A fact about you

Philippa M
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Re: A fact about you

Post by Philippa M » Thu Aug 13, 2015 7:28 pm

I live with my seriously ill father and is his full time carer
I am overweight by 65kg
I love to cook but most of what i make are culinary disasters
I enjoy watching cooking shows, home improvement shows, but most of wildlife documentary's
My favourite documentary series is "Walking with Dinosaurs" along with Walking with Beasts and Monsters, Chased by dinosaurs
and any doco by Sir David Attenborough, Nigel Marven and Tim Haines and of course the legendary Ron and Valerie Taylor.
My Fave TV shows are Macgyver, Primeval, Star Trek TNG and Knight Rider.
I love listening to 80's pop, country like Johnny CASH, Classical, Enya....
I love elephants and i adore sharks
I own 6 cats and two rather spoiled dogs; they're Australian Cattle Dogs and the breed has dingo bloody...
Cain and Skye are our dogs
I also love akita dogs
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Richard Dean Anderson is Macgyver! .... *my hearts duet*

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Re: A fact about you

Post by Root » Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:43 am

Nice post! It's great to know a little bit about you all ;)

- I play guitar and drums.
- I used to play basket ball and ice hockey (which was fun sometimes when I got to kick some men's asses lol!!! Because they always tried to make you gave up (in france, didn't feel that when I played in the US))
- I teach music
- I have a 5 year old daughter that keeps saying to me "you really love Colonel O'neill Mom" when I watch stargate :lol:
- Got my first and last swiss knife at the age of 10 under the back of my parents lol.
- I've learn the Ojbway language (Native American from Minnesota and Canada)

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Re: A fact about you

Post by JackGywer » Mon Aug 17, 2015 12:11 pm

Hm .... okay a few facts about me :D

I live in a small town in the middle of the Federal state Hesse.I am a Hesse :lol:
I´m married and we have two boys.

I am an creative person.Everything I can customize or create with my hands,makes me happy.
Unfortunately for me missing something time.

Animals are always been a part of my life.A life without animals is unimaginable for me.Currently we only have two guinea pigs.But they're so cute.



Otherwise, I like to read most like Stargate novels and fan fiction.I am slightly obsessed with Richard Dean Anderson :lol:

I collect DVDs......I´m a series junkie :oops: :oops: Which surprise 8-)


I continue to follow my heart,
that does not have to know the mind.


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Re: A fact about you

Post by Grimey » Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:11 pm

Now is the day I 'd like to talk a bit about who I am?
First about my nickname... :oops: :oops:
I 'd like to tell you that it is just an artificial word, born in my mind.
I have got nothing to do with the fashion label or the slang word I found in google!! Perhaps I should have checked that before...

That is typical for me: Say or type spontanous, be sorry later. So: If anyone of you feels some time offended by my words, please tell me!
Or better: Don't take it as an offend, probably it is just expressed clumsily.

What I do in my spare time is that I go to prison.
Image I used to work with homeless people, but now I am a fulltime mother, and I like this hobby to meet a totally different world. We have got groups of up to 10 prisoners where we talk about our beliefs, especially our hope and faith in Jesus Christ, and it is really interesting when these men express their thoughts!
It is a prison for men, and most of us from "outside" are male, too. So many of my regular contacts except children and school are men.
That is why it is very special for me to share this ladies-forum :D

I first "met" with RDA when my elder brother watched MacGyver. Must have been in the late 80s. This first episode was the start, I wanted to watch them all!!
I am not interested in sci-fi at all, but I also like the music videos and blooper vids from Stargate SG-1.

I really asked myself if I am fan enough for this forum???
To be honest, I do know other handsome men. Other men whom I like a lot.
I don't know how much I would pay to meet RDA? To be honest again: Not too much. But I think that should be no problem for you? ;)
At least, it is no problem for me: So I get in no conflict with my husband :lol: :lol:
I own all of the DVDs of MacGyver, admire RDA as an actor, like this forum, watch this stuff until past midnight - it would be a lie to say I am not a fan ;)

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Re: A fact about you

Post by Annelies » Sun Dec 27, 2015 12:53 am

Grimey, Petra, what a fantastic name and what a fantastic work you do :D thanks for sharing!!!!! I work with homeless people, especially youth, but can imagine that your hobby, is very interesting and nice to... and a full time mom, wow, great!!!
Lots of love,



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Re: A fact about you

Post by bftlovesRDA » Sun Dec 27, 2015 2:45 am

Grimey - Petra - thanks for the information about yourself.

You sound as if you have an interesting life. Very good that you work with those in prison.....people in prison need hope and I am sure your work serves to give them that hope.

Being a fulltime Mom is also an interesting, challenging life.

I have no doubt you are a real FAN of Richard Dean Anderson. I own all the MacGyver and the Stargate SG1 DVD's. i watched MacGyver back when it was on "live" - and have never stopped loving RDA since then. I only discovered him as Jack O'Neill about 3.5 years ago - which is when I came here. I don't care for SciFi either, but Stargate is soooooooo well done and Jack O'Neill is very very handsome and does such a good job in that series....I hope you might explore it further. It is now even more popular with me than MacGyver.

Thanks for joining this forum and for being a true fan of RDA.

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Re: A fact about you

Post by Jirel » Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:34 pm

hi,since this many new people joins this forum --i renew this topic to know them better.
name Jirel (real life Monique)french=canadian living in Montreal,Quebec.
birth: june 20 -1946(70 year old) people say look like 50 years old.
like to travel mostly in France for vacation--been in usa 3 imes --france 2 times. I am a retired administrative secretary .Love mcguyver (since the 80) Jack O'Neill make me laugh also but most of all the man behind these role RDA --he is so genuinde and love his fans --that most of actors dont do. I never meet him but i wish i can soon.
Have 2 children 1 boy and 1 girl and 2 grandchildren --dont have pets anymore my daughter move in france and bring the family dog and cat because i move in 3 appart.so to small for them .i miss them but see them every week on skype ;) music :like everything that dance --love to dance
so that it what about you?

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Re: A fact about you

Post by Philippa M » Wed Nov 16, 2016 3:46 am

I have blue eyes and brown long curly hair... looks great when straighten. I love make up, fashion and weakness for shoes...

Richard Dean Anderson is Macgyver! .... *my hearts duet*

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Re: A fact about you

Post by MacgyverStarGateGirl » Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:27 am

I love all kinds of animals!
I have an incurable mental illness since 13 (34 now)!
I'm mentally 15 years old!
I love to cook!
I have a companion dog named Sammy!
I love playing video games!
I love to draw and write poetry!

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Re: A fact about you

Post by bftlovesRDA » Thu Nov 24, 2016 6:14 am

Welcome to you, MacGyverStargate Girl. Enjoy the forum!

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