Have you ever been caught viewing this site at work?

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Re: Have you ever been caught viewing this site at work?

Post by Astra » Sat Mar 12, 2016 2:40 pm

I agree with those that say nothing to be ashamed of or to hide. There are certainly worse guys one can be a fan of! MacGyver was and is a role model and still loved by many to this day. RDA created something special there.

My co-workers all know, I tell beforehand when I travel to conventions and I show the pictures when I come back. I also had the picture of me and RDA and Amanda Tapping at Avalon on my computer screen as a background picture. One Christmas we got visited by co-workers from a different city, so they wouldn't know about my obsession. I was just about shutting the computer down when one of them also asked: "Isn't that MacGyver?"

I am amazed people still recognize him after all those years?

Also, last year, some guys came to fix my windows at home. An elderly man and a young man. I have my convention pictures up at a wall and after the younger man was finished wit his work, he studied them and also recognized him right away and then we chatted about MacGyver and what a great show it was. It was happy that young people from today still know and adore it.

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