Danielle Brooks is Annie Walker's older sister. Danielle and Annie's father was in the Army, and the girls were raised as military brats, moving every 3 or 4 years while they were growing up. Unlike Annie, who coped by cutting her ties each time the family relocated, Danielle learned to adhere to her mother's philosophy, "Put down roots, you'll get through the weather."

Annie was the maid of honor for her sister when Danielle married Michael Brooks in 2000, and the couple celebrated their honeymoon in a dumpy little motel on the US side of Niagara Falls. Eventually, Danielle and Michael settled into a spacious home in Georgetown where they are raising two little girls, Chloe and Katia.

Danielle's marriage has been a stable one. When Michael lost his job in the healthcare field, he was afraid at first to tell his wife, and they lived off of savings for over two months while he looked for another job. However, when he was forced to confront Danielle with the truth, she was very supportive, and she even made plans to help supplement the family income. A talented cook, Danielle began an online catering business, launching a website entitled "Catering by Danielle" which features images of her culinary creations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

When Michael found employment shortly afterward, he was expected to join his new boss for golf at Hilton Head, a trip which would interfere with Danielle and Michael's 10th wedding anniversary plans. Danielle was not pleased when Michael suggested postponing their anniversary trip to Niagara Falls, and she insisted that Annie join her instead to ensure that the reservation did not go to waste. Together they headed for Canada in Danielle's car, a dark Lexus with DC plates: WF N260. However, Michael managed to slip away early and salvage part of their anniversary by surprising his wife and joining her at the honeymoon suite they had reserved in a fancy hotel overlooking the Canadian view of Niagara Falls.

Danielle is a devoted wife and mother. She tends to be bubbly and outgoing, talkative, spunky, and somewhat impulsive. When she first met Yahya Rahimi while in Niagara Falls with Annie, he was sitting alone in her car, and she took it upon herself to confront him, ordering him to "Put. The Fruit Roll-Up. Down!" Then, embarrassed by her overreaction, she insisted that they go sightseeing together, and even though he was nearly a stranger, she spoke freely, confiding in him about her marriage and her decision to come to Niagara Falls without her husband. She is also something of a romantic. She frequently urges Annie to find a love of her own, and when she listened to Yahya's story of his childhood, she was immediately moved to locate his lost love in New Jersey and arrange for a reunion in Niagara Falls la "Sleepless in Seattle."

Danielle is very close to her younger sister. Annie lives in Danielle's guesthouse in Georgetown, and she has become part of Danielle and Michael's extended family, sharing Thursday dinners together with the family and taking an active role in the lives of her two young nieces. As sisters, Danielle and Annie have had their share of disagreements. Danielle was hurt when Annie asked her to remove her photos from her catering website, and she couldn't understand when Annie hesitated to sign Danielle's will as guardian to her two young children. They quickly reconciled, however, and Danielle does not hesitate to offer her own sisterly advice. She feels that it has been ages since Annie has had a real relationship, and she frequently urges her sister to let go of the love she lost in Sri Lanka and find a new one. She has tried to set Annie up on blind dates, and she was thrilled when Annie brought home Jai Wilcox as a potential suitor, enthusiastically declaring, "He's, like, the George Clooney of wherever he's from!"

The most difficult part of their relationship is that Annie is unable to tell anyone in her family that she works for the CIA. Danielle believes that Annie works for the Smithsonian, and she is completely oblivious to the fact that the bruises and injuries that Annie has occasionally acquired are due to something more than a "stapler accident." In fact, Danielle has declared that Annie is a terrible liar and "would make, like, the worst spy ever." So trusting is she that she has never been suspicious of Annie's cover stories. For example when a mission to Caracas caused Annie to lose her $300 carry-on bag and nearly lose her life, Danielle believed that Annie had lost her luggage in a car accident during a trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Convinced that Annie works for the museum, Danielle volunteered Annie and the Smithsonian as a replacement when her daughter Chloe's third grade field trip to Mount Vernon fell through, and she was very persuasive in convincing her sister to arrange a trip for 30 third graders, two teachers, and a couple of moms in two days' time. Danielle wanted to see where Annie works and to meet her coworkers, and Annie believed that the trip would help to reinforce her cover, so she agreed to set it up. However, when the plans fell through while Annie was out of the country, Danielle called, exasperated, from the museum's front steps, and it fell to Auggie to straighten out the arrangements. His arrival in person at the museum was the first time that Danielle and Auggie had met. Danielle instantly loved Auggie, finding him to be very smart and extraordinarily patient with the third graders, and the trip only served to cement her impression that both Annie and Auggie are coworkers at the Smithsonian.

Portrayed by: Anne Dudek

Cross Reference: Chloe Brooks, Katia Brooks, Michael Brooks, Niagara Falls Ontario, Yahya Rahimi, Annie Walker

Episode Reference: Pilot, Walter's Walk, South Bound Suarez, Houses of the Holy, Communication Breakdown, What Is and What Should Never Be, Fool in the Rain, I Can't Quit You, Baby