My Mum, Cyntha Grace Elinor Buxton

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My Mum, Cyntha Grace Elinor Buxton

Post by Philippa M » Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:48 pm

On December 23rd, 2014

My Mum and I were busy going about our Christmas shopping Mum and i always loved this time of year, the smells, the sounds and of course spending time together as a family should. My Mum is a lady who is always happy and smiling, positive ... she reckons i don't have a sense of humor and that i need to laugh more.... and she still growled at me if i was lazy doing the housework... still could connect a wooden spoon to my ass with deadly accuracy... My Mum is the best... She came from New Zealand, Taumarunui... a genuine country bumpkin witha thirst for adventure.... and she lived to laugh and tease the hell out of me. God, i miss that!

Mum began to lose use of her right shoulder/ arm for a few weeks now, mum's right arm was in a sling. We recieved an emergancy call from our GP, Dr Mudhar when she told Mum to get in to Royal Perth Hospital ASAP. We assumed like our Dr Mudhar, that Mum had a torn ligament in her shoulder. It would be the last time that Mum would ever go to our favourite shopping centre, the last time she'd ride in my car, the last time we'd spend a Christmas together or watch her make her most yummy Christmas cakes. We both rushed home, Mum told Dad what was going on and gathered her things, nightie, toothbrush etc... we arrived at the emergancy room at RPH. Then we were sent to this examination area. And Mum and I waited for about a half an hour until we saw a doctor to exam her. I waited for nearly two hours when i was called in and given the dreadful news... "Your Mum has a fracture in her upper right arm... which was caused by what we think is a legion... we think its cancer".. My heart sunk. Tears welled and what i heard hit me like a hammer to the back of the head.... Mum as usual and her loving way, calmed me down....


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