woman and the café. She says if she thinks it's worth it and asks him to go.

MacGyver found the article on the fire in Victoria's café on his computer. Joe walks in with results he got from the lab. The substances used with the bomb was Koldextin. A highly volatile compound used to enhance the effects of explosives and used in colour photography for newspaper publishing. MacGyver expresses his thanks for what Joe's doing. Joe says Earl would've done the same and leaves. MacGyver drives back to the building manager and asks him if he remembers the name of who was living with Victoria Arnold. The manager answers she paid the rent but heared the man talk about his job at the newspaper of Globe Chronicle. MacGyver says it's great and thanks him. MacGyver walks back into his car and writes down the building's address before driving to the Globe Chronicle. The security guard says they closed the building so quickly everything was left intact. MacGyver says he's looking for a former employee that used to live in the building where he met the manager. MacGyver finds the file he is looking for of: Ralph Boardman, a colour plate engineer. The guard takes him to the color lab where his personnel file and desk are. As they go to the lab, Prometheus walks up stairs. The guard leads MacGyver to the file cabinet in the back of the lab. MacGyver starts examining Boardman's personnel record. Boardman spend three years in the US Army as a demolitions expert. He finds Boardman's desk and a file with pictures. Prometheus calls MacGyver out. MacGyver sees him and begins to follow him. Prometheus leads MacGyver to the top of the building. MacGyver follows him and walks into another room with another bomb. MacGyver disarms the bomb but a magnet reactivates the timer. MacGyver uses a forklift to ride the bomb into the door. The door explodes and MacGyver uses a blanket to jump through the fire. MacGyver returns to Boardman's desk to have a look the file. Pictures of the café fire and one of them has Earl and Rachel on it. MacGyver goes outside and meets Joe who says Rachel is still at the station doing her psychological report.

MacGyver drives back to the fire department. Rachel is tied up and gagged to her chair with a bomb. MacGyver removes her gag and notices the bomb hasn't been activated yet. Prometheus reveals himself as Ralph Boardman, the building manager. He tells MacGyver to cuff himself to chair. Prometheus explains that the clues he gave Rachel was supposed to lead her to Globe Chronicle but MacGyver stuck his nose in so he had to die too. Rachel asks why he is doing this. Prometheus keeps the fire department and medics responsible for Victoria's death. MacGyver explains she was the victim in the café fire. Boardman and Victoria started the fire was for the insurance and Earl almost figured it out. Prometheus activates the bomb and leaves. MacGyver tells her to hold still and takes her badge to open the bomb to take out the motion detector. MacGyver hesitates for a moment. Moving the toggle switch to the left was the way to stop it before. MacGyver tries left again and the bomb stops ticking but the click of the magnet reactivates it. Rachel notices the magnetic connection. MacGyver uses the magnet from her walkie-talkie to completely disarm the bomb. The bomb stops at three seconds. Boardman is outside waiting for the explosion but too much time has passed. MacGyver picks the lock of the cuffs. Rachel calls Boardman out from the window. MacGyver appears above him on the wall and jumps down, punching him out.

Boardman is arrested. Rachel wants to know how MacGyver made the connection between the Prometheus fires and the café fire. MacGyver explains the first bomb was remote controlled so it was a trap for Earl. She wonders how he figured out it was Boardman. MacGyver reminds her of what Earl said about arsonists sticking around to see their fires. MacGyver shows her the picture of the café fire and points out Boardman in the back. MacGyver explains he couldn't accept the responsibility for Victoria's death. Rachel says he did it because he loved her. She says they did all they could to save her and she would bring back her badge if it would bring back Earl.

Walking Dead: Sunday October 20 1991.
MacGyver goes to a store in Little Haiti. In the store, Denise and her niece Cherine are bothered by a man who claims to be a friend of Baron Samedi and thinks Cherine has ideas that are against his cause. After the man leaves Cherine is kidnapped. Denise finds a voodoo doll on the street. MacGyver tells the police what he saw and understands everyone is scared. MacGyver asks Denise why she doesn't want to help the police. Denise says the Tonton Macoutes has her and the voodoo doll is a vodoun warning to remain silent. MacGyver takes the doll to Mama Lorraine's shop and is impressed on her datura leaves. Mama Lorraine explains it's a powerful medicine against poison. She knows Cherine has been kidnapped. MacGyver shows Mama Lorraine the voodoo doll. She says the doll means Cherine has been cursed by the Tonton Macoutes. MacGyver asks where he can find the Tonton Macoutes and meets with Dr. Redemteur. Redemteur met Cherine at the university where he teaches Afro-Haitian culture. Cherine tried to stop the old Duvalier government from gaining power in the United States. Redemteur heard rumours about secret meetings and ceremonies. MacGyver says that the guy who took Cherine mentioned Baron Samedi. Baron Samedi is the lord of the dead and the undead. Mama Lorraine explains it as zombies. MacGyver asks if they're not a myth. Redemteur assures him that such things are not only possible but actually exist. There is a poison with the right dose that can induce a coma state, which is very similar to death. MacGyver asks if Redemteur knows where the secret meetings are being held. Redemteur doesn't know but they are gathering new followers every day and his patients and students no longer speak to him. Cherine is brought in a room by the man who kidnapped her. Baron Samedi appears before her whom she knows as Devraux. She calls him a sick, evil man, living in the past. He says the past can become the future. They will bring back the old ways tand she will help. She says that day will never come but he says the future is now and poisons her with his ring. The poison takes immediate effect as she collapses.

MacGyver is examining the voodoo doll to find out where it came from and they check out the old Liberty Dam. MacGyver sees the guy who grabbed Cherine. Mama Lorraine knows him as Concasseur. Concasseur demands to open Cherine's casket. The crowd looks at Cherine. MacGyver says she looked dead. Mama Lorraine reminds him of what Redemteur told him about zombies and to open his mind. Mama Lorraine explains it's an ancient formula that renders the victim lifeless but the mind remains conscious. Cherine will be aware of everything until she's dead. MacGyver asks if there is an antidote. Mama Lorraine says there is: datura leaves, but she needs more than what she has in her bag and in time. They get in by having Mama Lorraine distracts the guard. MacGyver walks in from above and runs into a tunnel followed by Mama Lorraine. They enter another corridor and hide behind some barrels. At the end of the corridor there are two guards on watch. MacGyver tells her to go ahead while he looks for Cherine. Mama Lorraine goes to a room with a stage where Concasseur is preparing a microphone. MacGyver hides behind another door that looks out on the stage. Baron Samedi appears, welcoming his followers. MacGyver leaves back to the other corridor while Samedi speaks and goes to another entrance closer to the stage. Samedi tells that he will bring Cherine back. MacGyver opens the casket attempting to get Cherine to consciousness. Concasseur asks Mama Lorraine to join them and reminds her that those who are not with them are their enemies. She says she will consult the spirits. Mama Lorraine sees MacGyver behind the curtain. MacGyver says Cherine's not breathing but she is alive. Mama Lorraine warns him it might not take long. If she doesn't get the antidote she'll never recover. A door in the ground opens and Samedi appears with Concasseur and his men. Samedi orders his men to take MacGyver and Concasseur to keep an eye on Mama Lorraine. Samedi poisons MacGyver who becomes one of the undead. Samedi explains what the poison does until he dies or is given the antidote. Samedi wanted to do the zombie ceremony with Cherine himself but now wants Mama Lorraine to do it to show they truly possess the power of vodoun. She would only have to awaken Cherine and once the people sees she is on their side, she can revive MacGyver. She gives MacGyver datura leaves and tells Samedi she will do it but warns him not to cross her. Mama Lorraine is brought away and MacGyver is placed inside a casket.

MacGyver is brought in the back of a truck to be buried. MacGyver eats the datura leaves and regains his senses. He escapes the casket and the truck. MacGyver goes back to Mama Lorraine's shop to get more datura leaves. Redemteur comes in who thought MacGyver was a burglar. MacGyver explains he got poisoned and let himself in to get the antidote. Redemteur pulls his gun as he was send to retrieve the voodoo doll. Redemteur tells MacGyver he needs to visit a hospital to fully recover and calls Concasseur and his men to deal with him. MacGyver asks if he is on Devraux's payrole or being controlled with a voodoo doll. Redemteur ask if he's really that superstitious. MacGyver says he likes to keep an open mind, but sometimes he's gotta have a little faith. MacGyver throws flashpowder and knocks him out. MacGyver arrives back at the dam. He distracts the guard by dropping the voodoo doll and kicks him in the face. Mama Lorraine begins the ceremony. MacGyver prepares a trap with the stocked barrels in the tunnel. Mama Lorraine awakens Cherine. Devraux says it's time for the baron to make his entrance and orders Concasseur not to let them leave the stage. MacGyver crawls underneath the stage. He finds Samedi's chamber and figures out how the trapdoor works. MacGyver finds a little gizmo laying around that Samedi uses to create the explosion of his entrance. Samedi walks into the room getting ready for the ceremony. MacGyver quietly walks down the ladder and hides behind boxes. Samedi walks up the ladder and MacGyver pulls the ladder back. Samedi hits his head against the edge of the trapdoor and falls down. MacGyver takes his knife back. Samedi's entrance music begins and he appears with an explosion. Only it is MacGyver himself disguised as Samedi and explains the people have been deceived and lied to. Mama Lorraine tells them he is speaking the truth. Concasseur is convinced it's not Devraux. MacGyver creates another explosion and runs. MacGyver leads them to the door where he set the trap. The men run into the tunnel and MacGyver releases the barrels. All the men are run over by the barrels as MacGyver and the two women escape.

Monday October 21 1991.
MacGyver returns to Mama Lorraine after being in the hospital. Mama Lorraine says she talked to Denise and Cherine will be recovered in time to testify against Devraux and his people. The spirits will be avenged. MacGyver thinks the courts will put them away before the spirits do and admits he has a lot to learn about her religion. Mama Lorraine says, he owes the spirits a goat. But she told them he was vegetarian.

Good Knight MacGyver: Monday November 4 1991.
MacGyver and Pete are visiting Dr. Irwin Malcolm. A man specialised in genealogy and tracked down family trees. Dr. Malcolm explains that the MacGyver name disappears somewhere in the 17th century but that the M'Iver clan can be traced all the way back to the 14th century. The first recorded chief of the clan in the 14th century, Iain M'Iver, shares the same first name with his 17th-century counterpart Iain MacGyver. Both men gave their sons the exact same name. The M'Iver clan dates all the way back to the 7th century. Malcolm says his search also lead to mysterious references of another Iain M'Iver. In Gaelic poems dating back to the 7th century they tell of a man who fell prey to great evil and died, shackled in a dungeon, a victim of wrongful captivity and tells the 7th-century Iain M'Iver's son also had the same name.

Pete is impressed of having a friend with roots in mediaeval history. MacGyver says Malcolm is real interesting but thinks his methods aren't too scientific. MacGyver and Pete are about to cross the street. Down the street, a man is getting ready for his wedding. On the fire escape above him some men are trying to move a matrass. MacGyver sees it but says it's not very smart. One of the men says he's got the matress but accidently hits a window box that falls down the fire escape. MacGyver pushes the groom out of the way and gets the widow box on his head. When he regains consciousness he finds out he is no longer in his own time. Knights are hovering over him telling him to move out of the way. MacGyver gets up and sees two knights on horses coming at him in a knightly combat. The knights clash and one of them Galahad is hit down by Duncan. Duncan prepares to kill Galahad but MacGyver comes in between. MacGyver tells him Galahad will lead a quest to find the Holy Grail. Merlin asks the Holy Grail. MacGyver confirms and looks at the man dressed like a magician. Duncan wants to know who MacGyver is. Merlin thinks he's a sorcerer from some foreign land, sensing demon magic. Duncan says he fears no man, nor magic and tells MacGyver to take Galahad's place in the next round of combat. MacGyver agrees and seconds Galahad. Duncan tells him to choose his weapon. MacGyver chooses a rope to use as a lasso to pull Duncan of his horse. Everyone is surprised and congratulate him on his victory.

The knights are gathering in front of King Arthur's throne. King Arthur makes his entrance. MacGyver asks Galahad when Arthur lost his eyesight. Galahad explains it happened a year before in an ambush by Queen Morgana who abducted Cecilia and left Arthur for dead. The music player tells Arthur the stranger stands before him. Arthur tells MacGyver he's a courageous stranger. Duncan snaps out saying MacGyver had no cause and that it was Galahad's fight. Arthur tells him to calm down and is displeased with knights fighting amongst themselves. Earlier he received news that Morgana has created a new weapon, that has the power to kill people from great distance. They have to move at once to rescue Cecilia or it may be too late. Arthur asks Galahad what he has to say about the stranger. Galahad explains MacGyver saw he could not fight and risked his life to save him. Arthur says they owe MacGyver a debt of gratitude and wants to know who he is and how he came among them. MacGyver introduces himself. The knights suddenly draw swords. Arthur tells his knights MacGyver is worthy of explanation. MacGyver appreciates it and wonders what he said wrong. Arthur tells him the pronouncement of his name. MacGyver repeats it and swords are drawn. Arthur raises his hand to hold the knights and says the M'Iver name is banished. MacGyver wants to know why. Arthur explains Iain M'Iver made a partnership with his half-sister, Morgana that claimed the life of many innocent people and his own vision. The partnership threatens the life of Cecilia who is held prisoner. MacGyver explains his ancestor has been wrongfully accused and will be victimised by Morgana and that he will die. Duncan demands to know how he knows these things. MacGyver says he has knowledge of a future time. Merlin tells Arthur it is evil knowledge and they must purge themselves from evil's presence. Duncan draws his sword again wanting to kill MacGyver. Swords appear all around MacGyvers head. Arthur calms them down. MacGyver claims to have the gift of prophecy and wants to give him the chance to prove it against Merlin's magic. Merlin questions the court's authority but will put MacGyver to the test. Merlin presents the rope, MacGyver used earlier and will bring it to life. Merlin begins an incantation and raises the rope to his height. Arthur says Merlin demonstrated his magic and wants proof of MacGyver's. MacGyver says Merlin's magic awakened the rope and he would make it go to sleep again with his knife. MacGyver cuts through the wire that keeps the rope up. Merlin is outraged saying it is demon sourcery. Arthur tells MacGyver has to show them some good magic, the magic of creation or else die. MacGyver pulls out a match and lights it with his finger to create fire. Arthur says MacGyver has proven himself and with the magic of Merlin and MacGyver combined they will have the force to bring Morgana down. Arthur drinks of his goblet. Merlin says that if he has to face Morgana, he wants to be accompanied by any knight of the court. Duncan agrees and reminds them of the law that acquires Merlin has to be accompanied by a knight in the king's service. Duncan offers himself to go with Merlin. Arthur has another thought but collapses on his throne.

They bring him to his tent. MacGyver asks Arthur if he can describe the pain. Arthur says he can't and Merlin pushes MacGyver out of the way. Healing is his domain. MacGyver notices a small vial on the ground near the king's food table and a dirty knife. He smells the vial and sees traces of what was in it on the knife. He concludes Arthur was poisoned. MacGyver says he needs three or four eggs and a clean goblet to prepare an antidote. MacGyver stirs the compound and tells Arthur to drink it. The antidote seems to work as Arthur breathes deeply and relaxes. Galahad wants to know who prepared the king's food. Duncan says it must've been the new page that just joined them and goes to find him. MacGyver, Merlin and Arthur stay behind. Merlin snatches the vial from the plate and stuffs it in his cloak. MacGyver tells Arthur he was poisoned. Arthur asks Merlin to leave and wants to bestow knighthood on MacGyver so he can ride with Merlin against Morgana to save Cecilia and clear his name to restore his family's honour. MacGyver understands why Arthur is king. The knights found the page and MacGyver hurries outside. One of the knights caught him when he tried to sneak out of camp and found gold he was carrying. The page says he didn't do anything wrong. Duncan asks if the gold is his and to answer truly. MacGyver arrives as the page tells he answers truly. For Duncan it's more than enough and kills him with the sword. MacGyver says he didn't gave him a chance. Duncan says it was a just punishment for the crime and the page admitted his guilt. The knights leave him with the dead page.

MacGyver tells Arthur what happened. The knights return and Duncan explains they killed the page who tried to escape. Duncan gives him the gold they found. Arthur tells them he gave the gold to Merlin. Merlin is brought in by two knights and demands to be let go. Arthur demands an explanation. Duncan says they have reason to believe Merlin tried to kill Arthur. Merlin was seen washing out the same vial that was found earlier in the tent. Merlin says the vial is his and that it was stolen, like the gold by the page. Duncan also found a parchment on the page bearing Merlin's personal seal. MacGyver wants to know when they found that. Duncan says they searched the page's clothing before he was buried. Arthur wants to know if it's true. Merlin thinks the page stole the seal, when he went out to wash the vial. Duncan reminds Arthur about the law that when any member of the court is suspected of wrongdoing his fate shall be determined by his knights in a Council of Judgement. Merlin says it is an outrage and tells Arthur not them let them do it. Duncan says they have no choice. Arthur says it is the law and have Merlin confined in his quarters until the council has reached it's judgement. Merlin screams out his innnocence. Arthur wonders how this could've happened. MacGyver believes Merlin is innocent and might able to prove with Merlin's stuff. Arthur agrees and tells him to do it quickly.

At night the knights are holding their Council of Judgement. MacGyver goes into Merlin's tent to figure out where the poison came from. MacGyver thinks it was a very special poison and doubts Merlin could've made it but to prove his theory he has to isolate the ingredients which takes about all night. MacGyver explains he is making a machine called an electrophoresis. MacGyver is placing two electrically charged metal shards in the contraption he made. Liquid is starting to bubble and the poision becomes visible in the tubes. The knights arrive and have reached a judgement. MacGyver says the poison must be vanadium. A binary poison in the seventh century. MacGyver asks Merlin if he has ever been in Caledonia. Merlin says he's never been there because it's Morgana land. MacGyver tells him he just proved he is innocent. Duncan walks in. Merlin has been found guilty by the Council of Judgement and is taken to be burned at the stake. MacGyver says he can prove Merlin is innocent and runs back to Arthur to tell him to stop the execution. MacGyver explains that the poison that was used is found only in Caledonia. Arthur knows the Highlands is Morgana's country and that Merlin has never been there. Only Duncan, as a symbol of his courage. MacGyver goes to stop them and Arthur gives him his Royal Seal for authority to stop the execution. Merlin is tied up at the stake and screams his innocence. Duncan lits a torch and orders Ector to start the fire. Merlin tells Ector he will conjure dark curses to haunt him into eternity. MacGyver comes out of Merlin's tent, pouring powder in a bottle. He places the cap on and takes a horse to the execution field. Duncan starts the fire himself. MacGyver arrives and puts it. Duncan tells his men to grab him. MacGyver tells them Arthur authorised him to stop the execution and explains Duncan is the guilty one, since he is the only one who has ever been to Morgana land and has been pushing things from the start. Duncan is tired of his ravings and accuses MacGyver of countermanding an order of his king. MacGyver takes out the Royal Seal Arthur gave as authority to stop the execution and the king already knows who the guilty party is. Duncan flees the scene. Another gathering is about to take place. Merlin greets the king but stuff falls out of his cloak. He quickly grabs everything. Arthur tells him he seems prepared for all contigencies and will rejoice when his friend returns. Merlin kisses the Royal ring and thanks him. MacGyver approaches Arthur in his knight outfit. Arthur tells him it's a day of import for both their families. Cecilia must live for Galahad and for them all. MacGyver says he will do his best. Arthur takes off the amulet he's wearing and gives to MacGyver. It's a symbol of good fortune and safekeeping. He shows him the Royal Favour. Rolled up inside. The highest honour, reserved only for Knights of the Round Table. Arthur places the amulet around MacGyver's head. Arthur tells them now they are one and tells him godspeed. MacGyver humbly thanks him.

MacGyver and Merlin arrive at the entrance of a cave. Merlin tells him it's the only passageway to Morgana's kingdom. The cave was the domain of the dragon Bog, a horrible beast whose saliva could melt the bark from trees and died in there. They will proceed on foot because according to Merlin it'll be safer. MacGyver ties the horses to a tree and goes into the cave with Merlin. MacGyver notices horsemarks on the ground and concludes Duncan took his horse into the cave. Merlin scolds him calling him a fool and a scoundrel. They hear Duncan's voice begging for help. Merlin wants to help but MacGyver holds him back telling him it could be a trap. Merlin doesn't want to hear it and walks deeper into the cave. Suddenly the whole ground gives in. MacGyver and Merlin are hanging over a lavapit. Duncan appears above them. Merlin asks Duncan for help but Morgana is expecting his presence. If it wasn't for them, he would've killed Arthur and claimed Cecilia as his reward but now he must lie. Behind him a foot appears that pushes him into the lavapit. Morgana appears saying she hates liars. She greets Merlin saying that he and his friend need soms strong magic. She hopes they are up for it but tells them to remember they can always let go. MacGyver's slat starts to break and reaches for his knife. He rams the corkscrew in the wooden board to pull himself up. The slat he was holding onto totally breaks off. He tells Merlin to grab the slat and slowly they crawl up the pallet to make it tip over. MacGyver swivels around and lies across the pivot point, trying to keep the balance steady. He tells Merlin to crawl over him. Merlin crawls over him but when he's almost of the pallet, he deliberatly makes an abrupt move that almost dumps MacGyver into the lavapit. MacGyver yells he should tell him when he's going to move like that. MacGyver carefully gets up and unscrews his knife from the pallet. He takes a few steps forward off the pallet and gets across safely. He reprimands Merlin of what he just did. Merlin considers MacGyver as a rival who is just in his way. MacGyver wants to get something straight and explains he is not his rival. All he wants to do is to clear his family name and prevent Morgana to use her new weapon. Merlin says the sooner that is done, the sooner he can put him behind him and crawls back up. MacGyver calls that gratitude and gets up himself. They walk all the way to the other side of the cave. Before they make it out of the cave, a masked dog runs in barking at them. The dog's leash is attached to a rope in the walls of the cave and blocks the way. After a few suggestions of Merlin, MacGyver takes off his amulet and makes a dogwhistle to scare the dog away.

Morgana is working on her weapon when Zeus runs in her room. She wonders why he ran home but realises they are getting unexpected guests. MacGyver and Merlin are about to reach the castle. Merlin warns MacGyver that he is not the magician he once was and he is about to confront Morgana with a used-up sorcerer. MacGyver thinks Merlin is better than he's ever been because now he has the magic of wisdom to go along with everything else and will go down as the greatest magician of all time. Merlin smiles, not believing him but asks if he's really the greatest of all time. MacGyver nods and Merlin supposes it's only natural and both men run up to the castle. They reach the big gate and Merlin forces the door with a flat object. They walk in and find Morgana's laboratory. Merlin starts to read her journal. MacGyver examines a barrel and smells it. It smells like gunpowder. MacGyver begins to read the journal and finds a tube with gunpowder. Morgana has discovered gunpowder hunderds of years before the Chinese. Merlin asks if this gunpowder will give Morgana even more dangerous magic. MacGyver says not magic but it is dangerous and destructive. She has enough to blow up half the kingdom. They hear Cecilia from up stairs beg for water and have a look. MacGyver signals her to stay quiet. MacGyver says they need to get the keys of from the guard. Merlin knocks the guard out. MacGyver takes the keys of the guard and opens Cecilia dungeon. Cecilia asks where Galahad is. Merlin tells her Galahad is waiting in the forest and introduces MacGyver. Cecilia recognizes the name and asks if he is related to Iain M'Iver. MacGyver says he believes he is. Merlin urges her to come along but she explains that without Iain M'Iver she would no longer be alive and wants to help him. She says he has been a captive ever since Morgana stole his land and started a terrible rumour of their alliance. Iain is being held in the dungeon next to hers, chained up against a wall. Cecilia doesn't know if he's still alive after Morgana's cruelty. MacGyver releases Iain who is barely alive. Iain asks MacGyver to go find his son and to tell the M'Iver name is unsullied as he did no wrong. MacGyver promises he will do his best but needs to know his son's name. Iain tries to but dies of rigorousness. MacGyver tells Merlin and Cecilia that he is gone and explains he has been told that Iain's son and himself has the same first name but now he'll never know. Cecilia remembers Iain tried to write his son a message on the back wall while he was still in neck shackles. MacGyver says he can't make it out. Cecilia tells MacGyver that there has to be something they can do. MacGyver takes gunpowder tube in his pocket to burn the lettering out. She says if they don't find Iain's son, he'll live out his days like a thief in hiding. Merlin wants to leave but Cecilia says if it weren't for Iain she wouldn't be alive to rescue and that there can be no happiness in her freedom if they don't try to carry out his last wish. She tells MacGyver to do what he can. MacGyver asks how the guard is doing and Merlin says he's dead to world and soon they will be too. MacGyver blows out the gunpowder over the message and lits up a match to light it. Cecilia is impressed. Merlin wonders what it says. MacGyver thinks it's a code. Cecilia says the writing is so strange it must be another language. MacGyver figures out what it is and needs Cecilia's silver barrett and asks Merlin for ammonia. MacGyver tells him to use ammonia on the barrett to make a mirror. MacGyver tells them it's a mirror image. Iain reversed the lettering on purpose so it would be hard to read. The message is for his son and knew if he ever found it, he wouldn't quit until he figured it out. Merlin finishes the barrett. MacGyver is holding the mirror trying to read the message and finds out his first name: "Angus." Malcolm was right about everything. Iain's son and himself have the same first name. Cecilia says it's a beautiful name. MacGyver tells her it might be in her time but not where he comes from. The door is slammed shut and locked. Morgana says it is an unexpected pleasure as she is impressed to see Merlin and the knight she never properly met. MacGyver introduces himself and says he was related to Iain. Morgana snaps her fingers ordering her guard to set the glass. Within the hour, they can all participate in her crowning achievement with the world's most advanced killing machine and they will make interesting targets.

MacGyver, Merlin and Cecilia are trapped inside the dungeon. Cecilia blames herself for bringing it upon both of them. MacGyver tells them they are not done yet and wants Merlin to cut up his robe into one long strip of cloth. MacGyver asks Cecilia for the silk and quills in the top of her dress. MacGyver ties the quills together and makes a frame. Cecilia fills a bottle with gun powder. MacGyver ties a string of cloth to Merlin's knife and explains they're making a kite which he hopes to get up to the turret, to conduct a bolt of electricity through the wet string, so they can blow up the door and start a fire in Morgana's lab. MacGyver wets the rolled up robe in a puddle near the door and throws the robe down the stairs to a barrel of gunpowder. MacGyver pulls the robe through the keyhole and stuffs it with hay. MacGyver needs Merlin's wine bag. MacGyver mixes vitriol with zinc in a small bottle to have hydrogen gas. MacGyver tells him to get ready to put the bag over the mouth of the bottle when he says. The mix starts to evaporate. Cecilia smiles and Merlin is impressed. He says to cap it and the bag fills with gas. Merlin becomes even more erratic. Cecilia smiles at MacGyver as he is charmed. He takes out the bottle and shuts the bag. MacGyver finishes the kite and let it fly up to the turret. The kite makes it way outside. Merlin forgives MacGyver for everything and wants to give him his knife back. MacGyver says to consider it as a token of friendship. MacGyver roll up the tube of gunpowder into the lock and starts waiting for the lightning to strike. Morgana comes up and ask what the robe is. MacGyver tells her she is standing on a very dangerous spot and can better run. Morgana recognizes the M'Iver defiance, knowing there was something about him she despised. MacGyver wouldn't want to have it any other way. She says it pleases her that he would become the first official victim of the weapon that would ultimately conquer the world. She bids him a fond farewell. Lightning strikes sending a bolt down that blows open the door and follows it's way down the robe to Morgana's lab hitting the barrell that blows up. Morgana screams. She realizes MacGyver did this and swears to kill him. Lighting strikes again, electrocuting her. MacGyver takes his chance, places Merlin's cloak over Cecilia and they run down. Merlin sees Morgana's journal and tells them to wait. MacGyver take Merlin out of the laboratory. Morgana calls out MacGyver. She fires her weapon straight at his head. Morgana dies in the following explosion. MacGyver is blown against the big doors and dies slowly.

A paramedic is flashing a light in MacGyver's eyes. Pete, the groom, the bride and a whole bunch of other people have crowded over him. Pete asks if he is alright. MacGyver is adjusting but thinks so. Pete was a little worried. The paramedic recommends going home and getting some rest since he got a pretty good bonk on the head. They help MacGyver up. The groom expresses his thanks for saving his life. Also the bride does and kisses him. The couple looks like Galahad and Cecilia. MacGyver says he was glad to help. The paramedic finishes up and places a third band aid on the MacGyver's head and cuts off a piece of another. MacGyver sees he is holding the scissors of his knife. He grabs the wrist and the paramedic ask if he's alright. MacGyver nods yes and takes out the Arthur's amulet out of his pocket.

(Note: this two-parter originally aired on Monday November 4 1991 and Monday November 11 1991.)
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

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Deadly Silents: Between Tuesday November 5 and Friday November 8 1991.
MacGyver is visting his friend Pinky Burnett, a silent-film star. Pinky found his old movies back on his attic and asks MacGyver to restore them so he can show his three best movies that were never seen before to a new audience. If the movies can be restored, he doesn't have to sell the house. Pinky explains his partnership with Karl Banky and that they were both head over heels over Violet Meredith. An actress who disappeared after the sound film came. Pinky gives MacGyver his films but are stolen shortly after by Karl and Neil. MacGyver and Pinky follow them to filmstudio where they are waited for. Karl and Neil set them up and has a few surprises for them. MacGyver and Pinky replay a scene out of one of Pinky's movies to take them down.

On opening night, Pinky thinks the audience doesn't like his movies. MacGyver says they're great and has not to be worried. Pinky tells MacGyver he got a distribution deal and an offer to star in big picture. MacGyver says that's terrific and calms him down. The enthusiasm of the audience convinces him that Pinky is back, all the way.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday November 18 1991.)

The Mountain of Youth: Between Saturday November 9 1991 and Saturday November 16 1991.
MacGyver flies out to Ammukash/Kabulstan to pick up Jack Dalton who crashed his plane there and met Mukti at the crash site. Ammukash/Kabulstan is a fictitious country most likely the counterpart is the Jammu and Kashmir State in Northern India. Given that that is the location MacGyver must've travelled from Los Angeles to the winter capital Jammu and from there on by helicopter brought to the Kashmir Valley. MacGyver's flight takes 16 hours and 01 minute over a distance of 7.758 miles, (12486 km). From there on he figures out where Jack crashed and than flies by helicopter to the Kashmir Valley where he jumps out of the helicopter by parachute and lands near the crash site of Jack's plane. He reunites with Jack Dalton who wants to get to the Fountain of Youth to sample the water and analyze it but first they have to get permission of the Mir Baba. On their way they meet Mukti an 42 year old woman, who accompanies them to the temple. Baba gives them permission to go the fountain guided by Mukti. It is believed the water of the fountain makes people live longer. MacGyver of course doesn't believe it but according to Jack it's true. They fill up Jack's cans when the ground rumbles and the water stops flowing. MacGyver thinks the water might be diverted and goes to investigate. They find a pump house but are ambushed by Kabulstani soldiers. Baba gets shot in a crossfire and is taken to his meditation cave. He gives MacGyver permission to go and find out what the soldiers are up to with the water. MacGyver goes back to the pump house and drops a tracking device in the water to find out where the water is diverted too. MacGyver, Jack and Mukti are led to a guarded mountain. Inside they find a heavy water plant to make H-bombs. MacGyver sees Dr. Liang, a Chinese scientist who is into making these bombs. Jack wonders if the U.N. knows about this but MacGyver doubts it and goes to find proof. MacGyver goes to the surveillance room to steal a videotape from the security cameras. Jack went his way to steal water samples but they are caught when they return and locked up in a cell. MacGyver starts messing with the electrical lock and Jack explains he was promised two hundred thousand dollars by an advertising company if he got them the exclusive rights on the water of the fountain. That's why he needed Mukti's help because she is the living proof the water works. MacGyver asks for the one test tube Jack kept behind and uses the tube to connect two wires to cause a short cut the next time the door opens. The soldiers and Dr. Liang comes back in to ask what happened to the videotape. MacGyver refuses to talk and Liang order his men to organise a firing squad. They leave again and it turns out one of the soldiers is Mukti's twin brother. When the soldiers are gone MacGyver opens the door and they escape. MacGyver retrieves the videotape and tells Jack to bring Mukti back to the temple and deliver the tape to the U.N. if he doesn't make it back on time. MacGyver goes back to the pump house and destroy it by raising the water pressure. Back at the temple MacGyver and Jack say goodbye to Mukti, who decides no to go to America. On their way to the chopper Jack decides not to continue with his plans thinking it would be bad karma.

(Note: This episode originally airs on Thursday May 21 1992. Even though this episode is known as the lost episode, I assume this episode was supposed to take place after Deadly Silents and before Split Decision. As in Split Decision MacGyver says he has been gone for a week. It would neatly fit in as since two weeks passed between Deadly Silents and Split Decision so there is plenty of time for. All this take place in one day. Though he has been away for a week, trying to find Jack's crash site and bringing Jack back home.)

Split Decision: Saturday November 16 1991.
MacGyver comes home from his latest assignment and meets Dent in his house. Dent wants MacGyver to get him back in shape and needs a character witness, so he could get custody over his 14-year-old daughter Veronica. At the Department of Children's Wellfare, MacGyver meets his daughter Veronica and they go talk to the woman who is responsible for her. Dent says he is going to change his life and provide a stable environment for his daughter by boxing. He's got a fight coming up with a great prize attached to and wants to use that to provide for Veronica. The woman says he's got to proof it or he will not get custody of Veronica. Dent gets three weeks to proof himself and the fight is in two weeks and he will get 25.000 dollars for it and his daughter. MacGyver converts his garage into a gym for Dent to train in with selfmade equipment. Ronnie and Dent starts training when Dent's old manager Riggins and his man Bailey walk in. Dent sends Ronnie upstairs to MacGyver. Riggins reminds Dent do go down in the 8th round. MacGyver comes back downstairs and Dent introduces him to Riggins and Bailey. Riggins tells Dent they don't want to be disappointed and leaves. MacGyver and Dent finds out Ronnie ran away. They go look for her and MacGyver finds her at a busstop. MacGyver explains her he ran away once because Harry told him to get lost. Only later he realised Harry was trying to protect him just as Dent is trying to protect her, probably from himself. Dent finds them and argues with Ronnie who thinks there isn't a fight at all. Dent takes her to the gym to prove her there is one. His name is there on a big poster. They have a look inside the gym where Dent's opponent Crazy Eddie Johnson is and almost gets into a fight there. Crazy Eddie tells him he don't care about his 4.000 dollar and is happy to fight Dent for free. MacGyver takes a blow to the nose in the scuffle. Eddie's manager tells Dent to leave as he, MacGyver and Ronnie does.

At night Dent tucks her in and she apologizes for thinking there wasn't any fight. Dent tells her to forget about it and to get some sleep as they have a lot to do the next day.
In the living room MacGyver is making stuff for Dent's corner, like an ice pack. MacGyver says Dent lied to him and knows he's going to throw the fight. MacGyver heard Eddie would get 4,000 while Dent gets 25,000 and wants that explained. Dent says MacGyver heard the lady and that he has three weeks to come up with enough money to provide for Ronnie or he'll lose her. MacGyver says it's just as well. Dent asks what that is supposed to mean but MacGyver says to figure it out. Dent says it is just this once so he can get custody and than he gives it up. MacGyver asks if he doesn't think Ronnie's going to know. She has eyes and will see right through him and she needs a father to teach her right from wrong. Dent leaves after that.

Between Sunday November 17 1991 and Friday November 29 1991.
Dent is sitting in the garage when Ronnie walks in and confesses she stole gloves from the gym. Dent starts pounding the punching bag and later goes Riggins and Bailey who are arranging all the bets for the fight. Dent tells them the deal is off and no longer cares about himself. He will see Riggins at the fight. Riggins is not happy about this and plans to take his daughter.

Back home, Dent is training and telling MacGyver what he did. Ronnie walks back in after she took the gloves back to the gym. Dent starts to train full-time for his upcoming fight with the help of Ronnie and MacGyver.

Saturday November 30 1991.
MacGyver says he's going to get everything set up in the arena. Riggins and Bailey sees him leaving and take their chance. They take Ronnie hostage and she understand they want him to throw the fight. She tells him not to but Riggins says they have deal. In the arena MacGyver is getting worried about Ronnie. During the fight Dent explains him Riggins took her to the machine shop across the street. MacGyver tells him he may not have to throw the fight and goes after her. MacGyver runs to the machine shop and tries to find a way in through the roof. He finds Ronnie in cage and rescues her and takes down Riggins and Bailey as well. They return to the arena where Dent is knocked down. Ronnie motivates him to get back and beat Crazy Eddie Johnson who ends saved by the bell and turns out to be the winner. Ronnie is disappointed but to Dent all that matter is that she is safe.

Later when everybody is gone, Dent says the money he ended up with is not going to satisfy the lady down at the Children Services. Ronnie says the lady might give them more time to get the money. MacGyver calls out Dent out saying he's got somebody who wants to talk to him. It's Herman the German, a wrestler they met earlier. Herman says he's the kind of man he wants to manage. Dent says he quit boxing but Herman was talking about wrestling and got a 30,000 dollar. Ronnie says he'll do it and take the money. Dent isn't sure yet. MacGyver tells him a good athlete always listens to his trainer. Dent says he thinks they do and maybe they could work something out.

(Note: This episode originally airs on Monday December 2 1991.)

Gunz 'N Boyz: Friday December 13 1991.
MacGyver is working at the Challenger's Club. Gang leader Player G is trying to recrute a boy named Bobby, into his gang by having him sell drugs and showing him his guns to join the Oliver Street Gang. Brian and Kelvin walk out but they are held back by their mother Regina. They see what is happening at the parking lot. Regina calls MacGyver to take care of it and tells another girl to call the police. MacGyver tells Bobby to go inside. Regina joins MacGyver and wants G and his gang to leave. G is looking for Brian and almost gets into a fight with him. G insults Regina. Guns are drawn when a police car drives up. G and his gang flee. Sergeant Mullins comes out of the car and asks if Brian is causing trouble. MacGyver says the real trouble just took off. Mullins doesn't like Brian and explains MacGyver how dangerous the neighborhood is and to watch his back. At Regina's place, MacGyver is having dinner. Brian is angry for what happened earlier and wants to get even with G. MacGyver reminds him that he already lost his big brother Eddie to a gang bullet and is about to put his younger brother Kelvin in the same danger. A car breaks nearby and the next moment bullets are flying through the house. Regina takes one in the shoulder. Brian gets a gun from under the couch and runs away. Kelvin calls the paramedics. Regina tells MacGyver to find Brian. She doesn't want to lose another son.

At Stumpy's place, Player G and his gang are playing pool. G gets paged by the Gunman. In the back alley the Gunman appears from out of his truck that says Minton's Liquor. G owes him 3 grand but G wants a discount. The Gunman doesn't do discounts. G tells him he does if he says so. The Gunman just wants the 3 grand. G wants a 20 percent cut and forget they ever met. The Gunman says he can't do that. G shows him a gun and says he will. The Gunman seems to cave and sees he doesn't have choice. G wants to have a look at some of the automatics he got. G looks at one of the automatics and tells Gunman he would just take the gun to seal the deal. G turns his back and Gunman shoots him in the back. Brian saw the whole thing but knocks over a bottle. The Gunman hears him and shoots at him. G's gang walks out. Gunman tells them to get back inside because someone in the alley killed G. Gunman gets back in this truck and takes off. Brian runs and gets rid of his gun but is stopped by nearing police cars. Brian is arrested.

At night MacGyver and Kelvin are visiting Brian in jail. MacGyver wants to know what happened and if he killed G. Kelvin says their mother asked MacGyver to help. Brian says he didn't killed G, nor did he see anyone else in the alley except the Gunman. MacGyver asks who the Gunman is. Brian says he deals and that he is white. MacGyver wants to know what his righteous name because he wants to get to the truth.

Saturday December 14 1991.
MacGyver is checking out the boxes in the alley at Stumpy's. Stumpy walks out carrying boxes and meets MacGyver. MacGyver asks him some questions but Stumpy rather stays out of recent events. He goes back in and MacGyver finds an adress on one of the boxes: Minton's Liquor. He checks the place out but is caught by the Gunman who locks him up in a room. MacGyver escapes with a selfmade torpedo and goes back to Stumpy. MacGyver wants to know who the Gunman is and explains him kids are going to die. Stumpy gives him a telephone number to get rid of him. MacGyver invites him to a meeting in the Challengers Club the next day and leaves. MacGyver returns to the Challengers Club. Regina says she called everybody who says they are going to try to come to the meeting. MacGyver says the Gunman goes by the alias of Minton. Phoenix ran a trace on his cellphone to see where he made his calls from which should make it easier to find him. He also took his magazines to find out where he came from. Regina says she knows someone who works at one of the magazines and might be able to get subscribers list.

Later that night Kelvin finds out that the Gunman is meeting with the Oliver Street Gang in the abandoned brewery. Kelvin and his gang thinks this is the time to get rid of the Oliver Street and the Gunman at the same time.

Sunday December 15 1991.
MacGyver drives up to Gunman's place after he received a subscriber's list. He checks out the boxes and also find Minton's Liquor etiquet on one of them. Minton walks out to ask him what he is looking for. MacGyver says he's looking for guns and drugs. Minton recognises him from the day before and explains why he became a drugs and guns runner. He grabs MacGyver and cuffs him in his truck that is filled with dynamite he intends to blow up at the abandoned brewery. Regina comes home when Kelvin walks out saying he's got to go. A car has pulled up and he gets in. Regina tries to stop him but they drive off. The meeting starts in the Challenger's Club but no one seems to take the situation serious. Stumpy walks in to warn them about the upcoming fight between the two gangs at the brewery. Regina says it's time to take their responsibility and to look their kids in the eyes and say no. Reluctantly everyone at the meeting starts to follow her to the brewery. Minton and MacGyver arrive at the brewery. Minton sets his explosives and hides in the brewery to set if off with a remote. MacGyver starts picking his cuffs loose when the gangs arrive and guns get drawn. MacGyver escapes the truck and finds Minton. They get into a fight. The gangs are about to get into their own fight when Regina and the other parents arrive on the scene. MacGyver pushes Minton through the window and helps him back in. MacGyver drags Minton down when Stumpy arrives. MacGyver tells them to put the guns down and explains Minton set them up with a truck filled with dynamite. Stumpy tells them to do what MacGyver says and explains they can only hurt themselves. It sinks into the gangs when one of them puts his gun on the ground along with is cap. Everybody starts putting them down except for one. MacGyver calls him out and he looks back. His other gangmembers looks at him to put his gun down.

Monday December 16 1991.
Brian is released out of jail and MacGyver has organised a Green The Scene project. Brian tells Kelvin it's good to be out. MacGyver walks out holding plants. Regina says his project is working in more ways than one. MacGyver says the trick is to keep it working. Regina says that guns, drugs and gangs are a lot of bad habits they have to break in their community because if they don't those bad habits are going to destroy them and that it don't have to be dog-eat-dog but it can be people respecting people and that maybe the kids have some role models now. MacGyver says he sure hopes so.

Off The Wall: Saturday December 28 1991.
During a night, a burglary takes place in the law office of Helen Dempsey and Rose Magruta. The thief is looking pictures involving the bad state of the building appartment his boss owns. He finds the files and leaves.

Lobo is arrested for painting a message against Kasanti, his grandmother's landlord who evicted her. MacGyver bails him out and borrowed a truck to move her stuff to his place. Kasanti receives money from a barber and walks past the graffiti message of Lobo. He meets Andrew Lawton at a car. Lawton tells him he thought there was nothing holding up the sale of the building but he heard Gloria Diaz is contesting her eviction notice. Kasanti says the judge threw out her case because her lawyers couldn't come up with the evidence. He shows Gloria is being moved out of the building and assures she is history. MacGyver and Lobo are helping Gloria to move her stuff. Her lawyers Helen and Rose arrive. They apologize and explains all the evidence was stolen from their office. Gloria introduces them to MacGyver. MacGyver asks about the evidence that was stolen. Helen and Rose explain it was on the bad state of the building. MacGyver suggests to get the evidence back. Rose gives her camera to MacGyver. MacGyver and Lobo are taking pictures when Kasanti arrives. MacGyver tells him he is going to prove the building is dangerous. Kasanti says his inspection reports proves otherwise. MacGyver says they will set it out in court then. They continue to take pictures when Stroud walks in with two henchmen. MacGyver says they will leave peacefully but Stroud swings his bat at Lobo. MacGyver kicks them down and run to the roof. Lobo points out a fire escape when they get cornered at the edge of the roof. MacGyver and Lobo jumps over the roofs to the fire escape. They block the fire escape with a pipe and go to Helen and Rose's law office. MacGyver gives Rose's camera back. Helen explains they found out Hamilton Plaza is an urban redevelopment project if it gets city council approval. It will drive downtown real-estate value sky high. Kasanti will be able to sell his buildings for a huge profit to Lawton Enterprises. MacGyver goes to visit him.

MacGyver meets Lawton to inform him his renewal projects is at the expense of innocent people losing their homes making slumlords like Kasanti rich. Lawton says it's not his concern but MacGyver thinks it should be. Lawton has no problem with Kasanti as long the evictions are legal. MacGyver warns him he will fight the eviction notice. MacGyver goes back to the law office and Helen gives him a file to look at. Rose says four of Kasanti's tenements were signed by four different inspectors. MacGyver says they all can't be on the take. MacGyver and Lobo goes to the Building and Safety Department. MacGyver calls out the lady behind the counter and says he would like to speak to the four inspectors who signed off the tenements. Unfortunately three of them are fired and one of them has retired. Clinton Ferris, the director of Building and Safety offers them help. MacGyver explains that according to the dates the inspectors signed the inspection reports months, even years after they left the job. Ferris offers them to step into his office and explains they're forgeries. It's an old scam that the slumlord bribes the building inspector who signs with the name of another inspector who is gone. MacGyver asks slumlords like Kasanti. Ferris says him among many others. MacGyver asks if he is willing to testify to all of that. Ferris says he will and promises to find the men who forged the signatures and will do what is necessary.

MacGyver checks out the inspectors in the Phoenix Foundation database. Helen and Rose went to the tax assessor's office and found out the tax roles show joint ownership of almost all of Kasanti's tenements. MacGyver concludes he has a partner. Kasanti calls them on the phone and wants to get together at the building in a hour. MacGyver and Lobo goes back to the building. They hear voices argueing and something that falls. They follow the hallway to the end and open the door. Behind it is Kasanti's dead body down a flight of stairs with a heavy pole on top of him. The police is called and they question Lobo on what happened. They don't know who killed Kasanti but Lobo is convinced it was Andrew Lawton. Helen and Rose arrive. Helen says there is a certain irony to a slum landlord to have a fatal accident in his own building. MacGyver is not so sure it was accident. Lobo thinks Lawton killed Kasanti and that his grandmother is out for good. MacGyver says he cannot proof that. Rose says they've got to do this the legal way and they can still go to court. Helen says it's not over but Lobo says it is for him. Rose says with Kasanti dead, his grandmother may have no legal recourse. MacGyver says to remember Kasanti had a partner. Helen and Rose leave. They are being watched by Stroud's two henchmen.

The following night MacGyver sneaks into Kasanti's office. MacGyver is still being followed by the henchmen and one of them makes a call. Inside Kasanti's office, MacGyver begins to search everything. He turns on the desk lamp and searches the drawers and finds bank cheques with signatures on it and takes one with him.

Sunday December 29 1991.
MacGyver visits Mo, an analist in handwriting. MacGyver explains he's got four signatures and wants to know if the handwriting is from the same person. Mo turns on the tv and Lawton's press conference comes on. Mo points out to MacGyver the signatures have been forged. Lobo appears on tv and crashes Lawton's press conference. He wrongfully accuses him about everything. Security walks in and Lobo runs away. MacGyver thanks Mo for his help and leaves. In his car he gets a phone call from Lobo who wants to turn himself in and get new evidence in the building. MacGyver goes back to the apartment and is captured by Stroud. They already got Lobo who apologizes for setting him up. MacGyver figured out they're actually dealing with Ferris. MacGyver is tied up with Lobo and they are left with a bomb. MacGyver and Lobo frees themselves. MacGyver looks at the bomb and touches one of the wires. The bomb beeps and one minute remains. Lobo sees Ferris and his men leaving the building. MacGyver turns a trash pipe all the way to the left and drops the bomb in it. The bomb lands on the street and explodes on the exact moment the car passes over it. Lobo is impressed as Ferris and his men get out of the car coughing.

Monday December 30 1991.
Another press conference is taking place in front of the building. Andrew Lawton is being interviewed and explains his new project is on hold until the final plans have been revised to include brand-new housing for the current residents of the building; The reporter explains that Gloria Diaz' fight to retain her simple home touched the heart of an entire city and believes Lawton has something to ask Mrs. Diaz. Lawton says he does and invites her to become the first tenant of the renewed building. Gloria accepts as long as he pays for the moving men.

Trail To Doomsday: 1992.
Somewhere in this year, someone tries to kill Frederick Moran in the heart of London. After this he takes on security to protect himself and his family.

The Stringer: Friday March 20 1992.
MacGyver has a meeting with Tan Yee, a friend of Mei Jan, in a warehouse. Tan Yee shows him a crate that holds contents that were made in forced labour prison in China and has a videotape to proof it. Tan Yee gives him the videotape, when they are ambushed by two Asian men who kills him and wants the videotape. They're about to kill MacGyver too when a man on bike rides through the building and tells MacGyver to hop on. They ride through a window to escape. The men follow them but their car no longer starts. MacGyver and the young man arrives at Mei Jan's hideout. MacGyver looks around. The man assures they won't be following as he gave them a free tune-up. MacGyver introduces himself and the young man tells him his name is Sam and that he is a photojournalist. Mei Jan walks up to MacGyver saying she was so worried. MacGyver tells her Tan Yee didn't make it. He gives her the videotape and introduces her to Sam. Mei Jan tells them to come inside and explains China has a thousand forced labor prisons holding millions of people, mostly political prisoners. Camp Zero is the biggest and they've heard the students that were arrested in Tiananmen Square were being sent there as slave labour. MacGyver succeeded in unscrambling the video. The video shows students working as slaves in Camp Zero. Mei Jan recognizes Lin Yi and Su Min from the night the soldiers attacked Tiananmen Square. Sam asks if the Chinese don't deny using student protestors as slave labour. MacGyver says the video might shoot some holes in their story. MacGyver asks what Sam's story was at the warehouse. Sam explains he was following those two men hoping they would lead him to a guy named Chung but instead they let him to MacGyver. Chung Tai Shan owns a big Asian import company called Globewide. Ten years ago, he was Colonel Chung in the Red Chinese Army and Sam wants to expose him as a murderer. He was only 9 at the time when Chung killed his mother. MacGyver knew a woman who was killed in China and asks her name. Sam says it was Katherine but preferred to be called Kate. Kate Malloy. Sam asks if he knew her. MacGyver says they were friends but it was twenty years ago. Sam takes out his locket Kate gave him with a couple of pictures in: one of her and the other one of his father. MacGyver looks at it and sees a picture of Kate and himself.

Saturday March 21 1992.
MacGyver, Sam and Mei Jan arrive at the warehouse. Pete says it's too late. The warehouse has been cleaned out. Mei Jan says they still have the tape on Camp Zero. Pete says if they don't present solid evidence to the State Department that the Chinese have been smuggling banned goods into the U.S., the trade talks are going on scheduled. Mei Jan asks if Tan Yee had died for nothing. Sam answers Chung is very efficient. Pete notices an unfamiliar voice. MacGyver introduces Sam to Pete. Sam and Pete shakes hands. Sam says that he's a relative and that the guys who killed his friend works for a company called Globewide. Pete says he will check it out right away. They go inside the warehouse and Pete wants to know about Sam. Pete thought Harry was his last living relative. MacGyver thought so too. Pete asks what line of the family Sam is from. MacGyver says his side. Sam is his son. MacGyver explains he knew his mother a long time ago. They arrive at the place where the crates were but they are gone now. Sam says they can still see the dust patterns they left and takes pictures. MacGyver sees a dead beetle that might help determine where the crates came from. Pete asks how. Sam says a forensic entomologist. They have one of those at Phoenix: Dr. Fleck. MacGyver place the beetle in a small jar and asks if he wants to get him working on it and to have them run a spectograph on the tool he took out of the crate. Sam says steel smelted in China would have a high ration of iron isotopes. Pete is impressed and will let them know as soon as he got something.

Back home MacGyver is looking in old photo albums of him and Kate. Sam explains he hiked through Red China on his own on the age of 9 and that he was brought back to the States by friends of Kate who took care of him until he was old enough to make it on his own. MacGyver wonders why he didn't try to find him or why she didn't tell him. Sam only had a picture in his locket and Kate died before she told him his name. Kate moved around a lot, helping people all over the world and she would introduce them when they both grow up. MacGyver says she knew him pretty well. Kate told Sam one time they were both like discoverers. Most people could be happy living in one place all their lives but that the two of them could only be happy if they were on the road to somewhere else. During lunch MacGyver explains him who Harry was and Sam tells him his real name is Sean A. Malloy, shortened to Sam. He's not crazy on his middle name and MacGyver knows the feeling. Pete calls with information. Dr. Fleck identified the beetle he found which is called a Metallic Wood Borer and it's native to only one region in south central China, the Hunan province where Camp Zero is located. The spectograph test on the engine detected a high ration of iron isotopes. The metal was definitely smelted in China. Pete says that with that and the tape they would have enough to go to the State Department. Sam asks about Chung. Pete checked out his company and it seems legit. There is very little personal data on Chung but he did get his address; 54 Oakwood Estates. Even if he is the front man for this smuggling pipeline, they don't have enough to go after him. Sam quietly leaves. MacGyver asks how soon they can get to the State Department. Pete says he already made an appointment and that Mei Jan has the tape. They need to pick her up and bring her to the Foundation. MacGyver says he will do that and than sees Sam is gone. Sam went to his bike in the garage and takes out a gun out of his backpack when MacGyver walks in. Sam says MacGyver may not have enough to go after Chung but he does. MacGyver asks if he actually plans to go out and take a human life. Sam says the law can't touch Chung. MacGyver asks if that makes him the judge, jury and executioner. Sam says Chung was and saw him put a gun to Kate's head. Now he wants justice. MacGyver tells him murder is not justice. The killing has got to stop with them and they should be telling themselves they're good enough to solve their problems without taking human life. The killing has got to stop and that's a choice he's got to make. Sam just got his first father-son lecture. MacGyver asks how it was. Sam says it was kind of hard to take but not bad. MacGyver unloads the gun.

They pick up Mei Jan, who still can't believe Sam really is MacGyver's son but thinks there is a resemblance. Before they can get into the car they are attacked from the inside. MacGyver is kicked aside. Sam gets hit by the car door. Two guys kidnap Mei Jan and Li drives up armed with an Uzi shooting up the Jeep. MacGyver and Sam see them take off. Mei Jan is brought to the freighter and locked up in a hold where she discovers Tan Yee's body. Chung tells his men that once they're out U.S. waters the shipment Mei Jan and Tan Yee goes overboard. They will set sail in half an hour. In Mei Jan's hideout, Pete found out the freighter is docked at Pier 16 and that it would set sail later that afternoon. MacGyver will check it out. Sam wants to go with him but MacGyver doesn't thinks so. Sam says he might be his father and not his boss and that he's old enough to vote and fight for his country and is looking for a story and wants him to back off. MacGyver says it was his first son-father lecture and that it was hard to take but okay. They go to the freighter on their bikes and get on board with a cargo lift. MacGyver sees the guard where Mei Jan is being held. Sam distracts the guard and MacGyver attacks him. MacGyver hits him down and they save Mei Jan. Sam drags the guard away and takes his gun. Mei Jan tells MacGyver that the crates from the warehouse are down in the hold. MacGyver and Mei Jan are looking inside the hold. MacGyver says they gotta get to a phone. Sam walks off taking out the gun but MacGyver sees Li on his way down. MacGyver tells Sam to look out and pushes Mei Jan aside. Li turns around and shoots MacGyver in the arm sending him into the cargo hold. MacGyver ends up on the crates breaking his arm.

MacGyver regains consciousness. Sam tells him his arm is broken and splints it with boards and seatbelts. MacGyver is impressed by his handiwork. Sam says it just kind of made sense and admits going after Chung was stupid. MacGyver says they all make mistakes. Sam blames himself for the trouble they're in. MacGyver tells him to be more optimistic and to look at all the options. Sam only sees one option and points upwards. The ships horns sounds off. Sam thinks of making a ladder with boards pulls but MacGyver says that would take too long. MacGyver comes up with an idea to use high pressure water to fly up. Three thousand pounds of trust ought to do it. MacGyver tells Sam to rig up a couple of harnesses for them and throws him his knife. MacGyver tells him to hustle as the next horn goes off. MacGyver takes out some stacked hoses and Sam shows him a two steering wheels to use as frame for their harnesses. Sam says Kate told him MacGyver was pretty good at getting out of jams and hopes she was right. MacGyver says he hopes so too and cuts off the rope of the hoses. The horns sound again. At the bridge they start the engines. MacGyver starts the high pressure washer and tells Sam to hook him up. The pressure red lines and they hit the nozzle of their hoses. Both of them are thrusted into the air and end up safely up top. MacGyver tells him they have to get Mei Jan off the bridge. Sam finds a flare gun and smoke shells. MacGyver takes two shells. They climb up a ladder on top of the bridge and MacGyver opens up a small funnel. He takes out a smoke shell from his pocket telling Sam to cut the top of. MacGyver pours down the gunpowder in the funnel and asks if Sam's got a match. Sam does have one and MacGyver lights it, throwing it down the funnel causing a smoke screen. Everyone starts coughing and Mei Jan grabs a gun as everyone walks out. MacGyver hits the door against Li and knocks him out. Sam does a handstand kick from above taking out his henchman. They walk into Chung who tells them to stop. Mei Jan tells him to drop his gun and wants to kill him for Tan Yee. Sam tells her to put the gun down and convinces her to do so. MacGyver tells him his mother would be proud.

Saturday April 25 1992.
Six weeks later MacGyver and Pete say goodbye. MacGyver and Sam are going on a motorcycle trip to somewhere else and leaves in the sunset.
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Lost Treasure of Atlantis: January/Februari 1994.
Atticus is holding a lecture for the board of directors of the Royal Academy of Archaeological Science in order to get funding for his next expedition to find the Treasure of Atlantis. Five years ago he found the key Solon has created to open his ark, in the ruins of Thera and is convinced the Torch of Truth lies in the Ark of Solon. The director of the museum heard quite enough. Atticus says now he has the medallion, he's certain he can prove his theory, if the academy will kindly fund his next expedition. The Royal Academy of Archaeological Science finances serious study of history and have no interest in his obsession with Atlantis. The artefact they found will stay there as part of the academy's permanent collection. Atticus begs him to reconsider. The director tells him they will and will strongly recommend the board to reconsider his tenure.

Sunday May 8 1994.
Several months later MacGyver and Professor Atticus are in wartorn Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Balkan Peninsula. A flight from London that takes 2 hours and 20 minutes of a distance of 998.54 miles (1607 km). They are creeping through the catacombs below a military station. MacGyver and Atticus talks about their last experience together. Atticus laughs it off and holds a lecture on what Solon has done in his time and why he thinks the Torch of Truth is hidden in the catacombs. He would bet his life on it and is certain the soldier don't even know the catacombs exist. MacGyver crawls through a narrow passageway and helps Atticus in. Atticus says they must be in the oldest part of the catacombs. MacGyver tells him to find what they came for and get out of there. Atticus can feel they're close. MacGyver finds a skull with the sigma carved into it. Atticus sees it as the sign of Solon. MacGyver turns the skull to the right. A stone rolls away nearby and reveals the Ark of Solon. Atticus is stunned and says it's beautiful. MacGyver says it's gorgeous and wants it and themselves out of there. Atticus thinks the ark holds the Torch of Truth. Atticus reads the inscription of the ark. Atticus is euphoric saying it's the riddle of Solon. MacGyver says it's great and wants to go now. A voice says they're going nowhere. Atticus taps him on the shoulder and points to the soldiers aiming their guns.

MacGyver and Atticus are captured by the soldiers, chained to chairs, slapped and questioned by Colonel Petrovic. Petrovic believes they are spies for the United Nations or U.S. Intelligence and tells them in time of war the penalty for spying is immediate execution. Atticus says they were send by the Royal Academy of Archaelogical Science in London. Petrovic says they're already dead and wonders how they will die. Like men with dignity or screaming in agony. But they will tell him who they are spying for and intends to burn Atticus with his cigar. MacGyver jumps up and is hit in his back. Another soldier wants to hit him but Petrovic holds him back. He thanks MacGyver for his knife and says that the ark will make a great cigar box and the soldiers leave. Petrovic tells they better don't get too close to the door because of the electrified platform in front of the door. Petrovic leaves one guard behind. Atticus reprimands MacGyver for his reaction. In the scuffle MacGyver lifted Petrovic's lighter and looks at the door. MacGyver takes his chair to the platform and works on a way out while Atticus explains he was fired and funded the expedition on his own. MacGyver is balancing on his chair to fill the door lock with the lighter gas. Atticus wonders if there is a purpose behind those acrobatics. MacGyver says he hopes so and comes back straight with the chair. He tells Atticus to watch his eyes and swings the light bulb into the gasfilled lock blowing it open. The guard hears it and turns off the electricity. MacGyver and Atticus are laying on the floor. MacGyver hits the door agains the guard and that takes the rifle apart to pick the locks on the chain. Atticus always said he was he brightest student if only he had applied him on university. MacGyver interrupts him. Atticus tells him to carry on. They escape and walk up the stairs to the main place of the station. They see a truck in the depot and the gate to the outside. It looks like that gate is the only way out of there. They see clothes in a tent and puts them on. Atticus says he's not leaving without the ark. MacGyver argues with him but Atticus says the Torch of Truth is in that ark and he will not leave without it. MacGyver and Atticus retrieves the ark in Petrovic's office and finds out the ark is magnetic and there is a big green scratch on top of it. They place it in the bag and walk around to the main place. Leaving on foot or hitching a ride is no option so they go to the depot where they find a truck. The truck has unfortunately no engine. MacGyver locks the door and starts searching the boxes. He attaches two rockets to the back of the truck and places a rocket launcher on top. Petrovic found out they escaped and figures out they're hiding in the depot. He orders the soldier to have it opened. MacGyver sees they're trying to open the door and takes out a grenade attaching a wire to it that will pull the pin when they escape. The soldiers pulls the door open with a chain. The door gives in and MacGyver ignites the rockets, sending the car forward. The soldiers starts firing their weapons. The wire pulls out the pin of the grenade and explodes. MacGyver steers the car towards the gates and blows it up with the rocket launcher. The colonel screams in anger when Atticus cheers in triumph and can't believe it worked. He says, it worked and knew that it would. MacGyver always was his brightest student.

Monday May 9 1994.
MacGyver visits Kelly Carson at the university. Kelly's lecture is almost over when he walks in her classroom. The bell rings and the class leaves. MacGyver walks up to her and asks how she is. She didn't think she would see him again after he left Thera four years ago. MacGyver says it was five and explains he needs her help to analyse a sample he took from the Ark of Solon. Kelly is impressed and wonders if it isn't supposed to hold the Torch of Truth from Atlantis. MacGyver says they haven't opened it yet. The green stuff came of a scratch on the side and asks if she can analyse it for him. She says she'll run some tests in the lab. Outside the university they run into Profesor Carson, Kelly's grandfather. He recognises MacGyver from in Thera and learns they found the Ark of Solon. Kelly says that if the ark is genuine and the torch is inside it would be the greatest find of the century. Carson asks where the so-called ark is. MacGyver says it's at the Royal Academy. Carson says he will go and see for himself. Kelly says they have to run some tests and that she will meet him later. During the tests Kelly explains that Simon has planned her whole life. He raised her after her parents died, helped her earn her Ph.D. and owes him much. MacGyver tells her, it's her life and it should be her decision. She wishes she had as much confidence in herself as he does and admits when they were at Thera she had a crush on him. MacGyver is surprised. The printer beeps. She looks at the printed paper and says the tool that dented it was made from tin and came from the mines in Cornwall during pre-Roman times. MacGyver asks if Cornwall isn't near Exeter. She asks if it means something. He says he better get to the academy. Kelly asks if she may go with him and he inclines.

At the academy Carson and Atticus are arguing over the Ark of Solon when Zavros appears disguised as a concierge. Zavros moves out of sight and calls his boss Lord Cleeve at his estate telling MacGyver and Kelly have arrived. They're about to open the ark. Cleeve says he knows what to do. Kelly is reading the inscription and concludes the words on the ark and the medallion are identical. Simon says it's coincidence and can't expect them to believe that those two artefacts are connected. Atticus says he has seen the riddle in the caves at Exeter carved on an altar by the Cult of Solon. Kelly explains the figures on the side are the Greek gods. Atticus is convinced those are really instructions written by Solon to help find the Treasure of Atlantis. Carson says the legend of Atlantis is just a legend. Atticus says he can prove it existed. Inside the ark is a relic of Atlantis: the Torch of Truth and wants the director to open the display case of the medallion. The director walks in who had just been on the phone with the Balkan Embassy. The Balkan claims the ark is a national treasure and demand it's return and they have has no say in the matter. Atticus keeps arguing that the ark contains the missing link to Atlantis and wants him to open the display case to open the ark with the medallion. The director takes out the medallion and MacGyver notices something. Kelly sees the medallion is magnetic. MacGyver says the ark is too. Atticus takes the medallion to unlock the ark which seems to work. Atticus opens the ark but finds it empty. Carson knew it was a waste of time. MacGyver examines the ark. Atticus says the torch must be in there. Carson says it isn't because it never existed and the torch is a myth like Atlantis. Atticus wants to take the ark to Thera to solve the riddle of Solon to prove the ruined city was Atlantis and find the treasure. Carson says they've caused enough trouble on Thera five years ago and don't want his work disrupted again by Atticus. Carson offers Kelly a ride but she decides she wants to work with Atticus and MacGyver. Carson blames Atticus of influencing Kelly's mind but she insists it's her decision. Carson is disappointed and tells her to call him when she regained senses and tells Atticus for the last time Atlantis never existed. The director says the ark will be returned to the Balkans immediately and wants Atticus to clear out his office and gone from the premises. On their way out, Zavros takes out the director who falls against the alarm. MacGyver goes to see what's going on and sees Zavros stealing the medallion and the ark. MacGyver tries to stop him and kicks him down to. Zavros drops the medallion and kicks MacGyver into a display case. Atticus picks up the medallion while MacGyver chases Zavros all through the city but eventually gets away.

At the Royal Academy Inspector Rhodes is going over everything on how the theft took place and concludes it's not just a theft but it was planned like a military operation. They did a check on Zavros who was a general in the Greek army and is the leader of a militant group of fanatics who claim Macedonia as their birthright. They see themselves as heirs of Alexander the Great and steals and sells artefacts to fund his cause with known associate Cyril Cleeve. Also a former student of Atticus, a few years after MacGyver. Cleeve is now a lord and bought the title and estate in Plymouth. Only they can't prove it since Cleeve always covers his back and uses a middle man to do dirty work and simply don't have the manpower to stop every smuggler. MacGyver asks if he gets off just like that. Rhodes says he don't like it any more than he does but gave up expecting miracles a long time ago and leaves. MacGyver says Inspector Rhodes said both artefacts were missing and wants to know where the medallion is. Atticus says he hid it in his office for safekeeping and will explain everything in his office. In his office Atticus brings out the medallion. Atticus explains if Cleeve stole the ark, it can only mean that he's after the treasure and that they are running out of time. They only have two days to find the treasure and looks for his journal. MacGyver asks why only two days. Atticus finds his journal and says that's when the first line of Solon's riddle comes true as he copied it from an altar he found in the caves at Exeter. He finds the page and shows it to them: "when the gods march in rank." It means that according to Royal Observatory records, this orbital alignment happens only once in 500 years and it will next take place in two days and that, if they were to believe Solon's riddle is when the Treasure of Atlantis rises. Kelly asks where the treasure is. Atticus says that according the legend says that it's hidden in the Tower of Fear and that Greek word for fear is Thera. Atticus takes out picture that was taken in Thera with Professor Carson in front the Tower of Fear. MacGyver tells him that the volcano is still active. Kelly tells them Simon took her to the ruins there near the crater. Atticus says that in two days when the planets align they must offer the Torch of Truth to the Temple of Ages to find the treasure and thinks they probably hid it in the safest place they knew; in the caves of Exeter.

Tuesday May 10 1994.
The next day they go to the caves of Exeter which is a 03 hours and 28 minute drive over a distance of 196.97 miles (317 km). At sundown MacGyver, Atticus and Kelly are exploring the caves of Exeter. Atticus explains the cult made the paintings of Atlantis on the walls there based on descriptions from the platinum book. MacGyver looks at an object of the painting which he presumes is the Torch of Truth and thinks the cult thought Solon was coming back for the torch someday hiding it where they figured only he could find it. MacGyver and Kelly notices an altar in the room with writings on it. Kelly examines the altar saying the streaks looks like rust and concludes that it is iron ore meaning the altar is magnetic. MacGyver checks it out with his compass which is going haywire. MacGyver wants to see the medallion and explains if the cult took the torch out of the ark, maybe they build a bigger, better ark and that they're in it. Atticus asks if he is suggesting that the entire chamber is a giant ark. MacGyver says the medallion could be the key. MacGyver places the medallion in the loop of the ark which starts to spin around. The altar spins around and the wall behind him raises, revealing the Torch of Truth behind it. Atticus reaches out for the torch but MacGyver stops him. MacGyver looks up, sees a stalactite above it and takes the torch. The stalactite doesn't move. MacGyver thinks it's alright but a voice says he's wrong. It's Lord Cleeve and Zavros. Cleeve says he owes MacGyver and Kelly a debt of thanks. He wants them to hand over the torch to his partner and looks at Atticus. MacGyver and Kelly are shocked. Atticus says he's truly sorry, takes the torch away from him and walks to the other side. MacGyver and Kelly are tied up not to the liking of Atticus but Cleeve says he can't have them following him. Zavros says he's right and takes the medallion from the altar. The wall is closing and the stalactites are coming down. MacGyver tells her to get the ropes above her head. They fall sideways and MacGyver uses a stalactite to cut his ropes and frees Kelly. They get behind the wall before it closes just in time. He asks if she is okay. She can't believe Atticus would do that. MacGyver says it his passion and Cleeve's greed, it makes sense. Kelly knows he looked up to him. MacGyver says he used to. Kelly says they did exactly what Cleeve wanted so he can steal the Treasure of Atlantis. MacGyver says, maybe not and they go look for Cleeve's estate.

Wednesday May 11 1994.
MacGyver and Kelly goes to Plymouth to Cleeves' estate which from Exeter is a 54 minute drive over a distance of 44.11 miles (71,7 km). MacGyver and Kelly finds the estate and sees a plane and luggage on the grounds. Kelly says they can't let them take off with the artefacts. He tells her to wait there. MacGyver finds a way into the estate. MacGyver walks through a corridor when a door opens and he quickly hides. Zavros walks out and goes outside. MacGyver hides behind a door until he hears voices. Cleeve says the toruch is probably the finest item he ever acquired and that it should fetch millions. Atticus asks money and that if it is all that it means to him. Cleeve says money bought him his title and the estate and now it'll help him go down in history as the co-discoverer of the Treasure of Atlantis. Atticus asks if he thinks he can buy his way into the history books. Cleeve says he wouldn't be the first. MacGyver is peeking through a door. Atticus says he may be forced to work with him but not to expect to enjoy it. Cleeve tells him to spare the hypocrisy. Zavros only wants the money to fund his little revolution in Macedonia. MacGyver hears a door opening and hides again behind the door. Cleeve says he and Atticus shares the same dream: to find the Treasure of Atlantis. Zavros brings Kelly in, telling her to go on. Atticus is surprised to see her. MacGyver goes to see where she was brought in and starts working on a diversion. Zavros pushes her into a seat and says that if she is there, so is MacGyver. Cleeve says general Zavros is right and asks where MacGyver is. Kelly stays quiet. MacGyver uses a rope, armor and a lit candle to hit a tray of tableware and locks the doors. Zavros says he'll make her talk but MacGyver walks in, telling him to hold it. Cleeve says they've been expecting him. Zavros pats him down. MacGyver tells Atticus his partner has tried to kill them. Atticus is surprised asking if it's true but Cleeve tells him not to be naive and asks if he really thought he'd leave them to be followed or call the police. MacGyver says that was good thinking since they didn't came alone. Cleeve says he's not going to fall for an old trick like that. The rope burns through knocking the tableware over. In the distraction MacGyver hits Zavros down and Kelly hits Cleeve in his stomach with the ark. Zavros goes for his gun but Atticus kicks him and they run away. MacGyver locks the last door asking whose side Atticus is on now. Atticus says he's on their side and asks if they can discuss it later. Kelly says he's got a point. They run outside to the plane. MacGyver says there's no key for the magneto switch. Kelly removed it so they couldn't take off with the artefacts. MacGyver asks where it is. She points to the grounds saying it's out there. MacGyver starts the plane with his knife when Cleeve and Zavros come out shooting at them. MacGyver, Atticus and Kelly manages to escape with the plane. Atticus praises MacGyver and always said he was his brightest student. MacGyver is not happy about what happened. Atticus sighs and apologizes. They have every right to be angry with him and that he was wrong and foolish to think he could control Cleeve who arranged everything from the start in the Balkan. Atticus says he never meant harm to him or Kelly. He was frightened after he lost his postion at the academy and was desperate. This was his last chance and couldn't bear the thought of losing it. Kelly thought he hated treasure hunters like Cleeve. Atticus says he does but finding the Treasure of Atlantis would prove Atlantis really did exist in times when people didn't live by war and worshipped peace and knowledge. If they were like that once, maybe they can be like that again. Kelly says it's a nice dream. Atticus is convinced that it can become a reality. MacGyver says it's a wonderful dream and asks if it ever occured to him that Cleeve might have other plans for the treasure. Kelly asks if he thinks he and Zavros will come after them. MacGyver says he does.

A few hours later MacGyver, Atticus and Kelly are flying over Thera after about 03 hours and 49 minutes over a distance 1754.75 miles (2824 km). They see the Tower of Fear and Atticus points out the treasure is somewhere in that crater. After they land, they hire a jeep to Carson's archaeological digsite. MacGyver looks into a building as they hear an old man moaning. They find Simon in a ditch with a head injury. They get a doctor who examines Simon and will take care of him. MacGyver is playing with a chain they catches on and off the ark. Kelly comes out saying the doctor is going to stay with him but all the maps and charts of the volcano are gone. Atticus swears Cleeve and Zavros are probably in the crater by now. That night the planets align and they'll steal the treasure. MacGyver finds out that the lid of the ark is not magnetic. MacGyver opens the ark and examines the lid. MacGyver takes his knife and cuts up the inside to reveal a platinum page. Kelly has never seen markings like that before. Atticus says it's a page from the Book of Atlantis hidden there by Solon. MacGyver asks Kelly if she can take them into the crater. Kelly says if they leave now they can make it before sunset.

MacGyver, Atticus and Kelly are walking amongst temple ruins. MacGyver notices an hidden entrance in a temple wall behind some rocks. They clear out the rocks and crawl in when the sun sets. MacGyver crawls into a room containing double doors and a planetarium. Atticus and Kelly enter the room. Atticus thinks it's incredible. The whole place starts shaking and Atticus says the planets must be orbiting closer to the alignment. Kelly says the gravitational shift of the alignment is making the volcano unstable. Kelly walks the doors and says that Solon said to Enter the gates of Hades. MacGyver and Atticus open the doors and a badly burned body falls out. The hall behind the door exists of flames that slowly extinguishes. Atticus looks at the body asking what triggered the fire. MacGyver takes a rock and throws it in. The fire blazes again and the doors closes. Kelly asks if they think it's Cleeve. Cleeve appears saying it is Zavros his ex-associate. MacGyver asks if he terminates all his partnerships like that. Cleeve says Zavros did it to himself. Cleeve on the other hand is a very cautious fellow and waited for them to arrive to show a way past that impediment and suggest they find it, quickly. MacGyver looks at the model of the solar system saying the answer is in the first line of Solon's riddle. MacGyver notices a slot with a Greek letter on it and wants Kelly to hand him the platinum page. MacGyver slides the page in the slot and gears start working, the model begins to turn. The gods are marching in rank on the model, the door opens again and the fires goes out. Cleeve says he sees why he was Atticus' favourite student. Kelly wonders what the red crystal is. Atticus thinks it's a star. Cleeve says they are not there to discuss astronomy and tells MacGyver to go first. They walk through the hall and find inside the volcano a fiery lit pool with bubbling water and burning vases. Atticus is euphoric that they finally found the Temple of Ages. The place shakes again. They look up through the crater and see the planets are beginning to align. Kelly notices a statue thinking it's extraordinary. MacGyver doesn't think it's a statue. Atticus believes they found Solon himself who was caught in a volcanic eruption and covered in hot ash. MacGyver notices he's hanging on to something. Atticus says it's the platinum book, like the page they found inside the ark. Cleeve says he better hold on to that. It might help defray some of his travelling expenses. The fire blazes again and Atticus tells them to look as the gods march in rank. Cleeve says when the planets are alligned they'll find the Treasure of Atlantis. MacGyver realises what the red crystal in the observatory is now. They forgot the second line of the riddle. Atticus says that Hecate races in the heavens. MacGyver says the planets alone isn't enough the reveal the treasure. Kelly says Hecate has to appear. Cleeve asks who Hecate is. Atticus says it's a demon of the night who rides a chariot of fire. A meteor shower appears and MacGyver says there she is. MacGyver thinks the extra gravity ought to do it. Fire blazes again as Hecate passes the alignment and the doors of the Temple of Ages roll open. MacGyver walks up the steps and sees the same slots and Greek letters as in the observatory. MacGyver asks Atticus what the line in the riddle is about the ancients and the book. Atticus says the book shall summon up the power of the ancient ones. MacGyver repeats what he said and tells Cleeve to give him the book. Cleeve aims his gun at him but MacGyver says if he wants the treasure he must give him the book. MacGyver takes the book and opens it up. He finds out that they aren't book pages but punch cards. Atticus says it must be an ancient computer. MacGyver says that the punch cards program it and tells Kelly to slide them in where the symbols match. MacGyver takes the torch to see where it fits. Kelly asks how it runs and that a computer needs electricity. MacGyver says the people of Atlantis tapped into a volcano for power. Atticus says they used geothermal technology. Cleeve asks if that things run on heat. MacGyver says on steam. Kelly placed the cards in their slots and MacGyver pushes down the torch revealing a metal man holding a ball or the world while the Treasure of Atlantis rises. They try to get closer but Cleeve tells them to stay back as he approaches the chests. He opens one of them but is disappointed when he sees the Treasure of Atlantis turns out to be paper. MacGyver says the Treasure of Atlantis is knowledge. Cleeve says there has to be more. Atticus runs at him yelling he'll destroy the scrolls. Cleeve calls him a stupid old fool and pushes him aside. MacGyver grabs Cleeve and in the struggle Cleeve falls into the fiery pool. MacGyver is shocked. Fires are blazing and the place starts to shake. MacGyver says they got to go. Their way in collapses. Kelly says their only way out is through the crater. MacGyver thinks for a moment and says that they can tap into some geothermal power of their own and pulls the torch. MacGyver tells Atticus to stuff his jacket in one of the steam pipes and to put a rock on top of it. He tells Kelly to stand by the torch. MacGyver pulls out rope and ties it around a funnel. He stuffs his backpack into his steam pipe using Solon's staff to push it deeper into it and places the funnel on top of it. He tells Kelly to hit it. She pulls the torch again and the pressure sends the funnel up into the crater hitting the mark. MacGyver pulls the ropes and tells Kelly to shut it off. He ties up the other end around a wheel in the Temple of Ages. He has now a homemade pulley. He tells Kelly to come up there and Atticus to mind the torch Kelly takes hold of the rope. MacGyver tells the professor to hit it. Kelly is taken all the way up into crater. MacGyver tells him to stop it so she can climb up to the top of the crater. MacGyver says Atticus is up and to take the top rope. MacGyver tells him to hang on and pulls the torch again. When he's up MacGyver stops the pulley again so Atticus can climb out. Then MacGyver goes up. When he's almost up fire breaks out in the temple blocking the pulley. Atticus tells Kelly to pull the rope. They manage to get MacGyver up and MacGyver and Kelly kiss. Solon's body is taken by the flames MacGyver thanks them and than they leave.

Thursday May 12 1994/Friday May 13 1994.
MacGyver, Atticus, Kelly and Simon probably stayed another day in Thera until Simon was strong enough to fly back to London. Since Simon was moved to Athens, they probably left from there. It would take them 03 hours and 11 minutes over a distance of 1437.85 miles (2314 km) from Athens to London. Atticus probably gets reinstated then and gets to prepare a lecture about Atlantis to a group of young students.

Saturday May 14 1994.
Back in London, Atticus is lecturing a group of young students about Atlantis attended by MacGyver, Kelly and Simon. Atticus explains that the people of Atlantis lived in high-rise buildings and had indoor plumbing. They also invented geothermal technology and there are even more important lesson to learn from Atlantis and asks which lessons they are. The kids answers they created democracy, abolished slavery, didn't do executions, treated men and women as equals and believed in peace not war. Atticus says that's absolutely right and asks what the treasure of Atlantis was. The kids says knowledge. Atticus says he can't hear them. The kids repeat it louder. Atticus says he can't still hear them. The kids repeat it even louder. Atticus says that's absolutely correct and consider them as all his brightest students. The kids applauds loudly. Atticus winks at MacGyver, who winks back and smiles.

(Note: It is even possible that all that takes place in one day. Yet when they went to Exeter a setting sun was seen so it's also possible that MacGyver and Kelly found Cleeve's estate the next day, since they said they had two days to find the treasure. So I take it that Sunday May 8 1994, MacGyver and Atticus are in the Balkan, Monday May 9 1994, they're back in London, Zavros steals the medallion and the ark in the museum. Tuesday May 10 1994 they are in Exeter and Wednesday May 11 1994 they escape with the plane from Plymouth and find the Treasure of Atlantis. However Simon's injuries were bad enough that he had to be taken to the hospital in Athens. I take that when MacGyver, Kelly and Atticus came back from the volcano Simon could've been taken to hospital later that night and spend at least the night and maybe most of the next day there until he was recovered enough to fly back to London. The day after Atticus gets reinstated and prepares another lecture on Atlantis. Than on Saturday May 14 1994 Atticus gives his lecture again about Atlantis to his young students.)
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

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Trail To Doomsday: Saturday November 12 1994.
MacGyver is driving through London. About six months has passed since his Lost Treasure of Atlantis adventure, so it's more than possible that he went back home to the United States before receiving an invitation to Paul Moran's birthday party. On his way to the party MacGyver remembers what he and Paul had been through on their last skiing trip. They ended up hanging on the mountainside with Paul begging to be cut loose but MacGyver told him no one is going to die. A phrases that echoes through his head while he leaves London city and enters the countryside. MacGyver rides up to the gate of Frederick's estate where the birthday party is being held. He greets the guard at the gate and introduces himself. The guard asks for his invitation. MacGyver says he is a guest but haven't had time to unpack the invitation. The guard thanks him and says he may enter. MacGyver drives up to the estate and walks in on the party on the back of the house. Paul finds him and they greet each other like old friends. They haven't seen each other in 15 years and talk about the old days on how much they owe each other. Paul's becoming visibly worried. MacGyver asks if everything is alright. Paul says they have got to talk but gets interrupted by his daughter Elise and her friend Natalia. Paul introduces them. A man introduces himself as Frederick Moran, Paul's brother. MacGyver says it's good to finally meet him. Frederick wanted to meet him years ago but was far to busy working to afford the estate. Fredrick takes MacGyver to the hospitality tent and hopes the trip was satisfactory. MacGyver says it was great but it was a little bumpy at his guard gate. Frederick apologises but explains it is a necessity since there already has been one attempt on his life, two years ago. Frederik taps a glass and addresses the guests asking for their attention as he wants to introduce them to MacGyver who saved Paul's life and wants to toast on it. A waiter pulls a gun, and shoots Frederick. All the waiters starts shooting and everyone ducks for cover. The waiters shoot up everything, drops smoke bombs and they leave on motorcycles. MacGyver asks Frederick if he is okay. Frederick says to help the others. Natalia walks up to them saying they shot Paul. MacGyver runs up to Paul telling people around to call the paramedics. Paul tries to tell him something and dies. Natalia and Frederick comes up to him. A guard approaches them saying they've kidnapped Elise.

Later that night the front of the house is full of police and ambulances. Frederick is argueing with chief superintendent. Capshaw tells him to try to get hold of himself. Graves walks in. Capshaw is not happy to see Graves. Graves tells if there is anything he can do. Frederick thanks him. Capshaw tells Graves he can step aside and allow the police to their work. They start argue but Frederick tells to remember that they're in his home. Capshaw says it is his investigation and they all must understand that. A police officer walks in and whispers something in his ear. Capshaw says a body was found by the river and that it could be Elise's. They go to the river. Capshaw looks at the body. Fredrick walks up but Capshaw holds him back saying the face has been battered. Frederick looks at the body and cries. MacGyver becomes distant.

Saturday November 19 1994.
Paul's and Elise's funeral takes place. IMacGyver is carrying Paul's coffin to his final resting place and remembers their last ski trip and that he met Elise. At night MacGyver, Elise, Frederik and Tony are remembering Paul and Elise in the study. Frederick tells MacGyver to forgive him for ignoring him. His secretary will handle his return arrangements. MacGyver says he changed his plans and that he is not leaving. Paul was too good a friend of his. Frederick tells him to let the police handle it. MacGyver says the police can have their investigation but he will have his. As a new face in town, working alone he can do things the police can't. Frederick says his resources are at his disposal and will support you in any way he can. He offers Tony to help and hopes Natalia will too but she declines and wants a lift home. MacGyver takes her home. She apologizes if she offended him with her reaction to Frederick. MacGyver says it's kind of though to offend him. She thanks him for escorting her and wants to let herself in. She's about to enter the door when he tells her to wait. He sees the door is broken open. He examines the door and is about to look through the mailbox when she takes out her gun and busts the door in. MacGyver asks why they would hit her. She says she has been seen with Frederick photographed and the press loves rumours. MacGyver says it looks more than just rumours. MacGyver picks up her purse and a pen falls out. She sees it and wants to pick it up but MacGyver holds his foot on it. He recognises the pen and says it looks like they forgot one of her material possessions. She asks to please give it to her but MacGyver keeps it and noticed how she moves like a cat, handle a gun like a pro and that she's got a poison cartridge pen in her purse. MacGyver says he ran across a couple of those things in his time and every one of them belonged to a KGB agent. She says she studied languages in Moscow and that she offered a job with the KGB. Most of her time working for them was spent in London, but that it's over now, past and she broke all ties years ago. MacGyver asks what she does now. She does a little work for Frederick and mostly keeps to herself. MacGyver gives her the pen and asks if she still has contacts in the town. She says she broke all ties years ago. MacGyver asks she still knows people. She tells him to leave her out of it. She doesn't want to renew those connections. MacGyver says he's not too familiar with the terrorist scene around there and could use some help getting in. Natalia keeps refusing saying it's not her business and wants to keep to herself. MacGyver becomes impatient saying the Morans have been an important part of his life and they have just been crucified. He was told she was a good friend of the family and that she's got a chance to prove it. He could use her help and so could they. She looks away in refusal. MacGyver is shocked and tells her to sleep well. She stops him and tells him to tell her what he needs.

Sunday November 20 1994.
They meet Nikolaï at the river near the Big Ben. He will arrange that MacGyver can enter the local terrorist scene but warns him that if they suspect him, they'll kill him. MacGyver walks to a warehouse and is surrounded by six men. He ask which one of them is Joseph. One of the men says Joseph is watching but first he has to prove himself against their best. MacGyver is attacked by one of the men but eventually overpowers him and ties him up with a chain. Joseph starts clapping and is impressed. He throws him an Uzi to finish him off. MacGyver looks at him, Joseph tells him to go on and that he earned it. MacGyver aims the Uzi at the man but empties it on the boxes behind Joseph and says it's a stupid leader who sacrifices his own men and that he was looking for professionals. He throws the Uzi away and walks off. Joseph stops him saying he earned himself a private meeting. They will let him know when and where. MacGyver agrees and leaves.

In the hotel MacGyver receives a phone call and meets with Joseph again at the Tower Bridge at night. Joseph says things are a little risky at the moment because of big money. The Moran job was for hire, but something has turned and that's why MacGyver is there. Three of their strike team has disappeared and the other is afraid to surface. They were supposed to meet in the sewers, fourth quadrant. Their stray is coming to his place tonight at 11:30 and wants MacGyver to be there where he'll get instructions for his first assigment. MacGyver asks if he wants to give him some hint as to what that might be. Joseph says it's the handwritten request for the hit and photos he gave Joseph of the target. MacGyver is going to retrieve it and expects him to be on time in his place.

Back at his hotel Natalia and Tony are with him. Tony wants him to wear a wire but MacGyver refuses. They bicker on their ways of operating until Natalia suggests Tony to wait in the car. Natalia says Tony can be a little overbearing sometimes as he is used to be in charge. MacGyver says so is he. Natalia says he means well and asks how she can help. MacGyver says they know somebody other than Joseph was behind all this and tells her she can start by making a list of people of anybody she can think of who might have wanted Frederick dead, including his friends. MacGyver goes to Joseph's place where loud classical music is playing and finds two dead guys. He finds a framed streetmap in which he notices a Roman number 4 (IV) and concludes that's the meeting place in the sewers. MacGyver goes to the sewers to quadrant 4. He sees the Roman number IV scratched into the wall under a closed passageway and opens it. MacGyver sees a small bag and reaches for it when a rat jumps. He pulls away his arm and hits the gate making him lose his watch crystal. He takes out the bag and finds a paper and some photos. The paper has a coat of arms stamp on it. A brief moment he thinks he hears something but there's nothing there. He takes out a newspaper clip which is a photo of Frederick and Paul. Paul's head has been circled in red meaning he was the one supposed to get killed. Two tear gas bombs are thrown in the sewer. MacGyver sees them but can't get away in time and gets the gas in his eyes. He places the evidence back in the bag and hids them in the pipes above him. MacGyver crawls away, throwing one of the cans aside and reaches for his handkerchief, wetting it and uses charcoal to make a gasmask and runs out of the sewers. He crashes through a fence on the streets and passes out with his face in a puddle.

Monday November 21 1994.
MacGyver wakes up next to Natalia. She explains Nikolai found him in Soho and that he was very sick but now his fever broke. Natalia gets up and says they've lost a lot of time. and should get to work. Natalia gives him his clothes back and asks why the terrorists wanted to kill him. He says they didn't and that he thinks it was the people who hired them. MacGyver explains his contact was hit and the Moran hit wasn't terrorist nor aimed at Frederick but at Paul according to the handwritten note from whoever ordered the hit. He was supposed to get it. She asks if he knows who and if he read the note. MacGyver says he didn't, there wasn't time. All he knows is that somebody had Paul killed and that same somebody wants him out of the way. MacGyver recalls something was bugging Paul the day of the party that he started to tell him but never got to finish. MacGyver thinks maybe it's got something to do with his work and that he needs to get into his lab. Natalia says Tony Graves can arrange that since his company funded Paul's work.

MacGyver and Natalia arrives at Paul's lab. Police are there too and Graves walks out. He explains there has been a break-in but doesn't know what they were after. They walk into Paul's lab and Tony introduces them to Dr. Massey. MacGyver looks at a device and asks if that was what Paul was working on. Massey looks at Graves who nods and steps aside. Massey explain Paul was fine-tuning the most highly sensitive portable mass spectrometer that was ever developed for the START signatories, capable of measuring the slightest nuclear presence. MacGyver asks if he noticed anything missing. Massey says everything: the records, files, all his samples, work in progress. MacGyver asks what samples. Massey says Paul had just completed the first air-sample tests for the new machine from all over England and now everything is gone: samples, records, results. Capshaw walks in and is getting tired of finding Graves at his crime scenes and wants everybody out. Tony tells him that it was his company financed the lab. Capshaw says he don't give a damn what he financed with his filthy money. Tony tells him to watch it but Capshaw is not impressed. He remembers Tony's record of eleven counts of excessive force and one death. Graves says he doesn't frighten him. MacGyver tries to calm them down. Capshaw wants the lab cleared now. They leave and Capshaw calls for a man named Carson (related to Kelly Carson perhaps?). In the hallway MacGyver tells Dr. Massey Paul mentioned the word samples to him just before he died and wonders if he found anything about his findings or what samples he might have been referring to. Massey says Paul never spoke to anyone about his work except to Elise. She was his confident, brilliant mind but Paul lived for his research. He even slept there. It was his second home. MacGyver asks if he slept there. Massey says he kept a little room upstairs. MacGyver looks around and goes upstairs and searches the room. Natalia has followed him and is watching him. MacGyver looks through a closet and notices skis, skipoles and a pack behind it. He finds something in the pack but before he could have good look at it Capshaw walks in telling him to clear the room. Capshaw warns he's getting dangerously close to interfering in his territory and wants him to stay out of his investigation. MacGyver and Natalia walks outside. Two minutes was all he needed in that room. MacGyver says he's going to take her home and will contact her later. She asks if she has outlived her usefulness. MacGyver tells her to just try to understand and that he can't afford to trust anyone right now. She asks who just saved his life and nursed him back to health. MacGyver tells her to believe him that she helped a lot and appreciates everything she has done. She tells him he needs her. He asks if he does. She says she is better spy than he is in matter requiring deceits and shows him the sample from the pack.

They drive away from the lab and Natalia explains why Capshaw hates Tony. A terrorist died during questioning by Tony while Capshaw was young officer feeling his reputation and career was permanently smeared. At another lab MacGyver had the sample tested and receives the results. MacGyver says the air sample shows high level of uranium isotope U-235. Uncontrolled nuclear material is being processed somewhere nearby. Natalia says that can't be in England. MacGyver says the result says it can. Somebody's operating a nuclear facility and Paul found it. She ask why as the Cold War is over. He thinks it's maybe about money. Terrorist groups and rogue nations would pay anything for nuclear capability. If there is somebody who can supply them he don't even wanna think of the implications. He's got to find out where the sample came from. Natalia says they're both under surveillance now and will arrange a safe house. MacGyver drives up to the library. He is being watched by Capshaw. MacGyver closes a book. There's an etiquette on the sample saying "care". The man sitting next to him takes off his glasses. MacGyver takes the glasses without asking, using it as a magnifier glass and notices the etiquette says "carc" but the writing was altered with a black pen to look like "care". MacGyver opens another book and looks up at whatever is written as 'carc'. He sees Carcroft Castle. The librarian walks in and shows him what she has found about the castle saying it was last pruchased in 1983 by Lyndover Limited, a trading company. MacGyver thanks her and examines the paper, he finds out the director was Anthony "Tony" Graves. MacGyver walks outside and gets back into the car. He notices his sun visor is down and puts it back up. He is about to start the engine and he hears a ticking sound. He immediately drops out of the car on the moment it explodes.

MacGyver is sitting in the doctor's office who made x-rays of his head. There was no damage or concussion but he should be more careful about the company he keeps in future. Capshaw walks in with a police officer and asks the doctor to excuse them. Capshaw doesn't take it MacGyver is doing an investigation of his own and don't share his findings with the police. He wants to know what he was doing at the laboratory and the London Library. MacGyver says with all due respect he don't feel free to comment. Capshaw tells him not to test him. His allegiance to Tony Graves can only bring him more trouble. MacGyver says nobody has his allegiance. Capshaw argues that that particular association makes him seriously question his motives. MacGyver says he is in this for strictly personal reasons. Capshaw tells him for his sake to hope they're on the same side.

Tuesday November 22 1994.
Fredericks says it doesn't make sense that a nuclear plant was build without detection. He has known Tony for many years, he can't imagine him being involved in anything so repugnant, even though Tony always had a very strong drive for material gain. That's why they had to sever their business ties. Frederick can't believe he would be selling nuclear weapons. That is global terrorism and Tony fought that all his life. Twelve years U.S. Intelligence, an anti-terrorist record. MacGyver says he ran a background check on him and aside from that incident with British Intelligence, he was clean. Frederick says they must call in the authorities. This is getting too big. MacGyver asks if they don't want to see how deep this thing goes. Natalia says they must, for Tony's sake. Capshaw might very well use this as an opportunity for revenge against him. Frederick asks if there was anything on the note that might lead to his brother's murderers. MacGyver says he didn't got a chance to read it. Frederick tells him to do what he has to do and backs him 100 percent.

MacGyver goes to Tony's place but there is no answer. MacGyver sees a window that is partially open and climbs in through the window. Tony lies dead on the floor. Before he can move the police breaks in telling him not to move. Capshaw walks him telling him to stay down. MacGyver tries to get up but Capshaw tells him he said to stay down and warns him, he gets nervous in the presence of murderers. MacGyver tells him to a wait minute. Capshaw shuts him up and not to even try. He finds MacGyver's flashlight he used in the sewers and is sure it's covered in prints. He might even take a bloodsample. MacGyver says that's a plant and that he didn't kill anybody. Capshaw doesn't believe him. The cop behind Capshaw points to something on the floor. Capshaw asks if it's not MacGyver watch crystal and bezel. MacGyver looks at his watch and says it's a setup. Capshaw tells him not to move. The cop behind MacGyver grabs him. MacGyver tells him to listen but Capshaw is placing him under arrest for the murder of Anthony Graves. MacGyver throws the cop who's holding him against Capshaw. MacGyver jumps through the window and lands on the garbage cans hurting his shoulder. Capshaw and his men go after him. MacGyver runs to the subway. He sits down in the metro and looks at the blood of his shoulder. Capshaw and his men followed him and are inspecting the carriages. He sees Capshaw coming and breaks the glass of the door of the machinist. Quickly he gets in but it is a dead end. Capshaw is coming closer and sees the glass on the floor. Capshaw tells the passengers to go to the back of the carriages. He takes his gun and opens the door but MacGyver is gone. He tells his men he got out and asks if they checked every carriage. His men says so and they leave. The metro leaves and MacGyver appears from behind a big mirror and returns to the safe house.

MacGyver walks in and Natalia grabs her gun asking where he has been. MacGyver knocks the gun out of her hand and accuses her of setting him up. He explains her Capshaw was waiting for him, Tony's death and evidence against him was conveniently beside the body. Natalia and Frederick were the only ones who knew he was going there. She says that is not necessarily true and convinces him Capshaw knew where he was going and had him followed from the start with Tony as his partner. Tony became suspect and Capshaw kills him to frame MacGyver and all their hostility was a facade. Capshaw could've ordered the attack on him in the sewers to get the evidence against him. She didn't want to get involved but is on his side all the way. MacGyver needs to think. Nothing would surprise him and now he's a suspect. She says she can help since there is a rumour Nikolaï found new employment. His expertise is in nuclear facilities. If it's true, she can verify the location of the plant and find out what kind of security it has. MacGyver asks what makes her think he would tell her. Natalia says he'll tell her and that she is KGB. MacGyver says she's ex-KGB. She goes out to arrange a meeting and calls him at night. Natalia says she is outside Nikolai's place now and that they rendezvous in exactly one hour. If something happens and she can't make it, he must leave without her.

MacGyver is waiting for her down the street. She walks up when a car drives by and the people in the car shoots her. MacGyver runs into an alley and hides behind dumpsters. He throws his bag against one and kicks the other in the face when he slides over the roof and runs away. He tries to have a look at Natalia but the car comes back and follows him. MacGyver runs back to the sewers and finds the evidence back. MacGyver realizes his shoes are making noise in the water and takes them off. He comes to a door but it is locked. The bad guys comes around the corner. They walk in another door and don't see MacGyver hiding above them.

Wednesday November 23 1994.
MacGyver spend the night in the sewers and is awakened by the light of the door that is opened by two workers. He greets them good morning and he walks out. MacGyver goes to the countryside to find Carcroft Castle and hitches a ride on a motorcycle. After avoiding a run-in with the police MacGyver arrives at the castle. MacGyver sees two cars arriving and three guards: two on the ground and one on the roof. He finds a way into the castle by climbing up the drainpipe to the roof. MacGyver walks down a stairs and hears a phone ring that someone picks up. MacGyver goes to the place it came from and hears someone say, that they must understand that the serum guarantees truth not cooperation and will do his best. MacGyver sees Elise is still alive and the other person is Dr. Massey. Massey is tasked with interrogating her on father's spectrometer, what the software code is, why it is so sensitive and how they can upgrade their own. Elise denies everything frustrating Massey. MacGyver sneaks in behind a bookshelf. Massey says he must have an answer and MacGyver suggests to try the library and knocks him unconscious with a book. MacGyver looks at Elise. Elise asks about her father and tells him what happened to her. They're processing nuclear materials in a facility under the castle. She tells him he must hurry as the first shipment is about to leave with two tactical weapons. MacGyver says he is going to get her out of there and that he'll be back. MacGyver walks out back into the hallway and follows it until he sees a strong door saying vacuum pumps with a nuclear logo on it. He sees pump levers and a control panel and looks for the plant entrance button but when he is about to push it a voice behind him says not to touch that. It's Frederick who was afraid he would get that far and that he is just too good for his own good. MacGyver figures out Frederick was behind everything. Frederick did everything for profits by accomplishing the impossible; building a state-of-the-art nuclear facility in the heart of Britain, without detection. MacGyver says Paul found it. Frederick says unfortunately. It took him ten years to build the plant and that their products will be used to take control of Russia's nuclear arsenal before the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty takes effect. MacGyver looks at the pump levers. Frederick foresaw the demand and now the market is his. He is the sole broker for nuclear capability and devices for the world. MacGyver asks what about his conscience and the law. Frederick says the law is simply one of the risks of doing business. MacGyver says he's just one more cheap crook and turns on the pumps. Frederick is pulled backwards by the suction and hits his head on the side of the pump. MacGyver turns them back off and says his logic sucks and pushes the button to the plant entrance.

A door slides open and he sees a fully operating nuclear facility. MacGyver goes to the office ahead and sees more control panels and a tactical nuclear device in the room. A chair turns around and it is Natalia holding her gun. She damns him for always succeeding and making her the one to kill him but certain ends require drastic means. Natalia explains she has mission to preserve the Soviet Union. MacGyver explains there is no Soviet Union anymore. That world is over and her country is in the middle of a massive transition right now. She says he stands in the way of her mission. Frederick walks in saying that she seems to have things well in hand. Since MacGyver has been good enough to deliver the evidence he so cleverly hid in the sewers there seems no further reason to delay his demise he wants Natalia to shoot him. MacGyver points out to the hipocrisy aspect of her part on the arrangement which she acknowledges. Natalia says to be quite honestly, it has been her intention from the start to correct it and shoots Frederick. MacGyver runs out and blocks the door with a screwdriver. MacGyver walks out to a frequency generator nearby. He puts on the earphones and turns the machine on causing a high pitched sound before messing with another device by switching cables. A voice declares the seperator temperature controller is inoperative and to please restore immediately and that system will fail in 60 seconds. Natalia manages to get out when MacGyver is near hot surfaces. Natalia turns off the high pitched sound and pulls out the cables MacGyver switched on the seperator. After she pulls out the cables the voice says the system has been disconnected. MacGyver is walking above her on the hot surfaces wearing insulation. He crawls back to the top of the office and jumps down. Natalia calls him out and fires. MacGyver ducks away in the office and starts to sabotage the control panels. A voice warns that there is an uranium seperator failure and imminent plant failure. Natalia tells him to stop it and that she hates him. The voice says nuclear systems are jeopardised. MacGyver tells her to give it up and pushes her to the ground. The voice says automatic override is engaged and that nuclear emergency is averted. Again MacGyver turns off all switches. The voice says automatic override has been bypassed and that system failure is imminent. The whole console starts to shake. Natalia takes out a knife and throws it in his leg. MacGyver falls down and Natalia arms the bomb. He pulls the knife out of his leg and tries to stop Natalia but she has fully armed the bomb and that it can't be disarmed without a trivet wrench. He loses and now they all die. MacGyver punches her lights out. MacGyver tries to figure a way to disarm the bomb. He sees cables and tennis racquette and uses the volt meter leads to come up with a trivet wrench. While he's busy there's sound that dies out. The voice says the uranium separators are destroyed and the nuclear facility is inoperative. With 30 seconds remaining MacGyver manages the open the bomb and to take the lid off with two seconds left. The voice in the bomb says nuclear detonation is averted and the nuclear device is disarmed. Natalia comes around and tells him he never gives up. MacGyver says it just wasn't mean to be.

Thursday November 24 1994.
MacGyver and Capshaw are talking to each other. Capshaw owes MacGyver an apology as that they are on the same side. They shake hands. Capshaw hopes to see him soon and leaves. MacGyver walks up to Elise. Elise says her father cared so much for this planet and all he wanted to do was some good. MacGyver says the world is a safer place because of Paul. Elise says maybe but her father, his friend is gone. MacGyver says it's up to them. They walk away with MacGyver placing his arm around her.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.

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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

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That's it for the timeline. Sorry, it took so long. There were probably other ways to do this. But now, I wanted this to be done. I worked two years on this and it took me nearly a whole year to post it. I'm just glad I'm rid of it. I will not change anything about it anymore. I also will never take another challenge like this. You will always have inconsistencies all the time. I just wanted to see for myself if I was able to straighten everything out so it would make some sense. Now, I just want to have some fun again with MacGyver. Still even if it took some time, I finally got back into writing fanfiction and I am continuing my latest fanfic: Children of the United Nations. Wrote a whole new chapter and am working on the next. I think I got the writing bug back and I'm planning on doing two rewrites of previous stories and hopefully writing some new ones as well. Despite the very long run, I do hope you enjoyed reading the timeline and I'll be catching you later on a next writing-adventure.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.

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