The Klahoose Birthday Donation

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RDA at Headwall Canyon Richard Dean Anderson has always taken an active interest in environmental issues. In the summer of 2000, Richard participated in an exploration of the untouched wilderness of Headwall Canyon in British Columbia. During the expedition, which was filmed for an episode of National Geographic Explorer, Richard spoke eloquently about how he had been profoundly influenced by the experience. His passion encouraged his online fans to learn more about the environmental issues of the region. This eventually led to the collection of a donation to the Klahoose First Nation, which is fighting to regain control of this land and to protect it through responsible eco-management. The donation was made in Richard Dean Anderson's name, in honor of his 51st birthday on January 23, 2001.

Donations were received from 67 people in 15 different countries. In addition, contributors sent postcards from their home countries. The map above is only a small representative sample of the postcards which were received and sent to Richard, along with a copy of the beautifully illustrated children's book, Brother Eagle, Sister Sky, which speaks to the theme of caring for the environment.

Birthday Gift Cover Letter Postcard Box Postcard Box
The Gift, Letter, and Postcards

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Selections from Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

With opportune timing in January, as the surprise donation was being collected, Richard took a moment from his hiatus and sent a message to his fans. He encouraged people to show their support for the millions of acres of woodland forests and waters in the US that have been designated as protected. He urged fans to contact the White House as well as state and local representatives, to voice their concern for the environment and to urge that these wilderness areas remain protected from industry. The websites below have valuable resources for contacting government representatives and keeping in touch with environmental issues.

The White House

Thomas Legislative

National Wildlife Federation

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