Wright stuff & kick starting

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Re: Wright stuff & kick starting

Post by Anne » Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:35 am

katann69 wrote:Everyone, one of the reason for the cancellation of the show was because of the fans attitude for not seeing RDA. They pretty much made it known that Brad Wright was a nobody to a lot of fans and wanted RDA back. Yes, Brad was angry as the fans and network caused the demised of the SGU.

Throwing my two cents in here... Sometimes I wonder about some RDA fans and their attitude a little. RDA left Stargate SG-1 because HE wanted to not because they made him go or got rid of him etc etc. It was HIS choice and one he did not take lightly, but a choice that had (according to what he said) to be made and something he'd been thinking about since season 6. He went and he came back for small roles, but never voiced his wish (to the public) to be a long term part of Stargate anymore. This is something people need to accept and live with. He devoted many years of his life to his fans and his TV shows and apparently there was a point where he wanted out and went.

You can't blame producers, a network, a show etc for not having an RDA show when RDA doesn't want to be part of it. You can't blame anyone for making other SG show without RDA in it if he isn't even interested to do it. I just don't get this 'we want RDA or we want nothing'

One of the important reasons SGU didn't fly was that lots of SGA fans were angry that they canceled that show in favor of creating a new one. Another reason it was canceled was that Syfy kept moving it around and treated it bad. A third reason was that the cast and plot was not STARGATE. It was more going in the direction of Lost and such shows and it was too different to be accepted by SG fans. I did watch SGU and never got into it because it was not to my taste, i could not find anyone in it I liked and I could not feel my way into the whole storyline. There was no one in it who held my attention. But it had nothing to do with RDA himself because he left years before that and there wasn't a chance in hell he'd be back for a fulltime show at that point or any other point.

I read some of the rather rude comments on Gateworld back then - from RDA fans - and was taken aback of the viciousness. Especially since it was not as if RDA had wanted to be casted for a show or anything. It's the same attitude about the new Stargate movies coming up. I don't get it. RDA is done with Stargate. Unless he steps up to the plate and wants to do it, is eager to do it and CAN do it physically - there won't be any Stargate with RDA in it. No one is forced to watch any SG without RDA in it but dissing it openly on the net because of the lack of RDA won't bring RDA back either. Plus it sehds a very weird bad light on RDA fans in general throughout the Stargate fandom.

SGU had imo a lot of flaws and it backfired, but because of no RDA? I don't think so. And it did have its own fanbase etc, it's not like no one ever wanted to watch it. Brad Wright was angry - everyone would be if they created something and not enough ppl want to watch. I guess they had it coming because they ditched SGA and then went and created something that was dark and dull and humorless. But it had very little to do with RDA not being there.

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Re: Wright stuff & kick starting

Post by Caty » Tue Dec 16, 2014 9:23 pm

I totally agree with you, Anne.
In a Stargate-Fangroup on Facebook are many people who liked SGU more than SG1 or SGA, so there were people, who liked it.
I never found a way to SGU, never. First episode with Rick - o.k. he made a few comments like he used to but the other stuff was absolutely without any humor. The needed many more lights on the "Destiny" only to see what happened in the episode.
So many storylines, nothing fits with me.
I really tried to watch it, I need watching SciFi once a week, but SGu ... no go.
But it never had something to do with Rick or the absence of Rick.
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Re: Wright stuff & kick starting

Post by PamK1950 » Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:58 am

Bravo Anne!!!! You've said what I've been wanting to for a long time. Would I like to see RDA in something? Of course I would (Criminal Minds is on the top of my list), but my world won't come to an end if he doesn't act again. I really think that some of the "fanatics" out there need to take a chill pill. Life's too short....
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Re: Wright stuff & kick starting

Post by Anne » Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:58 am

Exactly, Pam and Cathy. And not the whole SG fandom is made of RDA fans, or even SG-1 fans :)

I DO get the 'we want him back or we won't watch' attitude, I do. I feel the same about ST Reboot. It's not the originals, so I won't watch (again - I did once). But the originals won't be back, I have to accept that and live with it and while I do voice my dislike of the reboots here and there, there's no use to go to the places where ppl happily trek Reboot and start whining about how I hate them because they are not the real ones. The Reboot is a huge success. I won't have part in it, but by all means... let people have fun and enjoy them.

Also - and the same goes for Stargate - as long as there are spin offs and movies etc, the franchise will be kept alive in some form and we all benefit from that.

It's the same with RDA. No Stargate will ever touch my heart like SG-1 season 1-8, there is no other SG-1 for me in my heart. Because I need Jack and I need Daniel. And not played by anyone else than RDA and MS. And I'd love to have Sam and Teal'c. But just like I did watch those ST Reboot movies once to form my own opinion I'll watch the new SG when it comes out. I'm not excited about it, but curious. And if it turns out to be bad for me, I'll never look back and that's it. But I don't get the hatred online wars over who's real and who's not and who's better and who's this or that. It kills fandoms, these kind of wars. It's the same with the ship wars. SGU had its place and time and so will the new Stargate movies.

I do get that sometimes you feel like venting and ranting. But do it among friends, via e-mail, chat, in private - or if you do it on public places, be polite and civilized. Don't to stir up online witch hunts. That's my opinion anyway.

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