Happy Birthday to a True Star!
January 23, 2002

When Richard Dean Anderson visited his Birthday Web Site,
he sent a message of thanks to his fans.

From: Richard Dean Anderson
To: The Fans
Date: February 12, 2002

Children of Great Kindness and Loyalty,

This is a belated expression of gratitude and thanks. I am awed by the simple fact that people remember my birthday, let alone find the sentiment to actually celebrate it. The effort, talent and care that went into the site is obvious; it is astounding.

But again, what is most revealing and touching about it is the fact that you have all contributed beautiful, personal thoughts, and have sent them to a man you know to be relatively reclusive and quiet about such things. I can't help but be reminded that there are wonderfully considerate people who remain loyal and supportive despite the social iniquities of this aging soul. For this, I will forever be grateful.

I spent the actual day with my daughter, skiing and romping in the mountains of Colorado. She made me a cupcake with inch-thick blue icing and a single candle. She had also adorned a picture frame with pine cones, sea shells, sand, and cotton-ball snow, all the elements that she knows her Dad loves. She presented this and a picture of herself with the pride that is uniquely borne of a three year old. Without hesitation I can say, it was the best birthday I've ever had.

Thank you all for remembering. More importantly, thank you for caring.