First Meeting with RDA old or new experiences welcome.

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First Meeting with RDA old or new experiences welcome.

Post by Beata » Fri Aug 16, 2019 5:32 pm

Hi Everyone,

I thought of a fun thread for all members new and old alike. If you would like to share a first experience meeting RDA doesn't matter how long ago it happened. Feel free. It is always enjoyable to hear a story about RDA. Pics welcome or anything that comes to mind.

My first meeting was in Toronto Fan Expo Sept of 2018, I can't believe it is almost a year ago. So let's keep the dream alive and share. Even if you have shared it before, it is always fun revisiting our first meetings with RDA.

I was in line getting ready for an autograph and I kept watching him with the other fans, he was so nice to everyone and spent time with each person. I was really put at ease and I gave him a gift. I had gone to Stan Mikita's (Chicago Blackhawk great) wake because he had died in August of that year, and I brought back a pamphlet of his career that was being passed out for the people. I gave it to Rick and he also had heard of Stan's passing. He was honestly touched by the nice gesture and told me that he had played hockey with Stan at one of his celebrity games. He continued to tell me about a statue of Stan that was featured on Wayne's World, that he bid on at an auction and won. I asked him what he did with it and he said he put it in his backyard overlooking the ocean, he said he didn't have it anymore and that he had given it away to a charity. He was so charming and attentive, we talked which seemed like an eternity to me. I will continue my story at a later time. It's lunchtime for me.

Enjoy everyone !
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Re: First Meeting with RDA old or new experiences welcome.

Post by ergomac23 » Tue Aug 27, 2019 12:47 pm

oh i know the statue your talking about i remember him talking about it in an article i thought he saw it on the lot during the macgyver days ...mystery solved thank you :D

i met rick back in 2013 Perth comic con Australia i remember asking him how his hand was i kept looking around at the fans in the really long line "he said it was sore and i said "you should have a stamp instead to which he replied "that is so impersonal " but he had been asked that all day and demonstrated with an invisible stamp :lol: :lol: then he looked at me and said "i'm no William shatner" i was so nervous i didn't think to say "well yea you are better than him" you know hat put me at ease though when i had thanked him he thanked me and smiled i have to say it is one thing looking at photos o him smiling but when you see that smile in person and it is at you any nerves i had went away :D

"that's my story and i am sticking to it " as Rick would say :lol: :lol: :lol:

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