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Re: A fact about you

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:22 am
by Fandango
MacBeth wrote:Yes, it's true: my father actually was a nuclear physicist.
I'll be doggone!
My father was a chemical nuclear engineer, specialty in refinement. He worked at Y-12 in Oak Ridge, TN.
No... I didn't inherit the genius gene, alas.

Re: A fact about you

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:45 am
by PamK1950
The 1950 in my name IS the year I was born (I'm ten months and one week younger than RDA). I love photography, traveling,people watching and HOCKEY! My little girl just turned 30 last December. Talk about time flying. If someone told me five years ago that I would be going to sci-fy/comic cons, I would have said they were nuts. I'm still not that fond of the real large cons, so when I do go to one, I make sure there's something else in the area that I would like to see, just in case I need a break from the crowds.

Re: A fact about you

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:12 am
by Jemster
My older sister was born on January 23, 1967. Yep, she shares RDA's b-day. ;-)


Re: A fact about you

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:37 am
by MacBeth
I was born in 1960, so Pam has me beat there! I was in graduate school when MacGyver started airing.

Fandango, that is very cool! I may not have followed my father into the hard sciences, but I did end up with a lively interest in science. Also in science fiction, which he loved -- looking back, I think he was something of a geek, for his time.

Re: A fact about you

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 8:31 am
by Annelies
Great to learn about all of you!! Getting a short impression of everybody, thanks again for the topic, Mac/Jack!!

The rest about me..

Was born in The Hague, the Netherlands (in 1980 8-) ).I was at High school when MacGyver aired here in Holland.

I work with homeless people,most of them are youth.
Trying to find a new home with them in a short amount of time, with all the care, trust and faith they need.
Everyday is a present for me!
Seeing people grow, and when they fall, pick them up again and start all over without judging them.
I owe RDA a big gratitude in this one, learned a lot from MacGyver!!
And the quote I use, it's me, anything is possible with a little bit of imagination ;)

Re: A fact about you

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:04 pm
This is a great topic. I think it's nice learning a few things for each other, and this site is the greatest ever, with so wonderful people from all over the world. It's really a pleasure hanging around here and sharing our common love and appreciation for RDA. Well, a few things about me. I was born on November 3, 1966, in Athens, Greece. I am married and I work as a secretary (in the accounting department) in an import (wholesale) company dealing with aquariums and their equipment, as well as live tropical fish. The "mj" in my username, stands for Michael Jackson. He's my favorite singer, along with many others like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and a lot more. I mostly listen to pop and soul music, but I love also American country music. My main interest is, of course, Mr Richard Dean Anderson, (somehow I like spelling his whole name, I think it sounds so unique and special, like the man himself). Besides my love for Rick, I also like travelling, if I can afford it, listening to music, watching movies and especially anything related to RDA, and decorating my home, and I love flowers.

P.S. I apologize for my English. I may sometimes make mistakes, since it's not my maternal language, but I'm working on it.

Re: A fact about you

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:31 pm
by Mac/Jack#1fan
Everybody is sharing their birthday, and I am without a doubt the youngest one here lol ;)
I mentioned it on the other forum a while ago, I'm 19 ;) Yep, born in good ol' 1995 :D Needless to say, I didn't catch MacGyver on its original run ;) I wish I was around for the 70's and 80's though, because those years were the best! I am a huge fan of all the music, tv, culture, and EVERYTHING that came out of the 70s/80s. Modern tv can't even come close to the tv shows that were on then. 80s Tv is the best! :D

@Jemster That's so awesome that your sister has the same birthday as RDA! I'm jealous! ;)

@Claudia, Bon Jovi is AWESOME! One of my favorites in rock music, behind Elton John ;)

@Nicole, Michael Jackson is my favorite pop singer :D He was truly an amazing singer and dancer. His dance routine to the song "Smooth Criminal" was the best, in my opinion. "Smooth Criminal" is my favorite MJ song by the way :)

@Pam, I love hockey too. Its a family sport for me, all my cousins/relatives play hockey. For me its, GO RANGERS! :D

Re: A fact about you

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:54 pm
by bftlovesRDA
Thanks for this thread, Mac/Jack#1fan, and for the info about yourself. You are quite a bright "young" lady. I am an "oldie" in terms of age but new to the world of admiration for Mr. Anderson in Stargate. I lived through the MacGyver years and loved him in that series.....but didn't find out about Stargate until the past year.....being preoccupied with "life" things during the time that series was on. Then I found this website and the forum and the rest is history... :D

( I think I am as old as Richard Dean Anderson.....born in 1949 - but I am not sure about the year of his birth or his age....sorry I miss some details sometimes.)

I "STILL" work (not retiring any time soon I hope) full time as an Executive Assistant at a large international corporation....(not mentioning names here)....and I enjoy my work because I love helping others succeed. That is what I have done over all of my work life, including six years where I taught 3rd and 4th graders.

Right now my chief number 1 hobby is RDA! I enjoy college basketball and used to play several sports until I injured both my now I just watch others enjoy the sports.

I am so grateful to Kate for this website and for meeting all of you from all over the world. Nice to share the love of RDA!


Re: A fact about you

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:45 pm
by PamK1950
Beth: My dad loved science fiction too, One of his favorite writers was Jules Verne. He said his friends thought he was nuts when he said that one day men would go to the moon (he was born in 1908). Needless to say he was thrilled when they did in 1969. He always encouraged us to think outside of the box.

"B". I didn't discover SG-1 until 2009, although I loved the original movie. The thought of being able to travel to other planets just by walking through this ring of "water" fascinated me. And by the way, RDA was born January 23, 1950.


Re: A fact about you

Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 6:40 pm
by bftlovesRDA
Hi Nicolemj - I am "secretary" too - administrative assistant is just a name for secretary over here now. And I like MJ even though when I tell that to the "younger crowd", I get stares, and smiles, and "cool"....since I am really too old in their minds to like Michael Jackson. I also like the other singers you named - Whitney Houston, Celine Dion especially. So we have a lot in common! :D

PamK - How nice that we are nearly the same age - and thank you for the complete RDA birthdate information!!!! :D :D

Mac/Jack#1fan _ You are very wise and kind beyond your years so it's great to meet you, a fellow RDA fan and MJ fan - here. :D