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Re: Seven brothers, the return

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:38 am
by karinedauphin

This Monday morning was starting badly. A storm had fallen on Murphy since 3am. It was raining, raining, raining all the time.

Jack had slept badly. He looked at his watch every 30 minutes. Sleep did not come. SamC tried to calm him but nothing worked. At 5:00 am, he called the base to have Major Davis "Hi Paul, how are you? Yes I know it's early, I have a service to ask you ... um ... two actually .. The first is simple ... you still have your possibilities in Washington. One of the nieces of Adam ... uh ... my little cousin, no, yes, hum... nevermind... Lucy MacFadden must go to Washington on a school trip in less than a month, can you organize something? ... Okay, let me know.
The other service is a little more personal. Could you check if a lieutenant Simon Adams is still working at Emerald Point? ... Can you find me his number? ... Yes, you send it to me by text message. Thank you Paul. See you soon. "He tried to go back to sleep a little.

Everyone in the ranches took into consideration the weather and everyone adapted. The children were getting ready to go to school with the bus. Adam had lifted Hope's punishment. She had been so responsible and kind all week. She had understood the lesson. By the way, this morning, she had told her father that she wanted to take Charlie with her, while Charlie was older. He had not been to school for a week. His return with his friends should to be quiet.

When Crane looked out the window and saw all the water, he knew that the barns and beasts were going to be disturbed. He was already getting ready to put boards in place with Brian. However, Brian told him to finish getting ready, he had to get Niki to the hospital and go to Los Angeles. Crane looked at his brother. He realized he will not be there to help them. Brian understood Crane's doubts "go ahead, Crane, we'll manage, do not worry, and come back quickly with Nikki, she's a nice girl". Crane was glad Brian liked Nikki. He teased easily the girlfriends of his brothers. Crane left Brian, took his bag and headed for the hospital to pick up Nikki.

Adam had not slept much. He saw the scene of his first beer ... failed ... but especially of those men who had pursued his father. He thought of Mac. Indeed, memory crashes or freezes after a trauma. Adam had completely forgotten this scene. His father had been killed a few months later in an accident and of course he had not made the connection. How could you? But with all that had happened in the past few days, with what he had learned about Mac and JackO, it seemed to him today, of course, that he had no doubt seen the men who had killed his parents. He jumped up from the bed and told Hannah that he was going to see Mac and JackO ... "hello to you too, my love" said Hannah "Adam, I'll remind you that we're going on honeymoon tomorrow" .. She heard a "yes, yes" coming from the stairs.

Adam joins JackO and Mac around the kitchen table. He sent a message to Rourke for a coffee. He had to be the heart of all that. These stories of accident, secret missions, microfilm, discovery in the fields of his father ... They finally had to know the truth.

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Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:39 pm
by ergomac23
at school hope arrived with her brother and cousins everyone of charlies friends were so happy to see him back at school when Tommy aw hope he ran to her and hugged her "hello hope " he said as his face went red "hello Tommy" hope said then Cory came up "hi guys" he said with a smile and hi two friends Lucas and Ben were with him "hey Tommy hey hope "they both said "i'm sorry for what we said your brothers aren't monkeys " said Ben and your family isn't a zoo" said Lucas hope smiled "it's OK i'm sorry i yelled and threw food" said hope then Mr Anderson walked up to them "hello kids i hope we aren't going to fight again" he said "no sir "said hope and cry "what they said" said Tommy "i'm glad to hear it " said Mr Anderson before walking off to get to hi classroom.
mean while Lucy had gotten to hers "can you believe it?" asked Lucy's friend Tina "believe what?" asked Lucy "look"said Tina pointing to the notice board there was a notice that read "students please note that the price to attend the trip to Washington has increased due to insufficient funding for accommodation costs the price was $70 per student and is now $150 per student please make the necessary changes before submitting your forms thank you sincerely Mr carpenter " Lucy read this then pulled out her note book she wrote the house hold budget in and "oh no" she said "Lucy what's wrong?" asked Tina "there's not enough i can't go" Lucy replied looking very down "oh i'm sorry"said Tina "i could stay at school with you instead of going on the trip" suggested Tina Lucy smiled weekly at her Tina was a very good friend had been since the day they met in first grade when Lucy forgot her lunch and Tina shared hers "that is very kind of you but you should go and have fun" said Lucy as they walked into the classroom "i tell you what i will bring back something for you" said Tina this made Lucy smile "thank you Tina" said Lucy as they sat at there desks Lucy still felt very disappointed.

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Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 1:56 pm
by karinedauphin
Adam, Mac, JackO and JackR racked their brains. Something was wrong. Suddently JackO's phone belled " Hi Jack, it's Simon. It's been a long time since the mission in the Maldives, it was a story of land was a meeting place in Renfort on the ground. But you passed by our aircraft carrier and you went up with me ... ". " Ooh, that memory is far away, Simon. But yes, I think you're right. You're an excellent pilot, Simon, but you're a very bad player of Hockey. "And the two soldiers start to laugh." Well, I guess it's not to talk about the hockey you called me. "Jacko explained that he was putting the loudspeaker forward because he was not alone, he tried to make a short version of the story, it was quite difficult." Ok, Jack, you're asking me to poke around in the files of my Marines, because you think that some agents have killed your family members of you Jack, of your half-brother and of your cousin ... hum, It's really a bit problematic. JackO, I'm almost retired now. But you saved my life in the Maldives. So I owe you one. I will search and I will call you back." "Thanks Simon. And besides, what's up with Celia ? "Jacko asks." Oh ... um ... we ended up getting divorced. Celia really had a problem with the Navy, the military, the orders, etc ... "" Oh, I'm sorry Simon. "JackO and Simon continued on the banalities and jackO hung up, and then JackO looks at the others" you have to go to develop this film "Mac agreed" but you have to be careful, this film is dated from the 60's. "It's not a digital film." JackO was very good at developing at the SGC but he was retired. Mac took the film and put it on the front of the light bulb, he saw many little squares and names, but it was written too small, "Well, let's develop the film here." Mac remembered that he had developed the film his friend Kate Connely, he arranged with Adam to find what he needed, he locked himself in a black room and began his work on the microfilm.

Meanwhile, Rourke really wanted to find Tommy's parents. He asked Adam to go back to Tommy's house. Maybe he would find a detail, not found so far. Adam stayed with Mac to develop the microfilm. And JackO left with Rourke at Tommy's.

Arrived in the neighborhood, Rourke and JackO rang the Martins. But there was nobody. they had gone to work. They rang the other house next door. no one either "quiet as a neighborhood" says Rourke. They entered Tommy's house. They had a key thanks to Adam. Rourke searched the ground floor and JackO went upstairs. JackO was used to this kind of mission, to go from room to room, from world to world, it was the same. He was just not armed today. Rourke also went from room to room. He made the whole dining room, the kitchen. He found details about Sean Ryder's life. Lawer' papers were stored in a locked drawer. No problem for Rourke to open it. He took the papers, they were only for Sean's attention. Papers demanded exclusive custody of Tommy from nancy Cunningham. He was about to put the papers back in their place when he heard a noise. He texted JackO "Noise in the cellar ...". Then he tried to go to the cellar as gently as possible. JackO came right behind. They made military signs to advance in silence. Rourke passed first. jackO secured the backs. Rourke was in the shadows. He slowly descended the stairs. Then he could see someone scratching in a wall, in the dark. He noticed that there were holes in the walls. He approached slowly. Then he jumped on the person and was ready to punch him to master it but he held his fist ... "Lynn?" ... But what are you doing here? "

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Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 7:42 am
by ergomac23
at lunch Cory,Lucas and Ben sat with Tommy , hope and Kelly Cry told the story of the baseball game over the weekend hope smiled and ate her sandwich as she listened meanwhile Lucy was sitting with her friend Tina "Lucy you've been through the book 10 times this morning i don't think it will have changed "said Tina "well perhaps i missed something" said Lucy she knew Tina was right but she had really been looking forward to this trip "come on why don't you put the book down and eat " said Tina pulling the book from Lucy's hands Lucy agreed and started eating her food near by a few people in her class were talking loudly about the trip which made Lucy even more sown about it so she got up and got her things together "i'm going to go to the library for a while "she said "i'll come with you i'm not that hungry anyway" said Tina and they both left and walked to the library.

Lucy pushed the wooden door and walked into the library with Tina following behind this library was two floors one for the younger grades of the school and one for the older which you used a winding staircase to get up to the second floor it had computers in one corner and a study area and a place for people to sit ad talk but it wasn't just the school library it was the only local library in the area so there wasn't just students and teachers and it was an old fashioned library with bookshelves up to the ceiling which you needed ladders to reach but they had much shorter shelves in the kids area with a blue wooden train in the center for kids to sit and read in though most just played in it for fun Lucy and Tina made there way to the stairs dodging kids running to the train as they went "hello girls may i help you find something?" asked the librarian Mr Raymond Collins 'Ray' for short "hi Mr Collins" said both girls "were OK were just heading upstairs "said Lucy "OK you know where i am if you need help" said Mr Collins with a smile "OK Mr Collins " said the girls as they walked up the stairs when they got to the top of the stairs they walked past the computers to the sitting area and sat down Lucy sighed " i would have loved to have gone on he Washington trip Tina"she said looking at her note book again "i know but think of the bright side you don't have to be in a bus or plane with stinky boys " said Tina they both laughed at that then Lucy had a feeling of being watch she looked up at the book cases around them and figured that someone was just looking for a book and went back to talking with Tina the girls talked for a while till they heard the bell signaling they had to go back to class.....

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Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:25 pm
by karinedauphin
Daniel took Crane to the hospital so he could pick up Nikki. Dr. Webber confirmed that Nikki had regained strength. She just had to recover her memory slowly. The MacFadden's Bro and Nikki thanked Dr. Webber. He returned to his other patients.

Arrived at the airport, Crane kissed his brother. A weird feeling invaded him. He looked at Daniel "yes, I know how you feel, but no, you do not leave us, you'll come back very quickly, and then we stay in touch ... Mac has explained to you ... the Phoenix Foundation". Crane nodded and Nikki replied that she would do her best to remember. She promised Daniel to come back soon. Crane and Nikki settled in their seats, Crane left Nikki on the porthole side. He did not like the void too much. A hostess went to offer them refreshments. The engines roared. "Ladies and gentlemen, here Captain James Holland is talking to you, we're going to be together for a little while, the outside temperature is 12 degrees Celsius or 53 decgrees Farenheit, you've noticed that it's raining a lot, but I'm going to bring you to the sun in Los Angeles in less than 2 hours, the temperature will be 28 degrees Celsius or 83 degrees Farenheit. Don't forget to put on your sunglasses, my whole crew and I wish you a pleasant flight ". Crane took Nikki's hand. She put her head on his shoulder and they felt the plane take off.

Hannah was finishing packing. Adam was going up and down the stairs to be with both Hannah and Mac at a time. He continued to try to develop the microfilm. Hannah understood the importance of what Mac was doing. But she was trying to tell Adam that they had to leave tomorrow on a honeymoon in Hawaii. "Adam, please, Mac can manage on his own, we're leaving for 15 days, you realize." At these words, Adam began to realize that he would be away from the ranch for 15 days. Of course, things had changed. He would stay in touch with his family through their mobile phone. But it was the first time that Adam allowed himself a vacation. In fact, he was active with Mac because he did not really know what it was like to be on vacation. But he loved Hannah so much since the first day. He had even sung a song with his first name. He sat down on the bed, caught Hannah and made her stick to him "Hannah, honey, you are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me in my life, I love you Hannah." "I love you too, Honey" And with the biggest smile she continued "but here I need you for the baggage" And she kissed Adam. He grabbed her and made her fall on him on the bed. "What if we pack up later?" ...

"JackR, do you know that girl?" JackO asked Rourke. Rourke was completely stunned. He held Lynn tight as she tried to escape. But when she recognized Rourke, she thought it was her lucky day. He could not have forgotten her. He could not have forgotten the nights of guarding he had had to spend watching her. He could not have forgotten the sensual evenings they had spent together. JackO found a switch. The light invades the room. "JackO, let me introduce you to Lynn, and we'll go back to the kitchen and talk". Rourke passed Lynn in front of him to climb the stairs, Rourke followed. As he passed JackO, JackO spoke to Rourke "... hum .. JackR ... THE Lynn?" And Rourke replied "sadly yes". JackO raised his eyebrows and made an "Ooooh".

Harry, Jay and Ellen followed the events. They wanted to help their family more. But none was close to Charlie. But anyway, they had almost all the elements. All that was missing was the identity of the person behind it.

"Hello Dad, I knew I would find you here." "You failed, but it's not hard to kill someone, I've done it a lot of times, I've arranged for you to learn the job of a professional killer by getting yourself into the HIT. you did not know I was behind all that, we barely saw you when you left the house when you were 15. But now they're going to find out everything. to kill MacGyver, she had to suffer even in this world. " Murdoch looked at his father "I know but today you can explain to me why, no?" Murdoch senior turned around. Murdoch saw a man in military dress. He found out that his father was an admiral, "Because she never loved me, you understand, she pushed me away, and she has to pay for that."

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Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 7:54 am
by ergomac23
later in the afternoon the kids came home from school and were in the kitchen eating and doing there homework Lucy on the other hand wasn't hungry "Aunt Hannah do you know were dad is?" she asked "i think he is in the field with your uncle Brian herding the cows honey" said Hannah "are you alright darlin? " Hannah asked concerned "yea i'm OK " said Lucy and with that Lucy walked out of the house leaving the other kids to tell Hannah about there day .
Lucy found her dad in the fields she watched him and her uncle heard the cows towards the the cow pen ford noticed his daughter "hey Lucky could you open the gate for us " he called "sure dad" called Lucy so she ran to the gate and opened it wide then jumped on the gate to escape the cows running towards her as her dad and uncle ushered them in when they were done Brian closed the gate and Lucy hopped off it and gave her dad a hug "hey dad" she said into his shoulder "hey lucky how was your day?" asked ford then saw the sadness in her eyes "what's the matter?" he asked concerned "i'm going to take the horses to the barn" said Brian as he grabbed the rains of fords horse and walked off "thanks Brian" said ford then he turned back to his daughter "hey why don't we o home and i'll make you some hot chocolate and then we can talk " offered ford "alright dad "said Lucy then they walked to fords ranch .
once there ford made a coffee for himself and a hot chocolate for Lucy and placed the mug in front of her "so what's on your mind?" asked ford Lucy looked up at him then pulled out her notebook "dad i don't think i will be going to Washington after all "said Lucy sadly "this isn't about our fight again is it?" asked ford worried "no dad Mr carpenter had t increase the price due to funds for accommodation" explained Lucy "how much? asked ford "$150" said Lucy "I've checked the budget over and over we can't afford it dad " Lucy said with a sigh ford noticed his daughter looked sad and disappointed she had really been looking forward to this it hurt is heart to see her this sad "well perhaps we could go during your school break "offered ford "thanks dad but it's not the same "said Lucy as she walked upstairs with her mug ford sat and thought there had to be someway to get the money for her bt for now he couldn't think of any so he sat and drank his coffee in silence.

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Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 7:00 pm
by karinedauphin
Monday mid-afternoon
Rourke convicts Lynn to sit in the kitchen. He tried to find something to tie him up. He did not have his handcuffs with him. JackO came up behind him "Can you explain to me what's going on, JackR ?". "Well, we're going to ask this girl here, so, Lynn, what else have you planned for a twist?" Lynn gave Rourke the sweetest and devilest smile. He knew his charms. He had to be careful not to fall back into his clutches. "JackO, try to question her, please." JackO was obviously not sensitive to Lynn's charm. He stared at her. He found it relatively dirty, but she had dug in the cellar, so it was filled with dirt, dust ... and blood ... blood! "uh, JackR, I think we'd better call Sheriff Lewis showing blood on Lynn's clothes." Rourke looked at Lynn, who had not said anything yet but was still smiling and trying to seduce Rourke. Rourke turned his back on him. He did not want to be weak. He did not want to fall into his seduction room. "Sheriff, yes, hello, it's Rourke, could you come down to Tommy's house, yes it's urgent."

Sheriff Lewis arrived 15 minutes later with two agents. Rourke had explained the situation to him and had warned him that he had found Lynn in the basement of Tommy's house. While the sheriff was trying to interrogate Lynn with JackO, the two agents and Rourke continued to search the house from floor to ceiling. Rourke continued in the cellar. The agents had brought big lights so the cellar was illuminated as in daylight. Rourke saw all the holes in the wall. It was clear that Lynn was looking for something. Then at one point he saw that the hole had been closed. he found it weird. He picked up a pickaxe and hit the wall with all his might. With his coping experience, he knew he was not going to find anything good behind that wall. Then a very unpleasant odor came from the wall. He called an agent, continued to hit ... and found a woman's body. He went up the stairs very quickly to warn the sheriff.

The sheriff made Lynn understand that she had no choice, she had to talk. Lynn said he had no proof against her. But if the sheriff let her alone for 10 minutes with Rourke, she would tell him everything he needed to know. Rourke looked at her shocked. The sheriff did not know Rourke's relationship with Lynn. "Sheriff, no, I can not, it's a very bad idea." At this moment, one of the sheriff's agents arrived in the kitchen "Charlie, we have just found in the cellar a bag containing more than 500,000 dollars". Rourke turned to Lynn "well at least now, we know what you're looking for."

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Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:03 am
by ergomac23
Lucy staid in her room while Ford went out to help Brain in the stables feeling it would be best to leave Lucy alone for a while and while he thought of a solution to her problem .
meanwhile mac was in the walk in pantry he had moved some thing into the kitchen to he had room with Hannah's OK of course to make the room into a dark room he was also joined by the board twins who were constantly asking questions "what are you doing in the dark?" "are you playing a game?" "what's that for?" mac was happy to answer the boys as he worked then he realized "do we have oranges?" he asked the twins "yea " said Dean "could you get me 4 oranges please " asked mac with a smile "alright" they said together and left the pantry they came back in a few seconds by then mac had set up a station "here are your oranges mac "sad Richard putting them on the bench beside mac "thank you guys here "said mac giving them an orange each "one for both of you to eat "said mac "thank you " said the boys in unison with a smile "your welcome" said mac watching the boys tare into the oranges "why don't you eat those at the table" said mac "that way you don't get any juice on the floor " the twins looked at each other "alright" they said then they turned and walked out of the pantry and to the table mac smiled and shook his head "that should distract them for a while "mac said to himself as he closed the door and went back to his work.

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Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:04 am
by karinedauphin
Late Monday afternoon
Boys were having more and more trouble fighting the rain. Brian, Evan and Ford were trying to put tarps everywhere and secure the stables. The animals began to be frightened by the storm.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is 4:30 local time, the outside temperature is 34 degrees Celsius and you can enjoy a beautiful sun. My crew and I hope you had a good trip and hope to see you soon on our lines. Captain Holland at your disposal, I wish you a pleasant day. " Crane gently shook Nikki who had slept soundly on Crane's shoulder. She opened her eyes, at first a moment of recoil as if her nightmares were still present. Then she saw Crane's head "Hey, sweety, it's me, everything's fine, we've arrived in Los Angeles, Michael Thorton should be at the airport to pick us up, are you alright?" Nikki was upset to return to Los Angeles. But she trusted Mac and now Crane. She knew that in a short time all this nightmare would be over. "Yes, I'm fine, I'm taking my things and we'll be able to go down."

Hannah got dressed as she could. Adam's spontaneous hugs were always a pleasure. He still had his sweet childish face that you can not resist. Although she knew she did not have much time, she fell under her spell again and again. Once ready, she tells Adam to finish the suitcases. She had to go to SamC and the boys. She heard, however, the storm become stronger and stronger.

On the ground floor, she could hear Mac making noise in a room. He had lit a torch outside and wrote on a "do not disturb-dark room" sheet.

Hannah looked for SamC and found her in a rocking chair reading "Hey Sam, how are you, where's your husband?" "Oh, he left with Rourke to visit Tommy's house." "Ah yes, that's right Adam told me about it Tell me Sam, I give you the plans for our project so that you can guide the boys to work during my absence What do you think of the name " Book'afé'? " SamC was excited. "It's awesome". Hannah explained that in French coffee was "café" with an accent. And so it was possible to make a game of words. "Guthrie passed at that moment, and Hannah, who was looking for the MacFadden, took advantage of it to explain the project and the work to be done during her absence.

The sheriff handcuffed Lynn and everyone went to the sheriff's office. Rourke preferred to stay behind the one-way window. He watched Lynn. He felt a heat rise in him. The sheriff began the interrogation. Lynn was still silent since her arrest. The body was taken to the morgue for an autopsy. However, the face was clearly visible. It was clearly Nancy Cunningham. "Okay, Miss Lynn, we'll have to explain what you were doing in a house that does not belong to you, and in addition you were digging holes obviously to find a nice jackpot." Lynn did not look at the sheriff. She looked at the mirror. As if her eyes could cross him and come and stare at Rourke. JackO watched the scene "Are you okay?" Rourke was really shaken. He had loved so much. He had been slow to heal this love and betrayal. But was he cured? Maybe he still loved him?

Sheriff Lewis spoke to Lynn, "So we found a female body, in a house owned by Mr. Ryder and Mrs. Cunningham, what were you doing in their basement, and why do you have blood on your clothes? advise you to speak in. Your case has become a high priority because there was murder, and tomorrow we will have the results of the autopsy and the blood test of your shirt. " Lynn turned to the sheriff and said simply "I still have until tomorrow to imagine and admire the handsome cop who is behind the glass, I could talk to him, only to him" ...

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Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:51 am
by ergomac23
with the rain and the storm coming quickly the kids couldn't play outside they decided to make there fun indoors which wasn't going very well SamC noticed the kids seemed board 'boom' the thunder roars outside making the twins jump "hey it's OK you know what my daddy use to do when i was scared by a storm?" asked Hannah "what?" asked the twins together "we built a fort " Hannah replied all the kids got excited about this so they got to work hope grabbed sheets from the linen cupboard Jamie and Isabelle grabbed pillows Isaac , jack and Keanu , George and Jacob grabbed chairs and Hannah and samC showed them how to put them together to make a fort and Hannah found some battery operated fairy lights to decorate the inside then DEAN and Richard came in with you guessed it snacks all the kids climbed into the fort "lets tell scary stories" said Jacob "no scary stories boys "said SamC "aw mom" wined Jacob "i have an idea "said Isaac as he grabbed his guitar and sitting down on a pillow 'BANG' thunder crashed this one was incredibly loud and made Richard scream "oh it's alright Richard come here" said hope so Richard crawled into hopes lap "hey i know a song about storms that might make you feel better " said Isaac " uncle Daniel taught us remember hope " he said as he started to play and hope sang along Hannah and SamC smiled watching the kids Adam heard the kids singing and came to stand at the top of the stairs he felt so proud of them and felt just how much he will miss them when he and Hannah go away he had never been away from his kids before he just stood and listened and enjoyed this moment .