Katia Brooks is the younger of the two daughters of Danielle and Michael Brooks. She and her older sister Chloe live with their parents in a spacious home in Georgetown. The sisters enjoy the typical activities of girls their age, including coloring, puzzles, games, and dressing up as fairy princesses. Katia also enjoys Elmo and Sesame Street. The girls see a great deal of their aunt, Annie Walker, who lives in the guesthouse on the property. When Michael was temporarily unemployed, Danielle began an online catering business, and Annie took pictures of Danielle and Katia laughing and eating cupcakes together, pictures that would be featured on Danielle's new catering website.

Portrayed by: Adelaide Humphreys

Cross Reference: Chloe Brooks, Danielle Brooks, Michael Brooks, Annie Walker

Episode Reference: Pilot, Walter's Walk, South Bound Suarez, Houses of the Holy, Communication Breakdown