Thank you, Kate

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Re: Thank you, Kate

Post by JackGywer » Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:32 pm

Absolutely a pity that this question has to come up at all!
I love this site and the forum and would be devastated if it died. Although I run some fan groups myself on Facebook, I really enjoy being here.
I mention this page again and again and always try to make people aware of your great work.
It's completely different than Facebook and I love the family feeling here, Facebook can not offer that. Many fans have absolutely no idea that there is this website and that makes me sad.
I have also become quieter with my contributions, but that does not mean I do not enjoy this site.
I'm eagerly waiting for the MacGyver lexicon and would be devastated if you finished your fantastic job. Maybe one could really introduce discussions about certain episodes of the series.
Every week a different episode, maybe on certain days, one day from MacGyver and another day from Stargate and Legend.
Or something like that.I have a similar concept for one of my fan groups.
At least I would love to discuss individual episodes.
I do almost anything to help to reserve the forum.
I could do some advertising for the forum on Facebook, in the groups.
It would be worth a try at least.
There are certainly people like us who will recognize and appreciate the qualities here.

I think the language is often a problem as well.
Facebook translates contributions into any language, making it easier for many people to communicate with each other.
language barriers!
When I think back to how I was initially afraid to write anything at all, I get goose bumps.
I was very nervous :oops:
although I was received so nicely here, much more personal than it would be possible on Facebook at all :oops:
Anyway, I love this forum!

I'm ready to help, whatever it might be!

I continue to follow my heart,
that does not have to know the mind.

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Re: Thank you, Kate

Post by » Thu Mar 01, 2018 1:04 am

First of all I would like once again to THANK Kate from the bottom of my heart, for her enormously hard work and great effort she has done over the years to maintain this amazing website, just to offer us the best of joy and a real excitement by reading all the news and information through the archives, or viewing the wonderful pictures or videos in the galleries, but most of all, for creating this fantastic forum in so many ways.

It really got me sad to read there is even a question of existence for this forum or generally the website. I wouldn't want to see that happen. It's like a wonderful habit being here almost every day. And for me personally, is a way of escapism from every day's worries and problems. Being here, makes you relax and enjoy each and every section of this forum, plus giving us the opportunity of "meeting" wonderful people from all over the world, and sharing our common love, respect and admiration for the one and only Richard Dean Anderson, and HE is the reason we have initially gathered here to show and express our feelings and ideas. There is no a better place to be, rather than here, and that's why I call it the RDA family. And I will agree with Judith in everything she said, and that here, there is the family spirit which is hard to find in other sites or forums.

I would also love to see the MacGyver Lexicon to be finally completed. Actually it is a question I had asked Kate about it a long time ago, and she said she would work on it when it was time for it, there were other priorities. Of course I fully understand all the time and hard work it takes to get a section finalized and completed, but it would be such a pity to be left half-finished.

I really don't know what else to say, other than expressing our gratitude to our lovely Kate, trying to say for this forum to be still existing and that there will be solutions and suggestions to make it revived and freshen it up in some way. I like JK's ideas about discussions of certain episodes from MacGyver or Stargate or even any of his movies. In any case, we are here to help and support Kate and her brilliant creation, this fantastic website and forum to be running for many years to come and with the same success. LOVE this website and forum and we'll try our best.

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Re: Thank you, Kate

Post by yolie » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:51 am

I truly want to express to you Kate, that this is my favorite website. I feel like a family here cause
we have a common interest in being fans of Rick. Love the forum and we share so many topics from
pics and collages, letters and your amazing contributions with sharing photos through your gallery.

I would feel a void without this site which I look forward to everyday. Can't remember when I initially joined
I know its been many years now, long before I became a member I would peek and see what's new. I know
I have limited computer skills to contribute, so I seek out new or even older videos to share here about
startgate, or Jack and Sam, and even Mac videos.

So hope to you continue keep this site open, don't like Facebook, too impersonal and just don't care for FB
at all. I keep my personal photos to my own family, and only have posted just a few anyway. So take these
few words has my thanks for you Kate. We all here are happy to see such devotion to Rick, he is a truly humble
and nice person. Not like so many other actors in the Hollywood. ;) ;)

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Re: Thank you, Kate

Post by Caty » Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:24 am

First of all, thank you Kate for your enormous work and the updates on the gallery.
I love to scroll through the various galleries, always finding something interesting.

Like I told you recently, I would be devastated if this forum comes to a close.
Although I'm not as often here as I want to be, I'm always returning and no facebook-page ever will be as worthy as your website.

The language barrier maybe a problem for many people, but I never found a comment that made fun of someone, whose note was not in an exactly english. And I'm the last person who will do this, my english is not grade one either. ;)
Some years ago I was assigned to the administration of a facebooksite of Stargate. There is also very low traffic, and I have not the time to care about that very much. I just keep it running.

But THIS page, even the forum, is something very special to me.
I remember, we had this kind of discuccion a few times before so please, don't shut it down. I'm sure there will be times again, when you wake up and don't know what happened - many, many new posts just over one night! At least, I hope so.

Please keep it running, Kate, we love "THE MAN" and we love this website.
"No matter how hard the past,
you can always begin again.


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Re: Thank you, Kate

Post by Irina » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:32 pm

It's really sad to know that such a topic has appeared ... :(
I agree with every word said above.
I'm not so long ago here, but I don't want to think that I can lose it all.
We have a Russian-language social network similar to Facebook: there are several groups dedicated to Stargate, MacGyver, Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks. Even there is an Russian Official (!) Group of Mr. Anderson ...
But all this in no way looks like this wonderful site and forum. Rather, they resemble a photo gallery with silent "Likes".
In this places there are no such communication, there are no such topics, and there is no such work as your, Kate..
When I first came here, I was very shy. But over time I realized that people who are here accept and understand me better than Russian speakers.
I've looked through the previous forum many times and thought what I can do for this forum. Sometimes maybe I did something wrong and said something wrong, but no one laughed and condemned me here.
I really want this site and forum to continue to exist. This is the result of such a tremendous work Kate! You have united kind and sociable people. You connect us with each other and our Dear Man. We really appreciate you and your work. And we are ready to help and support you always!
"It's very difficult to say "goodbye" to someone who means so much... "
("To be a Man")

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Re: Thank you, Kate

Post by Anne » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:53 pm

I have to say that, while I don't post here anymore, I still stop by at least every couple of days to check the website and the forum. I've been a member of this and the old forum for so long, it's part of my online life and I'd be sad to see it go away. I especially admire the archives, the photo gallery - the main website - because it's such a huge accomplishment and the best database regarding RDA's work there is.

For me, personally, the forum isn't a place I linger, mostly because I mostly stick to the Stargate and Jack/Daniel part of the forum and the fanfiction part which has gotten small, but is still going in some places. I love RDA and admire him for many reasons and I like to know what he's doing, I love when he comes out from under his 'rock' and shares things with us etc, but my focus is more on the fictional side of Stargate. And since news are few and far in between, I only stop by the forum briefliy because I'm not into the games and the chatter. But part of this is probably that I've been fangirling da man for 18 years now and there's only so much episode discussing, character studies and drooling over his looks/personality etc one can do and I had my fill of that. BUT - it's great that there IS such a place here where fans can hang out and do that and that there are still new members joining etc, so it's good to have the forum and I hope it'll stick around :)

Thank you for your hard work, Kate. I really appreciate it a LOT even if I mostly keep quiet around here.

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Re: Thank you, Kate

Post by frenchwriter » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:01 pm

I totally understand your worry Kate about the future of this forum.

My own perception on this about the website himself : it is essential, unique and the best ! As RDA is the only one MacGvyer, is the only one RDA's website.
I can't imagine RDA without the gorgeous Kate's website. Richard can to be proud on it, because you always knew to highlight it, since the beginning.

About the forum itself, I confess I don't come here a lot. I apologize because I don't often participate at games. But I like to read stories of fans when we meet Richard throught the world, our experience, our joy and feeling when Richard give us a small moment of his life (in Kate's updates) and so on...
Of course, because of my bad English, it's very difficult to write easily with you all. (To writing this message, I've working for one hour on it ;) )...
Otherwise, I feel at home here, it's my RDA's family I love...

I find it's a good idea to begin news subjects as talking about MacGyver's episodes or Stargate's episodes...
We'll look for others subjects too and relaunch the forum.

Please Kate, we are Richard's "wild loyalists", yes, but yours too... ;)

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Re: Thank you, Kate

Post by NiLa » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:16 pm

What can I say?
I`ve been visiting this website and the forum for years until I found the courage to join here myself.

And I never regretted it.

The people I have met here are really great and respectful with each other. I am so happy that I found people from all over the world with one common interest, our love and admiration for RDA and his great work. They are my online-family.
After all these years I still haven't read through all the archives. And I love some of the games around here.

I would be thrilled if you, Kate, could work on the MacGyver section to finish it. If you need help (because it's a huge amount of work) you will get it here for sure. Just give us a call! Tell us, what to do to help you.

I also like the idea of MacGyver/Stargate/movie discussion topics to get a bit more life into the forum. For example a special episode/movie of the week or something like that....
That there was not so much reaction to the Legend lexicon could be a reason that it wasn't aired as much as MacGyver and Stargate was. It never aired on TV in Germany for example, I heard first time of it here, on this website. And frankly, it isn't my favourite show of RDA.

I would be very sad, if the forum came to an end, because it's nothing like Facebook. It's true interaction between us fans, not just "like"/"don't like", I even found a good friend here, something I never would have thought could happen to me.

So, please, Kate, please don't let the forum come to an end, it would be very sad for us.
Walk in love, walk in service, and you will walk in honor.
MacGyver doing so our world will be better each day...
Anja ;)

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Re: Thank you, Kate

Post by Annelies » Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:55 pm

I havent been here for while for posting, still visiting and hope to be here more often, I would hate to see this forum go..... For me it's the only honest and open forum where fans can meet and the only website wich protects the privacy of RDA and only gives news when he says it's ok.. This forum feels like a family, made some friends here and it would be so pitty if it stops.. been here since I was 12 and saw it growing.. you are doing a fantastic job Kate! I would be glad to offer you suggestions but I can understand your question and I wouldn't know it honestly..
Lots of love,



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Re: Thank you, Kate

Post by KateR » Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:34 pm

I appreciate all the responses - truly! - and it's very nice to feel the support from all the "regulars," but I still wonder what needs to be done to encourage sharing and conversation here.

As I said, the statistics show that visitation on the site in general and the Forum in particular has remained fairly steady. But just recently I've had a few messages asking me to come to one Facebook page or another, and I've had a few more messages from fans saying that they read elsewhere some rumor or other "from a reliable source" and wondered if I could confirm. I guess I've been getting the sense that fans visit the site in order to carry material away to other sites for conversation, and it's made me wonder if the Forum is becoming obsolete. Perhaps we just live in a culture now where conversation is more rare and online activity consists of posting and "liking." It's a question I'll need to face.

As I mentioned, I had this conversation with RDA recently. He asked me if I was tired of managing the site, and I assured him that was not the case. I don't want to give up on it while it's still incomplete, and I told him I had nearly finished the Photo Gallery and would focus on the Video Gallery next. He said, "but if I keep sending you stuff, then the site will never be 'finished'," and I promised him that was "problem" I didn't mind having. I want to "finish" (as far as possible) the archived sections of the site, and one day I will be turning it over to RDA, but in the meantime the question has become - is it meant to be merely an archive and resource, or is there still a purpose in having interactive sections like the Forum or the Chat?

I appreciate all the regular posters here, and I appreciate enormously that you have made my job as a moderator so easy. (Most of my energy goes toward keeping the space safe from spambots, who try to register regularly.) I have never felt the need to make up rules about behavior and respect because the fans here are so polite and respectful by nature. And curiously, most of the regular posters are Europeans for whom English is a second language, so we have never had a problem with anyone being made to feel uncomfortable for their level of English fluency. So I hope people will feel safe and free to share. I suppose the question is WHAT can be shared when there is so little in the way of news?

Several people have suggested making a MacGyver Lexicon a topic of conversation. That Lexicon is such an enormous project to take on (it can take a week or two to complete each episode), so I will have to consider if I still have the energy and motivation once I finish the two galleries. The Photo Gallery once seemed overwhelming, too, and I'm feeling proud that I finally managed to tackle it. I had hoped that there would be some new pictures in there for people to enjoy, but I find myself wondering if they are just being downloaded and posted around the web. Similarly, I believe I have quite a few videos in my VHS collection that have not yet been seen, and I'd love to get that section caught up too, but then I see those videos, with my watermark, being shared via youtube. Of course that is the purpose of an archive - to share - but it would be nice if the sharing were a bit more two-way.

The Forum won't disappear tomorrow. I told RDA I would focus on the two galleries and then have another chat with him about where HE would like the site to go. But in the meantime, what would make the Forum a more vibrant place to visit? Topics such as "share your RDA encounter" or "the time I MacGyvered a solution to a problem" have appeared here in the distant past, but many of the current regular members weren't here then - is it time to bring some of them back? I won't get to the MacGyver Lexicon for some time, but should we start a "viewing party" for the earliest episodes that are already complete? Or any of the SG-1 episodes that are ALL complete? How do we encourage lurkers to come out and play? If you belong to other successful forums, what makes them successful, and what could be applied here? Any other suggestions?

My thanks to those who have kept the Forum alive this long. I created it because back when there was a need. I'm just trying to determine if that need still exists.


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