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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

Post by MacGyverGod » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:30 pm

So, we're now exactly nine months further on our timeline since Ellen's pregnancy. All the major time jumps are behind us now and we finally made it to MacGyver's birth. From here on out we'll begin examining every stage of MacGyver's life beginning with his childhood years followed by his teen and college years, his adolescent years and his adult years prior to the Pilot episode. We also see the beginning of the Vietnam war and where Pete has started his career and we also get a closer look on Penny Parker's family history and the births of several other characters.

Passages/Friends: Sunday March 23 1952.
Angus MacGyver is born to James and Ellen MacGyver in Minnesota. Grandparents are Harry and Celia Jackson. MacGyver has one cousin Allie who had a dog.

(Note: On the contrary on what is shown and even confirmed on his passport in Every Time She Smiles that he is born on Tuesday January 23 1951, the later episode Friends confirms his date of birth as March 23. Most future events all lead back to 1952. MacGyver's first name remains a mystery even to himself until Good Knight MacGyver, yet his future girlfriend Kate Malloy seems to love his first name so much she uses it as middle name for their son. Originally his first name was supposed to be Stace. If it was his full name could've been Stace Angus MacGyver. S-A-M.)

Jerico Games: 1952.
Ellen Stewart is born in the same year, presumably a few months later after MacGyver's birth. They graduate from high school the same year.

Three For The Road: Friday December 12 1952.
Guy Roberts and his wife June Roberts attend a dinner party at the Cornfields after finishing the movie The Duelling Swashbuckler.

Second Chance: 1953.
Wanda Trie Tran, Jesse Colton's future girlfriend is born.

Trail To Doomsday: Friday November 12 1954.
Paul Moran is born and has an older brother Frederick Moran.

The Human Factor: 1955-1975.
Pete Thornton and Colonel Scott Woodward served in Vietnam together. The war lasted twenty years so somewhere in that time period Pete and Woodward worked together. Woodward had a relationship with a woman named Louise as Pete recalls later. It is unknown how, when and where their relation started let alone how long it lasted. They split up over the years. In one of their operations they lost three good men after waiting for a decision from headquarters. Woodward was under orders to spot enemy troop movement. Pete argued they didn't had to be so close to the enemy and knew what they had to do. He always resented the death of those three men to Woodward afterwards because the decision was theirs to make not headquarters.

Tough Boys: 1955-1975.
R.T. Hines and Anthony M. Lopez better known as Manny serves as marines in Vietnam war. A picture is taken of them holding the Vietnamese flag. When exactly during the war is uncertain but it has to be in the twenty year war.

Trail of Tears: 1955-1975.
It's probably in the last years of the war that Whitecloud and Phil Crow has joined the Marine Corps and to go to Vietnam. Crow was specialised in booby traps and said he could hear the beginning of man's scream before the explosion.

The Prometheus Syndrome: 1955-1975.
Ralph Boardman spends three years stationed in Vietnam with the 2nd company in chemical warfare as a specialist in five demolitions.

The Eraser: 1955-1976.
Jimmy has been associated with Papa Chuck's crime family and works as a hitman for twenty-one years mainly on the East Coast but also ventured west. He got arrested in 1976 for extortion.

The Secret Of Parker House: 1956.
Around 1956 Betty Parker's father gets gunned down by gangster friends for his trouble. Betty went over the edge afterwards, locked herself up in the Parker House and disappeared a couple of years later. No one knows for sure where she went.

Harry's Will/Squeeze Play: 1957.
Harry's Nomad is manufactured. A car of interest to Reggie Jackson.

Legend of the Holy Rose: Wednesday July 31 1957.
Zoe Ryan is born. She would live next door to MacGyver when they were kids.

Hell Week: 1958.
The first annual Barricade Contest at Western Tech is being held and won by Julian Ryman, MacGyver's mentor at college. He barricaded the lab in the physics building in his senior year. Later he became professor and Nobel Prize Winner.

(Note: The years are shown on the pictures as seen in the episode. 1958 for Professor Ryman and 1973 for MacGyver. It's never made clear in which year of college this is. For reasons explained in MacGyver's college years, I think this was in their third year.)

The Secret of Parker House: 1958.
Cloverton reaches a highlight in it's history with a big tourist industry until they moved the highway. Sylvia Lang's father runs the Cloverton Echo paper at the time. Betty Parker starts writing a diary called A Penny For Your Thoughts.

September 1958.
Cliff Howels becomes sheriff of the town as an inheritence of his father.

Friday October 31 1958.
Betty Parker disappears from Cloverton. It appears to be that Cliff and Betty were having a relationship at the time. She became pregnant with his illegitimate child and Cliff who was just elected sheriff could not permit such a scandal and tried to make her go to Dr. Simms who was caught performing abortions. It turns out Betty went crazy from lead poisoning that ended up in the moonshine. They got into a fight and Cliff pushed her out of the window, Virgil tried to save her and got the blame, only a ten year old kid at the time.

The Survivors: 1958.
Pete aces the survival courses for being a field operative. This could be most likely by for the DXS or the military. He even enjoyed it.

Everytime She Smiles: 1958-1959.
Mac goes on the merry go around for the very first time at the age of 6-7.

The Madonna: 1958-1964.
MacGyver used to wrap his Christmas gifts in old comicbook pages. Along with his mother he took a liking to the song I'll Be Home For Christmas. This is probably also the time MacGyver learned to play the guitar. He played at recitals but got nervous. His mother came up with a secret word to make everything better: ice cream.

(Note: It is unknown when exactly he did that and for how long. To my estimation it seems like something a six year old would do and maybe he did it every year until he was old enough to realise it wasn't fun anymore.)

Hind-Sight: Saturday May 24 1958?
Irene Zulio? AKA Maria Nikkos or Nillos is born. Her picture comes up in a file Willis is researching in order to find a woman who might be harrassing Pete.

Three For The Road: 1959.
Guy Roberts' Caddilac is being made.

Hind-Sight: Saturday May 9 1959.
Stephanie Zale is born AKA Catherine Smith. Her name comes up in a file Willis and MacGyver are looking through to find a woman who might be harrasing Pete.

Blow Out: Saturday May 30 1959.
Nicole 'Nikki' Ann (Barrett) Carpenter is born in Washington D.C. After her parents divorce she moves in with her father in Georgetown while her brother Danny Barrett stays with his mother in Minnesota.

The Gauntlet: 1959-1960.
MacGyver was 7 or 8 when he and his dad takes a truckload of apples to a market in another town where the lynching of an innocent man took place. As a kid MacGyver had a Cub Scout den mother called Mrs. Fryfogel who taught him backwood common sense like don't drop crumbs on trail because you never know what kind of critter might right behind you picking them up.

Rush To Judgment: 1960.
The judge starts his career in court.

Humanity: 1960.
Though it's just a mere guessing, Victor is most likely born in Romania in this year.

Thin Ice: February 19 1960.
Turk Donner and Team USA wins the gold medal on the Olympic Winter Games of 1960 in Squaw Valley beating the Czechs with a 7-5 score. MacGyver later recalls seeing this as an 8 year old kid.

(Note: This was actually one month before his birthday so he was still 7 years old. This was the first Olympic gold medal for the United States and their second World Championship.)

Collision Course: Wednesday March 23 1960.
For his 8th birthday Harry takes MacGyver into his blue pickup to the straightaway behind the Clemens' farm puts his arms on the steering wheel and slammed his foot into the gas. The wind rushed past his ears, the steering wheel was shaking his hands and how the red needle trembled past 90. It was the most exciting thing MacGyver had been through upon till then. Ever since then he had a love for racing.

The Wish Child: 1960-1961.
Lisa Chan is born.

The Outsiders: 1960-1961.
MacGyver's in the third grade with Mr. Simpson who makes him stand in the corner a lot due to mischief.

Eye of Osiris: 1960-1961.
Professor Axford starts his search for the keys to Alexander the Great's tomb. He believes the tomb holds the Eye of Osiris. An artefact he believes that no one has proved it doesn't exist. One of the clues is a Syrian medallion, a Greek artefact found by a Lord Keene and a third piece Axford found. During his thirty year search he wrote an essay about not being interested in finding treasures and artefacts but in finding the truth. It's possible MacGyver read that essay during his studies in London with Professor Atticus.

Hind-Sight: On Wednesday July 13 1960?
Frederica Zimmerman AKA Mary Hannah (?) is born. Her picture comes up in a file Willis is looking through to find a possible female suspect who might be harrassing Pete. The picture shows a woman in her late 20's early 30's. She would become a suggested member of the Red October terrorist organisation in 1984.

Phoenix Under Siege: 1960-1962?
Harry teaches MacGyver to iceskate backwards.

Passages/There But For The Grace: 1960-1962?
MacGyver and Harry are going on their first camping trip. They almost didn't make it because Harry's truck got stuck in deep washout. They fixed it by taking a tyre of the back wheel and putting a rope around the hub while MacGyver tied the other end of the rope on the tree up the hill. Harry put her in gear and that truck just winched herself up. It is unknown if MacGyver was referring to the same camping trip in There But For The Grace or if it happened afterwards but on one of the camping trips a bear eats all of their food in which Harry told MacGyver they would just go grazing and learned him how to forage food. If it was all in the same camping trip, it must've been one hell of an adventure.

The Coltons: 1960-1969.
Loretta Woo becomes a popular model in Taiwan. She would later marry G. Irwin Fielding who works at Wall Street and later owns a bank. He however will get sued for ripping of deposits of his clients. They would get a daughter named of Patricia Fielding who will witness gang killing in Chinatown.

The 'Hood: 1960-1989.
Melvin Krasney becomes a lawyer as a one-man revolution standing between de innocent people and a political machine and he kept doing that during the '70s. But in the '80s he found himself defending drug lords and gun runners, so he quit. Later he becomes MacGyver's new landlord and goes into sculpturing and taking care of the people in his neighborhood.

The Wasteland: 1961.
Laura and Scott Bartlett are born to father Andrew Bartlett. Andrew Bartlett owns a big construction company and is going to build Bartlett City. He is a firm father, threatening to cut off his kids if they don't become someone, a cut above. He is very strict to his son Scott in the upbringing.

Pilot: 1961-1962.
At the age of 9 or 10 MacGyver wants to ride a golden palomino from Old Man McGinty who got him from a trade. Probably before his dad and grandmother died.

Blood Brothers: 1962.
Assuming they were all the same age. Neil put his fake spider on top of his tenth birthday cake, freaking out his mother who ended up beating the cake to death.

Hind-Sight: Tuesday February 6 1962.
Mary Zamora is born. Her name comes up in a file MacGyver and Willlis are looking through in order to find the woman who might be harrassing Pete. The file also says she was arrested at some point on information that was provided by MacGyver.

Phoenix Under Siege: Friday December 14 1962.
About ten years old MacGyver got his first chemistry set and a subscription to Popular Mechanics from Harry. MacGyver probably also made a magnet during the summer of that year, which Harry used to pick up shoeing nails out of the horse stalls. MacGyver's father James MacGyver and grandmother Celia Jackson dies in a car accident. Probably around this time MacGyver started have nightmares in which Harry tells him it's a lot worse to feel scared when he's alone.
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

Post by tvero80 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:25 pm

Wow! I'm speechless. Great job, MacGyverGod .

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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

Post by MacGyverGod » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:23 pm

Thanks, tvero. :)
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

Post by MacGyverGod » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:49 pm

I wasn't able to make it on Wednesday so here it is for today then. This week we'll be seeing MacGyver continue to grow up and go to high school. We discover why MacGyver hates guns, his first experience with alcohol, the births of Penny Parker, Michael Thornton and Maria Romburg amongst others, the rise of the Phoenix Foundation building, the beginning of The Gun's life and of course MacGyver's high school graduation. Next week we'll have a look at MacGyver's college life.

Blood Brothers: 1963.
MacGyver and his friends Neil, Chuck and Jesse buries a time capsule with personal belongings and vows to return 25 years later to dig it back up. MacGyver puts a selfmade mousetrap in it, Neill puts a fake spider in it, Chuck a baseball, he wanted to play for the Twins with his mean slider, and Jesse places a picture of the four of them in the time capsule. Not long after Jesse dies by a gunshot when MacGyver and his friends are playing with the gun of his father. MacGyver tries to save his life by making a cart of his bike and take him to the hospital. MacGyver seemed pretty well known in the neighborhood. He helped out Sergeant Olson to mow his lawn once by rigging something up. Either by fixing the lawnmower or by simply making a whole new thing. Neil was interested in Dragnet a cop show from the 50's.

Twenty Questions: 1963.
MacGyver and his friend Freddy Mapes drank a sixpack in less than one hour at the age 11. MacGyver got drunk and told himself it tasted great but didn't know what he was doing. He couldn't walk straight, he couldn't talk straight. There was nothing for him to like about, but Freddy kept drinking afterwards that it costed them their friendship.

The Coltons: 1963.
Jesse Colton plays baseball in high school where shows he's got a mean fastball according to Johnny Denmark.

The Secret of Parker House: Thursday October 31 1963.
Penny Parker is born. On the contrary to what is seen and even confirmed on her passport in Every Time She Smiles that she is born on Tuesday February 20 1962. But as it appears in the later episode The Secret of Parker House October 31 seems a date of bigger importance considering Aunt Betty died exactly five years before Penny was born. There is also an Uncle Fred and Cousin Malcolm.

(Special note: On this night in Haddonfield, Illinois, 6 year old Michael Myers kills his older sister Judith Myers with a kitchen knife. It is quite remarkable that Penny's birth and Michael Myers his first kill takes place on the exact same day. To me this is a connection that the Halloween franchise runs parallel with that of MacGyver.)

Passages: 1963-1964.

MacGyver decides to take his bicycle to ride it off the barn roof with Ellen's best bedsheets wearing it as a parachute on his back. This could also be later but definitely after his father's death.

Out In The Cold: 1963-1970.
Probably during this time MacGyver breaks a couple of arms, three fingers and a toe.

The Eraser: 1964.
A picture is taken from Jimmy and his nephew Frankie before the casinos in Atlantic City.

Partners: Monday May 25 1964.

Geoffrey Stuart has died. His name appeared in a newspaper clip. It is unknown how old or how he died.

Final Approach/Fire and Ice/Blood Brothers/Ma Dalton/Legend of the Holy Rose/Two Times Trouble/Jerico Games: 1964-1970.
MacGyver goes to Eyrie M.C.H.S. Mission City High School with Andy Jarrett, Danny Barrett, Chuck, Neil Ryder, Jack Dalton, Zoe Ryan, Carla and Roxy Yates, Ellen Stewart, Boneless Barton. Jack lives with foster parents.

Final Approach: 1964-1970.
MacGyver is in high school and finds out his Swiss Army Knife had disappeared from his locker. He suspects a kid by the name of Andy Jarrett, a junior safecrack who kept bragging he could break into anything if he really wanted to. Things started disappearing from lockers. Everyone knew it was Andy but nobody could prove it. So he waited for him after school and busted his nose. When MacGyver comes home that night, he finds his knife exactly where he a left it, sitting on his desk.

Two Times Trouble: 1964-1970.

MacGyver is in high school with twin sisters Roxy and Carla. Somewhere in that time period Roxy tries to impress MacGyver. Eventually they went on a date. Roxy later became a well known Rock singer who got addicted to drugs. They also meet with Sammy Caruso whom he tried to convice to play in her key along with his band. He tried to get Carla on-stage to play a set. He could never tell Roxy and Carla apart. Also at one point they went climbing on Lost Arrow.

Silent World: 1965.
David Crane and his class, the Littleton Panthers becomes State Champions in football. Ten wins and zero losses. He was a quarterback and had the best arm in the league.

Family Matter: 1965.
Pete and Connie spend time in New Orleans and travelled through Cajun Country. It is unknown when this happened though. Possible honeymoon? Assuming they left from L.A. to New Orleans they had a flight of 03 hours and 38 minutes over a distance of 1667,1 miles (2683 km). Their marriage didn't work out. They divorced six years later.

The Secret of Parker House: 1965.
Betty Parker is declared dead after been missing for seven years.

Harry's Will: 1965.

MacGyver plays for the Minnesota Pee Wees as a kid. Harry takes MacGyver to his hockey match which is the Division Championship of the State Finales and let him drive the Nomad. During the match MacGyver trips another boy which Harry saw telling him is no winner. MacGyver tells this to the referee who discounts the goal and so they lose the match. That was his lesson at centre.

Humanity: 1965.
Victor is found in the streets of Bucharest unclothed and hungry. His parents most likely died. He is taken in by Major Krik to join the K-Force.

Obsessed: 1965-1991.
A mere speculation but it could be possible Pete meets with Jake Gibbs while working for the DXS around this time since he has known him longer than twenty years. He will always remember him as a good man.

Twice Stung: 1966.
The evidence room guard from Twice Stung starts his career on the force.

Phoenix Under Siege: 1966.

MacGyver and Harry sees a hockey game for the last time. Harry has been working on the farm ever since.

Hell Week: Monday June 6 1966.

David, son of Professor Ryman is born. He shares a birthday with Major Krik.

Family Matter: 1967.
Michael Thornton is born to Pete and Connie Thornton.

Lost Love: 1967.
Jack Dalton was into learning magic tricks while selling magazines in the tenth grade and tried to pull a silk scarf out of the principal's ear and got his toupee instead.

Thin Ice: 1967.
Derek Kirby is born to Walt Kirby.

Children of Light: 1967.
Su Ling and Mei Jan are born.

The Wall: 1967.

Maria Romburg is born in East Germany. Her parents are unknown. Her mother had to sew her doll's arm back on with an orange thread after their dog Valdi bit it off. Valdi was allowed to sleep in her room by her grandfather when her parents were away on holiday. Her grandfather is named Otto who will escape to the United States and open a toy shop.

Target MacGyver: 1967-1969.

Harry leaves without saying goodbye. Harry takes a construction job in Alaska. Assuming he took a plane, he flew for 04 hours and 05 minutes over a distance of 1889.9 miles (3041 km).

(Note: MacGyver says he hasn't seen Harry since he was ten which is impossible. Even earlier in the same episode MacGyver says it has been 16-17-18 years.)

The Secret of Parker House: 1968.

An unknown and most likely family member of the Parkers spends one night in the Parker House. Because of the haunted reputation of the house and the stories in the town she leaves the next day. It is unknown who it was but there appears to be an Uncle Fred and Cousin Malcolm.

Collision Course: 1968.
Jake O' Malley better known as Shawn Douglas McDowel delivers a package for the IRA that appeared to be a bomb killing a security guard.

The Gun: 1968.

Senator David R. Harrison, a presidential candidate is being killed by Doman Yashir. Officer Frank Fowler and Dr. Lloyd Fisher from the forensics team are involved in the investigation that follows. Frank was very fond of Senator Harrison that it felt like losing a member of the family when he died. He worked 24 hours a day to get Doman Yashir convicted. It became so personal. When the gun was made is unknown but it appears to be a very rare Czechoslovakian seven-shot Rupper. 7,5 millimetre. The gun was sold at an auction after the trial of Doman Yashir. The gun was sold to Philip Orwell and stolen a few weeks after the auction.

Twenty Questions: 1968.
Freddy Mapes dies of drunk driving, wrapping his dad's car around a tree at the age of 16, assuming they were the same age. His girlfriend is now paraplegic.

Off The Wall: 1968-1969.
Lawton Enterprises under supervision of Andrew Lawton the construction of the Phoenix Foundation building begins and is completed a year later. The building exists out of 15 floors with the 4th floor being demographics and MacGyver working on the 8th floor. It appears to be one of the most earthquake-resistant structures in L.A. If Lawton Enterprises constructed the main Phoenix-building it's quite possible they also build their Western Division Secure Research Facility with complete underground laboratories.

Jerico Games: 1968-1970.
Ellen Stewart becomes Head Cheerleader of her year.

(Note: The yearbook clearly says 1968. This causes a big bump in the timeline. MacGyver himself explicitly says they were both 18 and the yearbook he takes out is from 1968. This would mean MacGyver is born 1950. This also means Ellen is born in 1950. However a lot of future events won't make sense that made sense earlier in the show, like the 25th anniversary of the death of Celia and James MacGyver or MacGyver being 8 years old at the time when Turk Donner brough gold to the USA.)

Ugly Duckling: 1969-1971.
Kate Lafferty is born. Estimating her being 15-16-17 years old at the time of the episode. Probably around the same time MacGyver was following Professor Willis' classes.

Legend of the Holy Rose: 1969-1970.
MacGyver is in his senior year in high school. Zoe Ryan is in the seventh grade. She moves next door to him. Jack Dalton later tells her that if she wants MacGyver's help, she should get his full and undivided attention. MacGyver however takes a disliking towards because she was always a pest. She laters become a full associate professor in archaeology.

Off The Wall: 1969-1975.
On a rough estimation, I take it Antonio Lobo was born in 1969. Making him 22 years old in 1991. His mother is a hairstylist who dies when he is three years old and his father he never knew because he got killed in Vietnam. Lobo and his family lives in the apartment building his grandmother moved into after she got married and raises five children there including Lobo's mother. Lobo grows up in the building and his grandmother becomes the last remaining tenant of the building.

The Madonna: Thursday December 25 1969.
Vincent Battaglia donates the Madonna to the St. Mary's Church.

Jerico Games: 1970.
High School Graduation Day. MacGyver and Ellen Stewart sees each other for the last time. They were friends during their senior year and everybody said they were the perfect couple. It was her speciality to turn his life upside down. Eventually they became a couple for a while but they broke up leaving Ellen heartbroken for months. Though it's unspecified when and how long they were a couple. During their time they became Students for Gun Control. Boneless Barton was a classmate, who could walk with his legs wrapped around his neck during gymclass, giving Ellen the willies but MacGyver liked him.

(Note: The yearbook says 1968. This probably means they took the year actor Richard Dean Anderson graduated from high school since he was born in 1950. In the shows universe this is an inconsistency because a lot of events won't add up anymore otherwise like MacGyver couldn't have been 8 years old in 1960 when Turk Donner wins the gold medal and MacGyver couldn't have been ten years old when his dad died. He would've been twelve by than. If he was ten it would've happened in 1960 and it would've been 26-27 years by the time Harry would mention it in Phoenix Under Siege and he clearly says 25 years.)
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

Post by tvero80 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:35 pm

:shock: :o :) Is it explicit enough ?I hope it is ... if it isn't ... amazing job , thanks.

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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

Post by Irina » Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:46 pm

No words ... You did such a great job! Thank you!
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

Post by MacGyverGod » Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:54 am

Thanks, both of you. ;)
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

Post by MacGyverGod » Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:08 pm

In the following week, we'll be going to MacGyver's college years. So we finally figure out where all his college girlfriends came from. Though there are not as many as you might think. We see MacGyver go through college and the further course of the Vietnam war and his relationship with Kate Malloy while Pete meets Samantha Lora. Since college takes four years, I take it MacGyver graduates in 1974 and Kate was one year older than he was and graduated a year earlier than he did. Next week we'll see MacGyver in his adolescent years after college graduation.

Flame's End/Jack of Lies/Thin Ice/The Endangered/On A Wing And A Prayer/Collision Course/The Madonna/There But For The Grace/Log Jam/Treasure of Manco/Squeeze Play/Honest Abe/The Stringer: 1970-1974.
MacGyver goes to college at Western Tech and meets with Amy Austin, Tim Wexler, Toby Jenson, Jack Dalton, Michelle 'Mike' Forrester, Karen Miller, Jeff Stone, Father Patrick Lafferty, Father Jim, Amy Chandler, Maria, Enrique, Philip Sherman and Katherine 'Kate' Malloy. He probably met with Michelle 'Mike' Forrester as well as she will be travelling with him and Jack through Europe and the rest of the world.

Flame's End: 1970-1974.
MacGyver, Amy Diane Austin, Tim Wexler and Toby Jenson are studying at Western Tech. Amy has an aunt Min. MacGyver, Amy and Tim are also known as "Science Club Officers". They probably led the science club. It was said of Tim that he was "Most Likely To Succeed" and it was said of MacGyver that he "Already Has It". MacGyver and Amy are dating and they used to be one word. They have their beach which had palm trees. Before summerbreak MacGyver has some big news. He arranged that he can become a cook on a freighter ship in the Adriatic Sea and can take Amy with him. They've talked about travelling but she wonders how he will get his degree. She however intends to go and work in the nuclear processing plant they're building ten miles down the coastline saying they will need people with science degrees saying they could have a real future there together. But MacGyver says his motivations to study physics was because he thought it was interesting and excited him not to buy himself a job. She prefers a life she can count on. So does he but on them together and different than everyone else. She didn't knew he was serious about going to Adriatic Sea. He wonders if it's crazy to finding out who he is. She tell him that he just ought to go. After that they break up.

Thin Ice: 1970-1974.
MacGyver plays ice hockey tasting the Olympics and a pro career in hockey. But due playing hard and stupid and getting busted up he convinced himself that his injuries were bad enough that it just wasn't worth it and quits.

The Endangered: 1970-1974.
MacGyver meets Karen Miller. They have thing for each other but Karen was willing to settle down after a few years, he kept moving on. She enjoyed French drapes and swimming pools until she got converted by one of those nature nuts. During college MacGyver talks her about camping and being independent, wanting to become a park ranger and a pilot and going to Africa. But each time he changed his mind when she tried to be a part of it.

On A Wing And A Prayer: 1970-1974.
Jack Dalton studied Business major in the University of Southern California (USC). This could've been part of Jack's cover however. Commander Rafael studied Political Science in Berkeley before the revolution in Barraca.

Collision Course: 1970-1974.
In college MacGyver meets Jeff Stone. Jeff Stone loves racing and later they work together to build an environmental efficient all plastic engine for racing. Jeff meets someone named Meg whom he marries. It is unknown from where he meets her, could be in college but their marriage doesn't hold because of his racing career. She's afraid he might get killed in crash. They get a daughter named Charlie.

The Madonna/There But For The Grace: 1970-1974.
MacGyver plays hockey with Patrick Lafferty and Jim, both men become priests and Mac later recalls their hockey days. Though unknown when they played, I assume it must've been during their college years. According to MacGyver, Patrick used to push him against the boards, while he thinks it happened the other way. It's also likely they came up with the code black and blue that Jim uses when he couldn't reach MacGyver to talk him about something.

Log Jam: 1970-1974.
During college summers MacGyver works in Oregon with Amy Chandler whom he knows from school. MacGyver worked as a rigging slinger. She later stay in Oregon and falls in love with Jack Chandler.

The Treasure Of Manco: 1970-1974.
MacGyver, Maria and Enrique all went to school together. I take it was university and also studied archeology together probably at Western Tech or maybe it was in Peru itself at the San Marcos University. They also went skiing together. MacGyver, Enrique and their ski coach Gene Quintano from Mammoth went skiing once up the Cornice in front of avalanche. They almost got killed trying to outrun it. Enrique later because a mountain rebel fighting the revolution in Peru.

Squeeze Play: 1970-1974.
In college MacGyver becomes an usher at Met Stadium once in a while. During his time as an usher he sees Novis Reilly playing for his team and learns about his nervous thing he has that when each time he thinks he could steal second base, he'd rub his nose backhanded-like. It was a dead giveaway.

Honest Abe: 1970-1974.
At the age of 18, MacGyver meets Philip Sherman. They studied together at Western Tech. Philip's father Abe Sherman was never around for his son. Not even on his bar mitzvah. Philip was seeing a psychologist at the time. Abe was also a liar to boot coming up with the most insane excuses when missing the important events like being chased by a rhinoceros in Bangkok and a monsoon in the Sahara. He told everyone he worked as a tuba salesman. But he did made the graduation. Philip will have a son later in life called Jeffrey and asks MacGyver to become his godfather.

Trail To Doomsday: 1970-1982.
Though never specified, I assumed these are the twelve years Tony Graves worked in U.S. Intelligence stationed in England before he buys Carcroft Castle. During those years he meets Capshaw who attends a questioning of a terrorist as a young officer. The terrorist however dies during questioning and Capshaw hates Tony ever since.

Blood Brothers: 1971.
Danny and Sean are born in Minnesota. Chuck and Neil are their fathers.

Humanity: 1971.
Victor becomes friends with Nicolae. They start hanging out despite friendship is forbidden in the barracks. They sneak out at night to go fishing but are eventually caught. Major Krik orders the boys to fight with knives to the death in which Victor wins. He held him for a long time until he was pulled away.

Jerico Games: 1971.
Ellen's father leaves his family marrying a blonde who was only five years older than she was. Making the girl 23 years old. She was expensive too because she needed all of Ellen's college money. In the years following she married three times: the first one had a drinking problem and bought a motorcycle. The second one was a stockbroker. One day she found out that he left her taking everything but the debts. It is unknown when she married the first two or how long they lasted.

Blind Faith: 1971.
Pete is divorcing Connie while he's an operative in the field in San Pablo helping Samantha Lora's father Guillermo Lora's rise to power as President of San Pablo. Going through a rough time in his life he finds comfort and support with Samantha as she is a good listener. He on the other had could make her feel better about herself when he didn't want to talk about himself. They shared everything and everything was so vibrant and alive. They had the happiest times of their lives. One day they spend a whole morning looking at a rainbow. Guillermo was able to stabelize the country and have peace for a while but he is followed up by a dictator who will murder 200 political prisoners. It is possible that Pete and Paul Stams cross paths here.

Off The Wall: 1971-1972.
Lobo's mother dreams of a house of her own while working as a hair stylist. She dies a year later when Lobo is 3 years old.

Countdown: 1971-1973.
Mike Donahue ran the 227 bomb squad out of Da Nang and led the entire sabotage group in Cam Rahn Bay which resulted in losing his leg. Couple of years before MacGyver's and Charlie's time in Vietnam.

The Wish Child: 1972.
Paul Chan, Lisa Chan's brother is born.

There But For The Grace: 1972.
I think this year included the birth of Doc's daughter Allison. Who seems at least 19 years old in 1991.

The Stringer: 1972-1973.
MacGyver is in a relationship with Kate Malloy during her final year of college. She ends up pregnant by him and must've known it by the last time they see each other, yet she decided not to tell him about it.

Hell Week: 1973.
MacGyver wins the 17th barricade contest of Western Tech.

(Note: even though MacGyver won the 17th contest in 1973, the contest could not have been held yearly since Julian Ryman won the first one in 1958 only 15 years have passed. So maybe there was a year with two winners or two competitions.)

The Spoilers: 1973.
Daniel 'Earthquake' Toberman is fighting in the Vietnam war. During the war he used a landslide once to get out of trouble which earned him the nickname Earthquake with his outfit. He won a Broze Star and three commendations for bravery. However he got shipped out by his Captain because he wanted to marry Tai Minh. Later he found out she got killed in a crossfire in Saigon while he was on a mission in Cambodia. He broke the captains nose and got court-martialed for it. During the court-martial Toberman attacked his Captain in rage which resulted in a 18 month prison sentence and was described as borderline psychotic. After the war, it is unknown when, Toberman worked with a Vietnam buddy in a restaurant trying to forget all the killing but kids playing with fire crackers almost made him snap, he left for the hills later on.

Runners: 1973.
Jennifer Reiner is born. Her father is Jim Reiner, her mother is unknown.

The Coltons: 1973.
Billy Colton is born to Mama Colton and brothers Frank and Jesse Colton. They become a family of bounty hunters. Frank was already 29 at this point and Jesse was 26. His father is unknown but obviously he and Mama Colton were still together. What happened to him is unknown. Maybe he died afterwards. This would mean Mama Colton must've been well into her forties when she got pregnant with Billy.

The Stringer: February/March 1973.
Around this time period Kate Malloy must've gotten pregnant by MacGyver. This is like the last probable moment in which Sam could've been conceived if he was to be born in 1973. So his birth must've taken place in November or December that year.

(Note: Though it's quite hard to believe she would've kept her pregnancy a secret into at least the fourth or fifth month, while still in college. So I take it she was in her senior year with MacGyver in his third year and therefore graduated earlier than he did and left for Brazil. I can not imagine her keeping a baby a secret if she still had a year to go. If they graduated at the same time in 1973, MacGyver would've missed a year of college.)

Harry's Will: Wednesday July 18 1973.
MacGyver sees Cody for the last time. They are playing a card game in which the dealer's got a six and MacGyver is holding twelve. Hit or stand pat? Harry was most likely not around since he left a few years earlier without saying goodbye but he must've kept in touch with Cody. Cody went to jail after robbing a jewellery store. He was hired by the owner of the store, a guy named Biff Arnold, who wanted to collect the insurance money and keep all the jewels while the diamond pendant was for Cody. Biff Arnold had a difficult youth trying to start up his own business. The insurance company went out of business and Biff Arnold was never paid. Even though Harry was furious of the robbery, he visited Cody when he was in jail.

The Stringer: November/December 1973.
Sean A. Malloy is born. Son of Kate Malloy and MacGyver. MacGyver however does not know about this as Kate never told him about her pregnancy when she left to cover a story in Brazil. This might make it possible that while Kate is covering the story in Brazil that Sam is born there, though not necessarily. Kate names him Sean Angus Malloy, Sam for short. However MacGyver finds out about his first name through a dream, she loved his first name, so MacGyver must've known his name all along and that he gotten it from his parents.
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

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Thank you, MacGyverGod, it was a wonderful trip to the world of MacGyver! 💕
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Re: The MacGyver Timeline

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Thanks, Irina. :)
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