Chloe Brooks is the older of the two daughters of Danielle and Michael Brooks. She and her younger sister Katia live with their parents in a spacious home in Georgetown. The sisters enjoy the typical activities of girls their age, including coloring, puzzles, games, and dressing up as fairy princesses, and they see a great deal of their aunt, Annie Walker, who lives in the guesthouse on the property.

When Chloe's school field trip to Mount Vernon fell through, Danielle begged Annie to arrange a replacement field trip to the Smithsonian for Chloe's third grade class of 30 students, two teachers, and a couple of moms. Annie agreed, feeling that the visit would help to reinforce her CIA cover as a Smithsonian employee, but someone dropped the ball while Annie was out of the country, and the third grade class was left waiting outside the museum without a tour. Auggie Anderson stepped in, however, and took care of the arrangements, arriving at the museum personally to make certain that the visit went smoothly. It was the first time that Chloe and Danielle had met Auggie. Chloe, who was hoping for a "Night at the Museum" experience, was delighted, declaring that "Auggie's better than Ben Stiller!"

Portrayed by: Avigail Humphreys

Cross Reference: Danielle Brooks, Katia Brooks, Michael Brooks, Annie Walker

Episode Reference: Pilot, Walter's Walk, South Bound Suarez, Houses of the Holy, I Can't Quit You, Baby